The Focus Should Be On the Contractors Who Developed the Obamacare Website

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Conservative bloggers like the Gateway Pundit are still beating the drums on the website issues with the Obamacare enrollment. They can’t prevent millions of Americans, including their own children, from getting health insurance so they’re doing what conservatives do best when they’ve lost an argument – pick away side issues to gin-up the base and raise money for candidates. Problem is, just like the Benghazi faux-scandal, their arguments are ridiculous.

A retired 44-year veteran of Xerox Corp. tells FOX Business that the problems with the health exchanges “won’t be fixed anytime soon,” that it appears the Administration didn’t do “the most rudimentary Beta tests” to catch problems ahead of time, and that the software architecture clearly is “very outdated.”

Anthony Federico knows what he’s talking about, and he is someone to listen to. Federico was the chief engineer of Business Group Operations at Xerox and retired last year after 44 years with the company, where he directly managed the development of the company’s largest flagship products, standardized processes for all product development, and addressed key issues on software design. Federico primarily developed Xerox’s large system products entailing software and electronics for corporate and government clients. And he managed software development and information technology (corporate computing) teams.

As a current web developer who worked for large corporations during and after the internet bubble, I look at the words “retired”, “44 years” and “Xerox Corp” and laugh in the face of Republicans who think that gives them credibility. This quote is coming from an old, mainframe or systems programmer who doesn’t know the first thing about web development, the Obamacare website, or modern software architecture. That so-called expert should stick to what he knows – old, outdated systems that must be maintained by programmers in India because today’s developers would rather work for McDonald’s than work on an old mainframe system.

The argument that “the Administration didn’t do the testing” will never wash with today‘s developers or anyone currently in I.T. Every modern developer with a minute of recent experience knows that the Obama Administration has virtually nothing to do with the development, QC testing and implementation of the Obamacare website. The Administration is the client. The President is top-level management for the client. The client simply provides the requirements and directs a team of I.T. consultants to get ‘er done and they have no idea how we do it. They have no direct involvement of any kind. The only time I ever saw a top-level manager was once or twice a year when they would wander by my cubicle to make a little small talk in order to appear friendly to the working-class. We developers do all the work and we get all the credit, or the criticism from the client when we miss something in QC testing that appears in Production. And then we are on-call 24/7 to fix these issues.

Now, here’s something else for conservatives to focus on – all of the I.T. contracting companies I’ve ever seen were owned and managed by conservatives. The Obamacare website was developed by contractors. So someone needs to look into these contractors and find out their motivations – who owns them, are they Republican donors, do they have ties to the Koch Brothers, etc. I think we may eventually find out that, best case, their work was shoddy because they’re Republicans and they hate Obama, or worst case, they deliberately mucked-up the website for their pals in the GOP.

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