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All Things Democrat is a partisan site in the U.S. for members of the Democratic Party. We are mainstream Democrats, party loyalists, and even yellow dog Democrats. We believe Democratic Party ideals and principles are best for the majority of Americans. Labels like “progressive” and “liberal” are secondary.

ATD was founded in 2006 by Doug Marquardt, a moderate Democrat from Arizona, with the mission to share important information with the online Democratic community. Of course, we are continuously attacked by the radical right. And, as a site for mainstream Democrats, we are also attacked by extremists on the far left who reject moderates and insist on Dems passing a progressive purity test. Extremism on the left or right is equally dangerous to a democracy. We make no apologies to either side for supporting Democrats. Like most Democrats, our writers and readers are an incredibly diverse group with a wide range of opinions. Democrats are moderate on some issues and liberal or progressive on others. Democrats are hawks and doves, members of the armed forces and the peace movement, pro-choice and pro-life, religious and non-believers, business owners and labor, straight and LGBT, and multi-racial. Unlike many extremists on the left and right, Democrats celebrate our diversity.

If you’re easily offended by colorful language, this blog is not for you. Much of the writing in this blog is in response to the vicious, hyperbolic attacks by RWNJs and/or professional progressives against Democrats and our President. We try to respond to their hateful rhetoric with the same level of vitriol and disrespect they show to us and our President. Sadly, we have a long way to go to get down to their level, but we’ll keep working at it.

We hope you enjoy this site as we carry out our mission to support Democrats. If you have suggestions for the site or story tips, please send us a note via our Contact page.

All Things Democrat is a PHP/MySQL application developed and maintained by Doug Marquardt. The blog portion of the site uses the WordPress engine, the Wordfence firewall, and the latest security hardening techniques. After 9 years on shared hosting, the long search for an affordable, managed VPS ended in early 2015. This site now lives on a managed VPS at KnownHost, the company with the best uptime in the industry, fantastic service, and at an unbeatable price. We can’t say enough about our experience with KnownHost. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your site’s hosting from shared hosting to a VPS, we strongly recommend giving KnownHost a try.

If this page allows comments, we welcome comments that are on topic and contribute to the discussion. Off-topic comments may be removed. Trolls are never tolerated.
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