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What Happens if the Super Committee Fails?

Back during the debt ceiling fiasco that the Tea Party Republicans manufactured, an agreement was reached in the Budget Control Act of 2011 to create a super committee to organize a deal to get our national debt under control. If … Continue reading

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Accept it, ‘Pubs, Mitt Romney is Your Candidate

It seems that with every passing month, there is a new Republican front runner. The race opened with praise of Newt Gingrich storming back onto the scene of national politics, but his campaign quickly imploded and he has become a … Continue reading

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Obama Announces the End of the Iraqi Occupation

President Obama has announced that, by year’s end, the United States will end their military occupation of Iraq. This is certainly cause for celebration as the eight year long war has done immeasurable damage to the U.S. in so many … Continue reading

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Can the ‘Occupiers’ Revive Liberal Democrats?

Nearly three years ago, liberals, as energized as ever, flocked to the polls to elect Barack Obama and a Democratic controlled Congress, hopeful that their new found liberal leaders would reverse the suffering of the previous eight years of George … Continue reading


Obama Unveils Deficit Reduction Plan

With calls coming from both parties to find ways to gain control over mounting deficit spending, President Obama unveiled a plan to reform the tax code, which will impose higher tax rates on the wealthy and corporations while easing the … Continue reading

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North Carolina State Legislature Places Gay Marriage Ban on Ballot

The early part of this week saw the newly elected Republican legislature, which has already used its newly gained power in one of the more progressive states in the South to gut education spending, voted in favor of sending a … Continue reading

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Devil in the Details: Obama’s Plan for Paying for the American Jobs Act

After disclosing his latest plan to help stimulate job growth in a struggling economy, Obama spoke again today revealing his plan for paying for the $447 billion plan is entirely through tax hikes on the wealthy and corporations. The President … Continue reading

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Obama’s Job Speech: A Band-Aid Fix

President Obama gave his much anticipated jobs speech tonight before Congress, and it proved to be as lackluster as many of the previous plans he has come up with. The highlight of his plan was the American Jobs Act, a … Continue reading

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GOP Debate: Jobs, Healthcare, and Crazy

Eight Republicans took to the stage in the Reagan Presidential Library tonight, with new Republican nomination front runner, Rick Perry, joining the group this time. He was certainly the focus of the debate, and his words will likely be the … Continue reading

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