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Godless liberal in the southwest corner of Swing State Ohio, political blogger, tech geek, part-time empathic.

Romney’s Liar Campaign

I was playing around with Photoshop and figured the Romney campaign was using Trajan Pro for the campaign font. After the Jeep comments, I thought this was appropriate.

Manufactured Chaos: The Repub Biden/Hillary Jabber

Bill Kristol started it. Back in May, the aspiring strategic hydra head of Fox News called for some Hillary: For our part, we’d like to see a decisive triumph for Romney and his running mate over two formidable representatives of … Continue reading

The Bar Yesterday (or, Health Care Freakout Review)

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the SCOTUS nine that day: The score stood five to four, with some at yes and some at nay. And then when Kennedy went right, and Roberts left, for shame, A sickly silence fell upon … Continue reading

Glenn Beck’s Hypocritical Stupidity

June 21st, Glenn posted this on his Facebook page: The Supreme Court plays a vital role in the American system to provide clarity on the issues. In the coming days 9 justices will release their decision on healthcare reform – … Continue reading

Brace Yourselves

Today, SCOTUS upheld the Affordable Care Act provisions that had been in question, the most significant of which was the individual mandate. CNN, Fox, Huffpo, and TIME jumped the gun and posted the exact opposite of what actually happened. CNN’s … Continue reading

Dear Right Wing Radio: I’m Quittin’ Ya

Hi readers, my name is Ricky (Hi, Ricky!) And I’m a right wing radio addict. I began my now-almost decade stint listening to the dulcet tones of the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh and it was fine. I hated everything … Continue reading

Romney’s Love for AMERCIA

No, you read that right. In an effort to get jiggy with the cool kids, Mitt Romney has released an iPhone app, “I’m With Mitt” in which you can do some low-rent Instagram work and let everyone in your social … Continue reading

Obama the Enemy

Overheard or seen on the radio / online in the last 24 hours: Obama is not stupid, he is nefarious. Obama doesn’t understand traditional values Obama is attempting to dismantle traditional values Obama wants to destroy capitalism and turn America … Continue reading

Bad Lip Reading: Joe Biden

It’s Friday. So sit back, relax, and let’s poke a little fun at ourselves 🙂

Xavier University Jesuits Take Up War On Women

Living in Cincinnati, it’s easy to look around at some of the crazy outside of the state of Ohio (though they did attempt the “Heartbeat Law”) and (overlooking crybaby Boehner living less than twenty miles from my home) say “Oh, … Continue reading

Democrats Faking Outrage?

The last few weeks, the insanity of what has come out of the mouths of conservatives has had my head in a figurative salad spinner, unable to focus on one thing because there was so much anger and lying around … Continue reading

Santorum on History: Men and Women Worked on the Declaration of Independence

Tonight, in Santorum’s not-really-concession-speech for losing Michigan, he was rife with the talking point logorrhea that comes with what we expect from the conservatives, except for this ONE THING that kinda stuck out for me. After lauding the Constitution from … Continue reading