If You Believe Conservatives On Benghazi You Deserve What You Get.

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Chalk up CBS’ 60 Minutes as the latest victims of having a conservative lie on Benghazi blow up in their faces. How many times have right wing Benghazi talking points proven to be wildly inaccurate, oft times to the complete discomfiture of the person or outlet that is trumpeting the talking point?

The ongoing obsession with Benghazi from the right has proven very damaging.  Not damaging to the Obama administration, but damaging to the Republican party. That is well deserved because Republicans have taken a tragic situation which should be treated with solemnity, respect and honor for the lives lost, and gone bonkers trying to score political points based upon fabricated conspiracy theories. 

My favorite example of self-inflicted Republican political pain is one of the most riveting moments in the storied history of American presidential debates. The moment Mitt Romney was invited by President Obama to continue telling a Benghazi lie, which was fact checked live onstage by the moderator. Epic! That debate was a turning point in the campaign and that moment was THE highlight of the debate. “Please proceed governor” is one of the most recognizable quotes of the entire campaign.

Here is another little known factoid about the immediate reaction to the attack on Benghazi. Who was the first to tie the attack to the protests that were sweeping the middle east in response to the anti-Muhammad video causing so much controversy at the time? That would be the afore mentioned Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, in a statement on 09/11/2012, the very day of the attack. In fact the Romney team broke an embargo on campaigning on the anniversary of 9/11 in order to rush a completely wrong headed statement to the press, for which he was roundly castigated for the next several days.

In fact one campaign insider points to the initial Romney response on Benghazi as a key contributor in why Obama went on to win reelection.  That seat of the pants Benghazi attack was yet another, very early, example of Republicans taking a beating when they went on the attack over Benghazi.

Isn’t it odd that the rabid right insists that President Obama was misleading the American people for supposedly repeating what their own candidate initiated because, according to them, Obama was covering up a terrorist attack during the election? How often does one side accuse the other side of covering up something, and as proof point to the use of their own talking points?

Since January, the last time  I posted on the propensity of conservatives to hurt themselves while attacking the administration over Benghazi, the trend has only continued. In May, house Republicans taught ABC reporter Jonathan Karl a lesson in trusting them by passing him transcripts of administration emails… that turned out to have been altered in such a manner as to strengthen Republicans talking points. When the real emails were released there turned out to be no there there. When the truth was revealed ABC and Karl spent a couple of weeks in the middle of a crap storm that they could only blame on themselves for trusting the word of house Republicans. Silly them.

CBS is the latest outlet to find itself apologizing and digging out of a hole they put themselves in by trusting conservative sources on Benghazi. Unfortunately for them, they ran a report on 60 Minutes based upon the ‘eyewitness testimony’ of a Benghazi survivor, Dylan Davies, who has been widely touted by Republicans.  Senator Lindsey Graham has threatened to filibuster every nominee in the Senate until Davies and others like him testify before congress.

I will not pretend that I am personally familiar with the political beliefs of Mr. Davies. But I do know that he was willing to feed at the trough that is so abundantly supplied with filthy lucre from dupable conservatives, because his book was scheduled for release just days following the 60 minutes story. That book was to be published by Threshold Editions, a subdivision of Simon and Shuster. Threshold is run by Mary Matalin, former staffer to Darth Cheney and the righty succubus of lefty incubus James Carville.

I’m quite certain that CBS’ ownership of Simon and Shuster played absolutely no role in the 60 Minutes production either.  Suffice to say CBS would be well served to take any  news passed along by Matalin with an enhanced level of scrutiny.

Unfortunately for Davies’ financial prospects the yarn he tells in his book and to 60 Minutes has fallen apart under basic scrutiny. His claims to have personally scaled the embassy walls whilst engaging the enemy in hand to hand combat and so on and so forth are proven to not be founded in reality, by his own after action reports.

Thus, yet another conservative story blows up in their faces, burning the outlet who thought they could trust conservatives on a Benghazi source. By this time it seems they would learn… but I’m certain some gullible mainstream media source will scramble to be the next outlet to break some big conservative bombshell on Benghazi and then have to go into damage control when the story explodes in their faces.

Considering the wake of political wreckage left by Republicans in their Benghazi folly, I’m certain I speak on behalf of many dyed in the wool Democrats and invite them to please continue Republicans. Please continue.

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  • KenStarr

    “I’m quite certain that CBS’ ownership of Simon and Shuster played ABSOLUTELY NO ROLE in the 60 Minutes production either.”

    Really? Why? You know that or DO YOU just feel it?

    • stevedavis

      Your irony meter seems to be on the fritz again….

      • KenStarr

        Hate it when that happens!!! Drat!

  • James Buchanan

    And still no-one is investigating the other thread. Weapons supplies for the folks of al-ciada, and now that their favorite new ike, is out of favor, what will they do next?

  • Ken

    Hello and welcome C&L readers.