This page is no longer in use.

If you were redirected to this page by mistake when attempting to access another site, its because that site used a free sample of "blocking code" offered by our site and forgot to replace one simple line with their site information. You were blocked by that site and mistakenly redirected to this page.

Note: You are only blocked by that one site. If you still wish to visit that site, you will need to go to the Contact page of the site you were attempting to visit and inform them that they need to update the:

403 address in their htaccess file.

Since that site has blocked you, you will need to use another computer from another location (different IP address) to visit the Contact page of their site.

Of course, you'll also want to ask them why they blocked your IP address. Its possible that a malicious person attacking websites uses an IP address that is shared by you (internet providers share IP addresses among many customers). When the bad guy gets blocked, unfortunately, that means you get blocked, too.

Sorry for your frustration but this redirection issue is THEIR fault. *** Keep in mind that you were only blocked from that one site. If that site's not important to you, you can ignore this entire message.