Republicans Fabricated Evidence on Benghazi to Win a Political Battle with that Black Man in the White House

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RacistObamaPic27I’ll be frank – most Republicans that I’ve had the displeasure of meeting quickly prove to be hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist, dishonest, unpatriotic, America-hating pricks. It drives them crazy to have a black man in the White House. Every time a state passes marriage equality, they talk like its the end of civilization. Even working-class Republicans would sell their souls to align with rich bastards like the Kock brothers, their idols, and they would eagerly help the Kocks to lower their own wages, eliminate their benefits, and say “thank you Kock brothers” while they and their loved ones continue down the path of financial ruin. But hey, at least they stuck it to that black man in the White House.

With the help of the lunatic fringe, Republican leaders tried for months to gain politically from the tragedy in Benghazi. They worked tirelessly to inflate the “embassy attack” into a full-blown scandal and impeachable event, even though they knew all along that the so-called “embassy” was no embassy at all, but a CIA operation that was attacked, with special-ops trained CIA agents responding. They claimed to be outraged that jets were not scrambled to thwart the attack, even though military officials said it was an impossibility. They dissected the statements released from the Administration a thousand different ways looking for the slightest bit of damaging info, but still left most reporters asking the question, “What’s the scandal? I still don’t know what the scandal is!”

One of their primary talking points was that the ambassador of the Benghazi “embassy” asked for additional security numerous times but the White House refused to give it to them, which, in their minds, was the leading cause of the deaths at the embassy. The GOP refused to discuss the fact that House Republicans gutted embassy security in their newly-found crusade against debt and deficits. Yesterday we learned that the late Ambassador Stevens actually turned down offers by military personnel for additional security, twice.

Then there’s the huge blunder by ABC News that leads us back to Republican dishonesty. ABC ran a completely false story last Friday based on an anonymous source that supposedly saw emails proving that the White House doctored statements for purely political reasons. The smoking-gun in the scandal. Except not only did this source NOT see any emails, the actual emails were edited to make the White House appear to have lied and feed the GOP’s scandal/impeachment agenda. Guess who edited and leaked the doctored emails? You guessed it – dishonest, racist REPUBLICANS. How long do you think we’ll have to wait until that cowardly little arsonist and car thief Darrell Issa has a hearing on this? Until eternity, is my guess.

Instead of following Rush Limbaugh’s lead and his hatred for that “negro in the White House”, Republicans should try embracing diversity, stop the obstructionism, and get back to work. President Obama is not that “Kenyan, socialist, secret Muslim, dictator” in the White House. He’s our President, elected by a majority of us Americans; one of only 6 presidents to have been elected twice with at least 51% of the popular vote. Its the will of the American people. Its time to accept it and move on. Or, you could continue down your wrong-headed path and be the best fundraisers the Democratic Party ever had. By the time you’re through, the 2014 election will look like 2006.

See the next fabricated scandal by the lunatic fringe – umbrellagate!

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  • Joan

    Great article, but who is going to lead an enquiry into who doctored the emails to make Obama look bad, surely this is a crime against the country!

  • Atticus Finch

    I am bereft of hope regarding any shift in the mindset of these vermin. Ain’t gonna happen by their own initiative, it’s going to require a complete takedown of the teacon party. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.VOTE.VOTE………DID I MENTION THE WORD, VOTE?

    • peterjohn936

      Even if you are a Republican you need to vote for the Democrats. It is the only way to save your party. They need a slap to wake them up before its too late and they self destruct.

  • Egad, I hope 2014 looks like 2006. That’d be great for the country, as then things could finally get done. As long as the Senate stays Dem.

    • I know, right? I had a sinking feeling in 2012 that voter suppression and election fraud would give the GOP one last win, and then they would take that opportunity to take over state and local governments held by Democrats, as the GOP Governor of Michigan has done. What a relief to find that the majority of minorities (sounds funny) and independents don’t put up with right-wing shenanigans. We’ll need another overwhelming voter turnout to overcome the next round of voter suppression, so I h-o-p-e Democrats keep up their enthusiasm and vote.

  • Black is just another thing to help the gop speard hate, democrats is just another! They have no good plans for the American People ( unless you are rich of course) So all they have is bull sh*t, hate and lies, to fool the people from having a thought of there own, and to keep the people from knowing the truth!!! They call them there suckers!!! It is just part of their dumbing down of the American People Program!!!