Howard Kurtz Is A Cad, Part IV

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A lot has happened with Howard Kurtz since May, which is when we last noted the goings on with “the nation’s premiere media critic”.  Let us start with a brief recap of our coverage of Howard Kurtz over the last several months.

Our interest in Kurtz began with the Boston Marathon bombing. The week following the bombing was embarrassing for Fox and CNN, while MSNBC earned plaudits for the reporting on the scene of Pete Wilson. Kurtz used his platform on CNN to nitpick a report on the suspects capture by MSNBC. Of his own networks piss poor performance Kurtz gushed that since CNN had owned up to their mistakes “that was a good thing”. Kurtz then whacked Fox for following the incorrect lead of CNN in prematurely reporting the capture of the suspect, leading to the only example of me castigating a pundit for taking on Fox News in the history of the universe!

The 2nd time Kurtz caught our eye was when he wrote an absolute embarrassment of a column about Jason Collins coming out as the 1st gay player in the major 4 sports leagues. The mistakes in that column could only be accounted for by Kurtz not doing fundamental research on his subject. Kurtz’ eventual “correction” was a monument to mealy mouthed, weasley petulance. The column was such a disaster that he was fired as a writer for the Daily Beast.

Part 3 of this series was due to Kurtz allowing his platform at CNN to be used as the vehicle for an accounting by ABC news of their inaccurate report on emails from the administration regarding the Benghazi attack. “The nation’s premiere media critic” allowed his show to be the conduit for Jonathan Karl’s justification for using Republican supplied transcripts of administration emails which turned out to be wrong when the real emails were released. Kurtz read a statement from Karl and then had two guests argue both sides of the issue. As though using inaccurate quotes from transcripts provided by the political enemy of the supposed emailer has two sides when it comes to what is or is not acceptable behavior for the “nations premiere media critic”.

Kurtz had a terrible start to this year so when it was announced that CNN & Kurtz would be parting company it was hardly a surprise. In fact we noted speculation that Kurtz’ contract would not be renewed by CNN in part two of this series. Some folks were surprised when Kurtz was picked up by Fox, but not me. Fox, with their situational ethics and blatantly partisan outlook and Kurtz, being a cad, seem like a natural fit from my perspective.

Which leads us to the reason for part 4 of the ongoing series, Howard Kurtz Is A Cad. Kurtz has penned an article titled “Ben Bradlee’s daughter-in-law reveals (almost) all on Facebook”. I refuse to link to the article on but I have read it in its entirety, which is more than Kurtz could have honestly said when he started pounding out his response to Jason Collins coming out of the closet… but I digress!

When it comes to Ben Bradlee’s daughter in law, Kurtz comes across as a dirty old man, leering at pictures of someone who is related to someone that is in his field of expertise. Like how a sports reporter would naturally feel obligated to ogle and then report on risque pictures posted by the family members of famous sports figures, right?  Or how military experts would want to post articles about the family members of high ranking officers… etc etc etc…

Kurtz posted about Bradlee’s daughter in law on his 92nd birthday. Kurtz calls Bradlee a “great man in American journalism” then spends the rest of the column rhetorically leering at Bradlees family member. Kurtz actually had the gall to ask Mr. Bradlee for a comment about his daughter in law’s Facebook pictures!  Folks, if this is not proof that Howard Kurtz is a cad, there is no such thing as a cad. The definition of a cad is: a man who behaves dishonorably, esp. toward a woman. Another definition is: A man who acts with deliberate disregard for another’s feelings or rights

Kurtz wrote this column within days of writing another column castigating the media for obsessing on Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Awards. Shame on the media for being all obsessed with Miley Cyrus twerking and grinding… but get a load of Ben Bradlee’s daughter in law!

I’m going to use Kurtz’ own tactics to write about his family members… but I feel so unclean for doing so that I’m going to hide the rest of this article beneath the veritible fold.  Feel free to read on…


Howard Kurtz has three daughters: Judy, Bonnie and a nine year old I’ll leave out of this, because I have more decency than Kurtz does. Using the same level of care Kurtz used in researching his column on Jason Collins, I can report simply shocking news about his daughter Judy. She is a stripper. Any dirty old pervs who want to ogle the naked body of Kurtz’ daughter, and maybe write a column about the event, just need to head to the right club, and bring along a fistful of dollar bills.

Judy has worked in the Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club, which bills itself as “DC’s premiere gentleman’s club since 1969”. Howard is the nation’s premiere media critic, and his daughter Judy worked in DC’s premiere gentleman’s club since 1969.  If you are going to hire a Kurtz, you have to bill yourself as the premiere in your field, even if the rest of the world finds that billing somewhat humorous.

When I Googled Bonnie Kurtz there was not much to see… But then I went to the images section and turned off the safe search, and BOY HOWDY are there some results that would serve as fodder for a whole book by Howard. Since this is a family blog I’ll forego posting those pics of Bonnie… but maybe I should follow Howards example and just sort of provide salacious descriptions while making crude one liners about the Facebook status and social standing of Howards daughter.

Ok… actually I feel like I need to take a shower now. None of the stuff I wrote about Howards daughters is true. Well Judy is a reporter and did report from the strip club, but she is not a stripper. Any dirty pics of Bonnie which result from turning off the safe search on Google are not of Howards daughter. For an insane moment in my life I felt like taking the same care as Howard Kurtz does in researching his columns, and then blast out hurtful stuff about his family members.  It was not pleasant, but maybe now I’ll get hired on by Fox News…

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