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so-many-idiots_design-200x200TX Gov. Candidate, ABBOTT CITES RACIST in Educational Policy Debate.   Yep. Good ‘Ol Boy (and Governor Good-Hair’s crony) has done it again.   You’d think after the Nugent fiasco, back-peddling, Abortion Barbie comments, and finger pointin’, Abbott would learn a thing or two about associatin’ with racist, misogynistic assholes…let alone quotin’ one as policy scholar.

Sorry Ass Abbott thinks that Pre-K should only be available to a ‘select’ few (in case you don’t know, that’s code for kids of the not-poor,  pale faced variety):

“Family background has the most decisive effect on student achievement, contributing to a large performance gap between children from economically disadvantaged families and those from middle-class homes.”

Abbott cites Charles Murray, noted White Supremacist and gets called out on it.  Wendy Davis (Democrat running against Abbott)  just needs to sit back and wait for Abbott to open his mouth.

AX143_4424_9There is no way for Greg Abbott to spin his way out of citing a known white supremacist to bolster the Republican candidate’s beliefs about the influences on a child’s achievement in the education system.

Read the entire story here.



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