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Malia Litman was a Registered Nurse, a Senior Litigation Partner with a major Dallas Firm, and is now a stay-at-home mother. As a former trial attorney, Malia sought the truth from witnesses. "Rebuttal to the Rogue" is her attempt to ensure that all the facts are presented regarding Sarah Palin, allowing you, the reader, to be the judge. "The Ignorance of Sarah Palin: A Humorous Refudiation of the Half-Term Ex-Governor" is an artful combination of both humor and education at the former Governor of Alaska.

If the GOP Wins the War on Women, America Loses

Cowboy hats were the perfect gift for the 9 girls who spent their Spring Break with us last week. Most had never been to Texas, so cowboy hats seemed the appropriate way to commemorate their visit. These girls are talented … Continue reading


How Do You Know if a Woman is a Republican? She Can Control Her Libido and Reproductive System!

Take it from Mike Huckabee, only Republican women can control their sex drive. In fact, according to Huckabee, it’s possible Republican women are so refined that they may not even have a libido. It is Democratic women who have the … Continue reading

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“Abortion Barbie” is Running for Governor of Texas

Wendy Davis is a Democrat running for Governor in Texas. She is best known for her 11 hour filibuster to prevent a new abortion law from being enacted. While her filibuster prevented a vote on the oppressive legislation, Governor Rick … Continue reading


Sarah Palin Uses a Racist Term to Attack a Racial Observation

The internet is full of articles today on a MSNBC segment with Melissa Harris-Perry. Here is the actual segment. The segment is about “awkward familyphotos.” The first FOUR photos she showed and laughed about were pictures of the President and the … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann Have Something in Common

1. Bachmann and Palin are both dumb. Cruz may be immoral but he’s not dumb. 2. Cruz and Palin have hired photographers to take their pictures with guns. Bachmann saved the money and just had her picture photoshopped. 3. Palin … Continue reading

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The Gutless GOP Pays the Price for Its Failure to Control Cruz and Palin

It was Sarah Palin in 2010 who referred to a member of the media as“gutless” “limp” and “impotent.” Today those same adjectives apply to the Republican Party for it’s total impotence in controlling Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin in their … Continue reading

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E-Mail to Ted Cruz: Shame on You!

The following e-mail is being sent to Senator Cruz. If you’d like to send your own, here is the web site. Dear Senator Cruz, As a resident of Texas, I am one of the people in Texas you were elected to … Continue reading

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Republicans Compromise on Towel Service

Has Fox News ever been critical of the Republican Party? They have now. In a recent clip from Greta Van Sustern, the Republicans were identified as people unconcerned with the average American, and totally focused on themselves. The story revealed that the … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin to Campaign for Koch Brother Operative

When people heard Sarah Palin had endorsed Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate, it was not surprising if you knew that Lonegan’s opponent was an African American candidate. If you knew that Rand Paul and the witty Rick Perry had endorsed Lonegan too, … Continue reading

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It’s Americans Who Will Fall the Farthest and Hardest, If We Fail to Raise the Debt Ceiling

As we endure the 9th day of the government shutdown, the debt ceiling debate is looming even larger. John Boehner has specifically tied the Republican position on the government shut down to the issue of raising the debt ceiling. The … Continue reading

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We Don’t Have the Right to Bear Bombs, So Why Allow Mentally Ill People to Bear Assault Weapons?

Yesterday Aaron Alexis, a crazed gunman killed 12 people and injured another 8 in a mass shooting at a “secure” military facility in our nation’s capital. On December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary a crazed gunman killed 20 children and 6 … Continue reading

Everything’s Bigger in Rick Perry’s Texas, Except Equal Pay for Women

Tomorrow, August 26th is Women’s Equality Day.  The day is a celebration of the passage of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote.  The 19thAmendment became law in 1920.  Almost 100 years later women are still fighting to be treated equally.  In … Continue reading

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