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A resident of Arizona, Doug’s originally from Wisconsin where he earned his BA in French Language Studies in the 80′s and a BBA in Management Information Systems in the 90′s. He worked as a computer programmer in the Milwaukee area through the rise and fall of the internet bubble and left the corporate world in 2004. Doug transitioned into web application development (PHP/MySql), working on numerous independent projects over the past 10 years that include founding and developing All Things Democrat. He now works as a manager with his area's high school district, as well as managing this site, sharing blogging responsibilities, and recruiting talented writers.

U.S. Population Estimates By Age Group Favor Clinton

You would think by all of the online chatter from Berniebots that Bernie’s practically guaranteed to be the next president. After all, he has the 18-30 years age group wrapped up. And who really cares about the 30+ crowd that … Continue reading

Hillary – First Woman to Win Iowa Caucuses

Tim Ryan: Bernie Sanders Can’t Carry Moderate States In The General Election

Congressman Tim Ryan essentially explains what I’ve been saying for months: a Bernie Sanders nomination would create our generation’s version of “Reagan Democrats” because Sanders is a Dem-hating socialist masquerading as a Democrat (my emphasis). Ohio is a moderate state, … Continue reading

Bernie Van Winkle – A Children’s Story

Sanders Will Do Anything To Win

Bernie Sanders is a con artist, pretending to be a Democrat after a lifelong career of trashing Democrats. It appears his surrogates have followed his lead and are doing some conning of their own. Sanders’ campaign operatives recently masqueraded as … Continue reading

The Democratic Ticket

Bernie Sanders: Hypocritical Opportunist

Bernie Sanders: The Definition of a DINO

Today I received the dumbest email I’ve seen since starting this blog in 2006. Please remove your ad for Hillary 2016.  She is a DINO.  OR, put up ads for the other two candidates:  Bernie and Martin. Hillary is wrong … Continue reading

Hillary: I’m With Obama On Gun Control

Don’t Count Out This Lame Duck

Obama, lame duck: c: @HaroldItz @ArrogantDemon pic.twitter.com/NftZvUbuho — M.S. Bellows, Jr. (@msbellows) January 16, 2016

Why Is Zach Wahls, Iowan And LGBT Activist, A Hillary Supporter?

A Prominent Republican On Whether He’ll Vote For Trump If He’s The GOP Nominee: “Not a chance”