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A resident of Arizona, Doug’s originally from Wisconsin where he earned his BA in French Language Studies in the 80′s and a BBA in Management Information Systems in the 90′s. He worked as a computer programmer through the rise and fall of the internet bubble and left the corporate world in 2004. In 2006, Doug founded All Things Democrat to put his programming skills to good use while supporting the online Democratic community. He now focuses on managing this site, sharing blogging responsibilities, and recruiting talented writers.

1 Year of Web Hosting for $9.95 ?!!

Siteground, our new hosting provider, is having a “friends referral” special where you can get 1 year of web hosting for $9.95, the price of one month of web hosting. Plus, when you create your account, you’re supporting All Things … Continue reading

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Koch Brothers Pics

A couple pics being shared on Twitter …

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OSHA – Over 40 Years And Still Saving Lives

Republican President Richard Nixon signed the Occupational Safety and Health Act into law in 1970. As Dr. David Michaels, head of OSHA, says: OSHA doesn’t kill jobs; it helps prevent jobs from killing workers. This week, the UFCW International Union … Continue reading

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Americans Subsidize Walmart Greed

Tiffany’s story, a full-time Customer Service Manager at Walmart. How many conservatives do you think are trying to locate Tiffany’s Walmart so they can have her fired for speaking out in this video?

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Fun with Teabaggers

The all-time best video compilation of teabaggers using the nickname “teabagger”. Read more about how teabaggers came up with their own nickname, but today claim its a liberal creation.

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Cowardice of the Racist Right

I’ve come to the conclusion that most Republicans are simply cowards. We read, and hear on hate radio, the viciously racist statements and images made by right-wing racists nearly every, stinkin’ day (many of which we’ve compiled at http://www.allthingsdemocrat.com/not-racist/). That’s … Continue reading

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Donate to Defeat Darrell Issa!

We’re off to a fantastic start with our fundraising to help defeat Congressman Darrell Issa in November. Eight of our fellow lefties have donated $320! We’re hoping to raise $10,000 to help the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee defeat Issa. Have … Continue reading

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Despite What Corporate Media Says, Democrats May Have The Edge In November

A Gallup poll taken in January on political party affiliation showed some surprising results: 31% of Americans identify as Democrat, only 25% as Republican, and 42% as Independent. This is the lowest result for Republicans in 25 years. One might … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks For Obamacare

Today, President Obama spoke at the White House on reaching the end of the first enrollment period for Obamacare. Estimates show that up to 22 million Americans are now covered because of Obamacare, including those with pre-existing conditions (like myself), … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz: I Was Dead Wrong About Obamacare

In a stunning reversal, tea party darling Ted Cruz announced today that he was wrong about Obamacare and he now supports the program. I’ve spent the past few years trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act, a law I believed … Continue reading

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Election Reports – Western States – 3/31/14

Congresswoman Grace Napolitano represents California’s 32nd district and is seeking re-election for a 10th term. She once represented the overlapping 38th Congressional District. Napolitano has received a long list of endorsements for her re-election campaign, including U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman … Continue reading

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Obamacare Videos by Mark Fiore

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