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A resident of Arizona, Doug’s originally from Wisconsin where he earned his BA in French Language Studies in the 80′s and a BBA in Management Information Systems in the 90′s. He worked as a computer programmer in the Milwaukee area through the rise and fall of the internet bubble and left the corporate world in 2004. Doug transitioned into web application development (PHP/MySql), working on numerous independent projects over the past 10 years that include founding and developing All Things Democrat. He now works as a manager with his area's high school district, as well as managing this site, sharing blogging responsibilities, and recruiting talented writers.

Mainstream Media Still Obsessed With Trump

One of the wealthiest guys in America continues to get all the free coverage he needs.

112 Reasons Why Hillary Should Be Our Next President

Visit HillaryClinton.com for 112 Reasons Why Hillary Should Be Our Next President.

All Things Democrat Is Seeking Volunteer Writers

We’re looking for mainstream Democrats to write in support of Hillary’s campaign and other topics of interest to average Dems. Some writing experience is necessary. We encourage experienced social media writers to apply, as well. Apply at Jobs4Dems.com.

Hillary’s Statement on Brexit Vote

"We respect the choice the people of the United Kingdom have made." —Hillary #BrexitVote pic.twitter.com/58yM8oDkL6 — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 24, 2016

Organized Labor Endorses Hillary

Working families are uniting behind @HillaryClinton for President. #ShesWithUs https://t.co/frIfJCat5J #1uVote pic.twitter.com/vkb15LCJA7 — AFSCME (@AFSCME) June 16, 2016

Progress for LGBT Americans: We Stand Together

Top Business Leaders Endorse Hillary

Lets make one thing clear: Democrats are not anti-business. Sanders and his gang of anarchist extremists who invaded the Democratic Party like an aggressive cancer spend every waking hour bitching about “corporations” (most likely, because they post that anarchist shit on social media and then wonder … Continue reading

Trump: Too Dangerous for America

Hillary: Trump Should Keep His Tiny Hands Off The Economy

And a major rating agency agrees.

Scott Walker Gives Republicans Reason To Feel Better About Their Nominee

Because he basically told them they don’t have to nominate Donald Trump! From The Capital Times via TPM (my emphasis): Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is following House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) lead in urging delegates to the Republican National Convention to vote … Continue reading

Dem Leaders and Gun Control Groups Avoiding Assault Weapons Ban

This Thursday, Politico published an article that makes a lot of sense to me but may seem counter-intuitive to many Dems in the wake of the terrible tragedy in Orlando. Its about sensible gun control that comes with incremental change. Despite what the … Continue reading

One Year of Trump for President

How’s that working out for you, GOP?