Don’t Look to John McCain to Help the Poor

John McCain: “I do not believe in mandates. I believe that every American should have affordable and available health care and I’d like to talk just an additional minute about that. But I’m not going to mandate that they do. I want every American to have affordable and available education. But I’m not going to mandate that they do. I want everyone to have affordable housing but I’m not going to mandate they do.”

The sharp-shooter of the presidential race wants all of us to know that we’re not going to have everything handed to us. Yeah, we need health care, education, and a roof over our heads, but we have to stop being lazy and do it ourselves. Should the government take care of people who work two jobs, have trouble paying rent, and still can’t afford to go to the doctor? Of course not! It’s their own fault!

On the topic of health care, the problem isn’t that we don’t have a system. It just doesn’t work effectively. A person has to meet certain requirements to receive Medicare/Medicaid. If someone doesn’t meet the requirements, they might not have a choice. They just won’t go to the doctor. America needs a health care system that takes care of everybody.

Sometimes people do need to take their own initiatives instead of relying on somebody else. Such as having the initiative to be hard-working. But telling disparate people that are overworked and underpaid that they’re still going to have to struggle just to have a place to live and good medical care isn’t fair. And I think that the majority of Americans will agree.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Look to John McCain to Help the Poor

  1. Gee. I bet Hillary would never say anything like that. She’s too busy doing everything she can to get people to love her. Meanwhile behind the scenes she’s busily race-baiting and sucking money from the same corporate trough that McCain feeds at.
    Go ahead, democrats. Nominate Hillary and see just how many people run away from the party.