Media Misleads on Republican Support of VAWA

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There’s an article in Tuesday’s USA Today on the Senate re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act. It explains that 17 House Republicans wrote Boehner and Cantor on Monday to urge immediate action on the VAWA. In the end, only 23 Republican Senators voted for the re-authorization. What the other Republicans have against programs that, in the words of the 17 House Republicans, “save lives” I’ll never know.

The completely misleading part of the article gives credit to Republican Senator John Cornyn for a key part of the authorization:

The legislation includes a provision, backed by a bipartisan group headed by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, that would speed up the analysis of DNA evidence in rape cases. There’s now a rape kit backlog estimated at 400,000, with evidence that might link an assailant to a victim now sitting on police department shelves for months and even years.

What’s wrong with that? The article fails to mention that John Cornyn voted AGAINST the Senate re-authorization of the VAWA. That’s right, he voted against programs that save women’s lives, even though he headed a group that wrote a provision to reduce the backlog of rape cases. Only in the corporate media would that deserve praise.

So who are the Republican Senators who voted against protecting women? has created this image of their smug faces. And there’s our man, John Cornyn – second row, 6th guy from the left. What a proud smile.


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