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A resident of Arizona, Doug’s originally from Wisconsin where he earned his BA in French Language Studies in the 80′s and a BBA in Management Information Systems in the 90′s. He worked as a computer programmer in the Milwaukee area through the rise and fall of the internet bubble and left the corporate world in 2004. Doug transitioned into web application development (PHP/MySql), working on numerous independent projects over the past 10 years that include founding and developing All Things Democrat. He now works as a manager with his area's high school district, as well as managing this site, sharing blogging responsibilities, and recruiting talented writers.

Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities for Democrats

Check out our updated Jobs/Volunteers page for great opportunities with Dem-friendly organizations. There’s also our sister site, Jobs4Dems.com. And you can volunteer to help elect our next President and Vice President at HillaryClinton.com! Just select your state to see opportunities in your … Continue reading

Cecile Richards: Kaine Has 100% Voting Record On Reproductive Rights

Richards: Strongest reproductive rights ticket we’ve ever had.

Kaine Supports Hillary Like Biden Supports Obama

Hillary Picks Kaine!

I'm thrilled to announce my running mate, @TimKaine, a man who's devoted his life to fighting for others. -H pic.twitter.com/lTVyfztE5Z — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 23, 2016

Someone Built Trump’s Wall

Best thing I’ve seen all week – someone built a wall around Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star. They even included the barbed wire.

The Myth of Trump’s Business Success

Trump business “success” was the result of screwing hundreds of small businesses and contractors out of the money they were owed to build his company.

Formerly Classified 911 Commission Docs Detail Saudi Connections

These are the 28, formerly classified pages from the 911 Commission that detail connections between Saudi officials and Saudi royals and the 911 hijackers. Even with the redactions made on several pages, its clear the Saudis played a role in the attacks. Question is; … Continue reading

Trump-Pence Banners of Hate

Sometimes, hyperbole is as accurate a it gets (via Twitter).

Virginia and Alabama: Right to Work on the Ballot

This November, Virginia and Alabama will have so-called “Right to Work” amendments on the ballot. In Arizona, we have a Right to Work law. Every job application begins with a declaration that you must initial that says you understand that … Continue reading

Netroots Conference Video: 2016 Obama Calls 2008 Plouffe

Think Donald is Divisive? Meet Mike Pence

AFL-CIO: Clinton Says No To TPP