Benghazi Investigation – Understand that its all about Fear of Progress, and that Equals Hatred of Democrats

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Benghazi – The never-ending, foaming-at-the-mouth of rabid right-wingers and the piling-on by the mainstream media. The latest talking points on the right are:

  • The Obama Administration did nothing wrong, per se, but the way they explained the attack was wrong, and that’s scandalous [again, they’re trying to use the “2 weeks later” claim that was debunked (on video) and brought down Romney in the second debate.].
  • Hillary Clinton and the State Department “lied”, and that should destroy her chance to become the next president.

Its distressing that the mainstream media is joining Fox News in this witch hunt, and using the deaths of those at the location to push a House impeachment agenda. But they are the “corporate” media, after all, and where there’s a corporation there’s usually a Republican in charge. The goal of the radical right has much more to do with fear of progress and their hatred of Democrats than anything to do with embassy security. But I’ll address that later.

On Benghazi; first of all, as Mother Jones and others have reported, the most important thing to know about Benghazi is that there was no Libyan embassy or consulate. In fact, the entire thing was a CIA operation to round-up shoulder-launched missiles in Libya. Of the 30 members of the CIA Operations HQ, only 7 were State Department employees. The remaining 23 were CIA operatives, many with special ops training. The public “document dump” by that fool Darrel Issa for his investigation outed a CIA operation in Libya, and it also outed the identities of the Libyans who were working with the CIA, which could lead to their deaths. Again, there was no embassy. Its was a fake; a CIA Operations HQ. If anything, there should be an investigation of Issa; was this a deliberate leak for political purposes, as in the Valerie Plame case? Was it sheer stupidity? Should he be pulled from his House investigation position?

Second, if we go down that road to the fake embassy, House Republicans are twisting themselves in pretzels to avoid their primary culpability in the tragedy, and that is that they cut the Obama Administration’s request for embassy security funding by $459 million over 2011-2012. Clinton, head of the State Department at the time, warned Republicans that the cuts would hurt American national security, which is exactly what happened in this case. Fox News continues to help cover-up House Republicans’ role in the embassy security funding cuts.

Third, some journalists are saying that the Benghazi tragedy was followed by a tit-for-tat between the CIA and State Department, and that’s what lead to the confusion on the explanations that were given. The State Department believed that the CIA was trying to cover their ass for their botched operation, so the State Department released statements to make sure they were not blamed unfairly. I heard one member of the MSM say on cable news that that was the scandal, that the State Department “massaged” their statement for political reasons, so Clinton “lied”. This is the biggest joke of all. Every Administration since Washington has “massaged” statements for political reasons (remember Bush/Cheney???). The only time I know of when a politician released a statement without going over it to see if sounded bad was when Mark Sanford gave a 20-minute long, rambling, creepy statement about his affair with a Columbian hottie. And in this particular case, why would the State Department accept the blame for a CIA botched mission?

One last point to make regarding this entire “faux scandal” and the sheer hypocrisy of it all – Dick Cheney was very careful, and calculating, in his statement on Benghazi when he said:

When we were there, on our watch, we were always ready on 9/11, on the anniversary. We always anticipated they were coming for us, especially in that part of the world . . . I cannot understand why they weren’t ready to go.

Sounds good, and its very specific to the anniversary of 9/11. But what about all the times they were not prepared for embassy attacks and embassy staff died? As always, you can’t trust Cheney for the truth.


Finally, every Democrat can see that the radical right is just repeating what they did to President Clinton – a House impeachment in the second term of a Democratic president, based on minutia, to prevent him from getting credit for an improving economy and advancing a progressive agenda. President Obama, in spite of continuous obstruction by House Republicans and a daily dose of hateful rhetoric fed to the listeners of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Fox News, in spite of that the president literally saved the economy from the damage done by Republican Bankers and Wall Street traders. Obama and Clinton repaired our reputation in the world, which was no small task after Bush/Cheney and the neocons had thousands killed in an illegal war in Iraq. Obama pulled us out of that dirty war in Iraq and, by next year, we’ll be out of Afghanistan. Obama saved the auto industry and got Bin Laden. Like President Clinton, Obama is a popular president, which pisses off the radical right since their presidents are never popular.

In the end, the radical right is deathly afraid of progress: marriage equality, reproductive rights, health care, opportunity for all, and shared responsibility (i.e. fair tax policy). Dems, and our agenda, are progressive. The radical right is deathly afraid of changing demographics – the growth of minorities and the inevitable status of angry white men as an American minority. Today’s minorities typically vote for Dems, and it scares the shit out of right-wingers that, someday soon, even with gerrymandering and voter suppression, they will have no chance of defeating Democrats. Their trickle-down, “voodoo economics”, tax breaks for the rich and shipping jobs to China will all be a thing of the past. This is the truth behind their Benghazi investigations. They could care less about the victims of that tragedy, or outing CIA operations and locals who work with the agency. They have a singular mission – destroy Democrats, at any cost. Their fear, their hatred of Democrats, only assures us that Dems are on the right path.

So lets all recognize what the lunatic fringe is really up-to, lets rally around the President, and know that, in the end, progress will prevail.

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