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Gingrich Formally Bows Out of Race, Reflects on Campaign

In a surprise move today, Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker, has gracefully bowed out of the Republican presidential primary race. “There’s just no denying that we’ll end up with any candidate other than Mitt Romney,” Gingrich was quoted as saying … Continue reading

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Santorum’s New Ad, “Rombo”

I have to admit, Rick Santorum’s new ad against Romney is at least eye-catching, but… …Am I the only one who sees it as Romney trying to shoot Santorum with a frothy mix of lube and fecal matter?

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Romney’s War on China

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the Chinese Vice President’s pleasant visit to America, and his desire to ease relations between our two countries. Diplomatic resolutions would, after all, be the best way to go about repairing … Continue reading

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A Vote for a Democrat is a Vote for China!

I’m sure we all remember seeing those old World War II propaganda posters. More specifically, the ones with the hideously offensive depictions of Tojo and other Japanese, the ones that are partially responsible for some of the anti-Japanese resentment left … Continue reading

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Little Clown Receives a Big Paycheck (or, why I hate Ron Paul)

Hey everyone, seeing as this is my first article here on All Things Democrat I thought I’d give myself a quick little introduction: My name’s Scott, I’m a 21-year old northern Virginian who was born and raised in Sterling, now … Continue reading

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