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What do you get when you give a proud liberal a conservative wife, and a 40 hour a week desk job? You get Ken, (or bhfrik which stands for bald headed freak) running a blog to work off some steam. He might not be the best riter, or the mostest edumacated... but he is the neo conservative nightmare: a liberal with the facts.

Warning Signs Of A Supreme Court Pile On

On Friday the Supreme Court decided to consider a case that represents a fundamental threat to the Affordable Care Act.   In doing so they proved my crystal ball is busted, because I had predicted that lower courts would toss the case … Continue reading

My Midterm Republican Wave Democratic Party Postmortem

The 2014 midterm has proven to be another major setback for the Democratic party. Both midterm elections during the Obama administration have been unmitigated disasters. If the Democratic party can only win presidential elections every four years, but continually get … Continue reading

Grimes Garners Great Geminate Gazette Greenlights.

Grimes Garners Great Geminate Gazette Greenlights. Alison Grimes has been given a major boost in her campaign to unseat Senator Mitch McConnell with the endorsement of two of Kentucky’s largest newspapers. The Louisville Courier-Journal and the Lexington Herald-Leader urge their … Continue reading

Police Response: One Of These Is Not Like The Other

Check out this Raw Story article about the twitter reaction to the recent riots at the Pumpkin Festival in Keene New Hampshire. Most of the tweets listed in the article remark upon how the rioters are mainly white, and humorously … Continue reading

Greg Abbott Legal Filing: Proof?! I Don’t Need No Stinking Proof.

Texas Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor Greg Abbott has filed a brief with the 5th circuit court of appeals in defense of his state’s ban on gay marriage. Via Raw Story: According to the brief, Texas is “not … Continue reading

The GOP War On Science, Ebola Edition

Republicans have gained a bad reputation for conducting a war on science. On issue after issue Republicans insist on defending policies that uniformly deny science, usually in pursuit of religious dogma or corporate greed. The latest example of the Republican … Continue reading

A Disturbing Case Of Writer’s Block

Let me start by describing a life changing event that has led to a noticable case of writer’s block that affects me when it comes to blogging about the news. Just over 2 years ago my family was blessed with the addition of … Continue reading

KS. Governor Brownback Selling Porn To Pay DefiSQUIRREL!!

The re-election campaign of Governor Sam Brownback is in big trouble. Governor Brownback promised to use the state of Kansas as a real live experiment of conservative economic principles, and suffice to say the results have been disastrous. As a … Continue reading

Supporters Of Corporal Punishment: Not Helping The Cause

Adrian Peterson is a superstar running back for the Minnesota Vikings, whose main claim to fame of late comes from an indictment against him for child abuse. Peterson used a “switch” to whip his 4 year old son. The extent … Continue reading

Oregon Senate: Ultimate Proof Obamacare Is A Non-issue

According to the Register Guard, the Koch brothers affiliate Freedom Partners has withdrawn their October ad buys in support of Monica Wehby, the Republican nominee running against Democratic incumbent Jeff Merkley. The article notes the withdrawn support immediately follows a … Continue reading

Merkley Vs. Wehby: Obstructionists Hate Obstruction?

“You got to (admit) one thing — it takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did.” Bill Clinton at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. A Koch brothers outfit has entered the fray in the Oregon senate … Continue reading

A Proposal On The Washington Football Team Name

The pressure is steadily mounting for a change in the name of the Washington pro football team. The Washington Post is the latest major news and sports outlet to determine that they will not use the teams name in their … Continue reading