Inconvenient Truths on the IRS “Targeting” Teabagger Groups

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The radical right, in full scandal mode, is now talking presidential impeachment over the IRS targeting teabagger groups that claimed tax-exempt status (in addition to Benghazi, and whatever the next news item will be). Their implication is that the President directed the IRS to monitor those groups. As usual, there are so many things they don’t understand about the situation:

  1. The only connection President Obama has to the IRS is that they’re both part of the federal government. There is no evidence, whatsoever, to back the claim that this was directed by the White House. To say that this president is responsible for virtually every federal government head and their actions is utter nonsense.
  2. The head of the IRS division that overseas tax-exempt groups, Lois Lerner, is a Bush appointee, not a Democrat and not someone with a relationship with the President.
  3. All tax-exempt groups should be monitored, because too many groups are being given tax-exempt status. At a time when the radical right is simultaneously whining about the debt and deficits and fighting all attempts to raise revenues, it makes no sense to give political groups tax-exempt status. Religious groups, yes. Charities, yes. Political groups and superPacs provide no benefit to the greater good, like religious groups and charities. We can’t keep giving tax-exempt status to everyone who forms a group.

With all the obstructionism, hateful rhetoric, and now talk of impeachment, Teapublicans are opening up a can of worms that will come back to haunt them. Democrats are watching and learning from every nasty thing these right-wing baggers do; what works and what doesn’t. When the President was elected, Dems (and much of the world) wanted Obama to take legal action against Bush and Cheney for the lies they told, their fabricated intelligence, and the rush to their illegal war in Iraq that lead to the deaths of thousands, but Obama showed them mercy and let them off the hook. Do baggers really think we’re going to forget the way they’ve treated Obama? Are they really that stupid? Sooner or later, the radical right will perfect voter suppression and election fraud and put a Republican back in the White House. With the changing demographics, they may only have one more shot. Then it will be our turn to push for non-stop impeachment. Based on the actions of the last Republican President and the current group of Teapublicans, we’ll have more than enough evidence to get it done. So keep it up, baggers. Payback’s a bitch.

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  • Billy26

    Get your facts straight. In March 2012, the IRS commissioner was Douglas Shulman, who was appointed by President George W. Bush and denied targeting conservative groups at that time. Lois Lerner, the current head of the IRS division on tax-exempt organizations IS a Democrat and is NOT a political appointee — and admitted targeting conservative groups on Friday.

    • I’m so g-damn sick of this game you right-wing trolls play. The facts are straight and leaving comments in lefty blogs as if they are facts is troll behavior and should be blocked. Lois Lerner, the head of the IRS division on tax-exempt organizations IS a Republican appointed by Bush, as reported by every news organization and blog since the story broke. Go pull your troll bullsh*t in another blog.

    • Seattle Times, a conservative paper, is the only one of hundreds of news outlets reporting on this “scandal” that is claiming Lerner is a Democrat and not a Bush appointee. So right-wingers will latch onto that one paper and their misinformation. The rest of us will believe every other news source.

      And no, we never tolerate trolls.

      • PoliticalGuru65

        Lerner is not a “Bush appointee”. She was not appointed by any President. She is a career IRS employee. I don’t care if she is Republican or Democrat. She needs to be fired for her inaction.

      • ReverendBluester

        First hired by Reagan in 1986. Helped administer the FEC.

  • PoliticalGuru65

    You said: “The only connection President Obama has to the IRS is that they’re both part of the federal government.”

    That’s absurd. The Internal Revenue Service falls under Obama’s Department of the Treasury. It isn’t an “independent organization” like Jay Carney said. Nixon didn’t know about the break-in when it happened. Reagan didn’t know about Iran-Contra when it happened. Obama may not have known that the IRS had been targetting right wing groups (as far back as over two years ago). But it doesn’t matter each of these President’s are ultimately responsible for what happens under his adminstration.

    • Then by your logic the President is responsible for the janitor stealing something from the Department of Education. That’s absurd.

      And the Nixon tapes proved that he ordered the break-in. Nice attempt to re-write history.

      • PoliticalGuru65

        Yes, your janitor example is absurd, but in the case of the IRS, there had been numerous reports for over a year that the IRS was targeting conservative groups. The President did nothing to ensure that this wasn’t happening. Why? Because claiming ignorance was politically beneficial. Want proof? There may be some resignations, but he will not fire anyone over this. Any reasonable liberal will say that people must be fired.

        You are mistaken over the Nixon tapes. The Nixon tapes do not show that he ordered the break in of the Democratic National Committee headquaters. That is what Watergate was about. You are confusing the discussion about breaking into the Brookings Institute (which never happened) with the Watergate break-in.

      • As I stated in my newest post, the IRS must expand their monitoring to target ALL groups (including on the political left) to ensure they are following the rules against partisan activity and supporting candidates. If they are doing this, their tax exempt status must be revoked. No one should be fired, staff should be added to get this done.

      • Here’s the Watergate timeline. Nixon, the White House, or both are involved from burglaries to cover-ups. To say that he was not involved is absurd.

        To say that to Obama, who has no connection to the IRS except that its one of the dozens of bureaucracies under him, is involved is a ridiculous stretch. But its good press for your unending obstructionism and impeachment agenda.

      • PoliticalGuru65

        You make a mistake about what was on the tapes and now you try to put words into my mouth. I never said he wasn’t “involved”. I said, “Nixon didn’t know about the break-in when it happened.” That is what the evidence has shown and that is what has been reported.

        What you seemed to miss is that I still hold Nixon responsible. In his case, Nixon’s failed leadership created an environment that led to criminality. Obama’s failed leadership led to wrongdoing. Nixon’s downfall was governed by paranoia; Obama’s was governed by incompetence.

      • BrianFruman

        Who cares about Nixon or Bush I thought it is 2013

  • wireplay
    • That makes two news sources (WaPo and Seattle Times) that say she’s a Democrat without any source link or evidence, whatsoever, and hundreds of other news sources that say she’s a Republican. You do the math.

      • BrianFruman

        Here is who visited the whitehouse. It is amazing that none of the liberal media is reporting this. It is a matter of public records. The whitehouse visitor logs.

      • BrianFruman

        Here is who visited the whitehouse. It is amazing that none of the liberal media is reporting this. It is a matter of public records. The whitehouse visitor logs.

      • As I said, if you want to claim the Republican head of the IRS is a crook, go for it.

      • Well, what do know; turns out I had it right – the Daily Caller article was pure propaganda. There have only been 11 confirmed visits by director Shulman to the White House ( The Daily Caller claimed the other 147 were in White House visitor logs. Turned out that was their “estimate”, or LIE (I say the Daily Caller fabricates 90% of their reporting … but that’s just my “estimate”). And some of those they included were visits with staffers on implementation of the IRS responsibilities with the ACA in the Eisenhower Executive Office building. Bottom line: There were only 11 visits with the White House in the White House logs. But this is what right-wingers do. They can’t possibly defend their policies that favor the rich and destroy the working-class, so they use misdirection with outright lies. Its pathetic. The part I love about this is they are attacking a fellow Republican. I hope they keep it up. As Dole and Snow said recently, this Republican party is no good. I say keep attacking each other – soon all the moderate Republicans will leave the party and leave behind a tea party minority of angry white men.

      • BrianFruman

        It is pointless talking to you. You are true believer. By the way the link is broken that youposted.

  • BrianFruman

    Nice try leftys. Stalin would be proud. The head of the IRS was appointed by Bush voted for Obama. Lerner was appointed by the head of the IRS. Now stay with me I know its confusing for liberals with math. The head of the IRS visited the white house118 times during obama to bushs once. Get ur fact strait.

    • Another fascist troll peddling bullshit without a source link. Hitler would be proud. And now you’re trying to say the Bush appointed IRS head is in some conspiracy with Obama because he visited more times? Yet another claim without a source link. Your bullshit might be more believable if you didn’t lie to such extremes. 1 visit under 8 years of Bush? Yeah, that’s believable. But if you want to claim that the Republican head of the IRS is a crook, be my guest. I love it when you fight amongst yourselves.

      • BrianFruman

        Look the head of the irs voted for obama. I dont care if he has an r or d by his name. He goes to the whitehouse 118 times and the timeline matches when
        Targeting letters where sent. But Dick Durbin opponely admits he targeted Rove along with Schumer. Both wrote letters to the IRS. So are you really to think that based on these facts that a lone person at the IRS is responsible. At least keep an open mind. Look I support your right to free speech and opinion even when I disagree but the evidence is pretty substantial that after 2010 the democrats where pretty pissed about the tea party. So am I to believe as you suggest that republicans are to blame and in what case if any would the administration be at fault.

      • If you took the time to follow the link you’d see that claiming he went to White House 118 times is a lie. It was 11 times. You can stretch the story any way you like, make false accusations based on a desire to undo the will of the American people who elected Obama, twice, but your views on this matter are based on fiction. A Republican is the head of the IRS. It happened under his watch. He told Congress this was never discussed with the White House. The rest you fabricated in your warped mind.
        BTW: If you can read, you would have seen in our About page and our Commenting Policy that this site, as the name says, is for Democrats. Not right-wing trolls like you. Not conservatives. Not libertarians. And sure as hell not teabaggers. So if there’s anything you don’t like in this site, that’s tough shit. We never, ever tolerate right-wing trolls. Go hang-out with the rest of your ilk at Breitbart.