Who Will Be The New Congressional Democratic Lions?

I hate to bring up such a sad subject at such a tough time but, considering times don’t appear headed for wild wonderfulness any year soon and the subject’s too important to ignore, here goes:

With the hospitalizations of two of the Senate longest reigning Democrats, Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who will be our new lions? Do we have any in the making?

Vermont’s newest Senator, long-time Socialist House Rep, Bernie Sanders is already proving to be a fire brand. But he arrived in the upper house a bit late. Wellstone is dead. Corzine, who showed promise, went to be governor of New Jersey. We’ll have to see if Hillary and Barack remain in the Senate after this year (some speculation has Hillary being handed the governorship of New York on a platter, but I’d love to see what resigned-gov Eliot Spitzer’s replacement, David Patterson as the state’s first leader of color, will do).

Have any contenders we should watch for?

2 thoughts on “Who Will Be The New Congressional Democratic Lions?

  1. I’ve never thought about Hillary replacing Harry Reid, but I have to say it sounds interesting. Harry was never a wildly popular choice with me; he was considered by some as more of a moderate Republican than a Democrat.

    As I’ve said before and will continue to say, regardless of how the presidential nomination runs, Hillary has a lot she can give. I also suspect this was not her only venture into the presidential race realm. To be honest, she did much better than I envisioned; far better than a Libby Dole did when running as a Republican.

    A pair of Pelosi and Clinton might be something to behold. 😉

  2. What about a “lioness”?

    Since I don’t see Obama’s supporters allowing Hillary to be VP, I’d love to see her appointed Senate Majority Leader. She’d be soooo much more effective than Harry Reid, and can you imagine having two Democratic women leading the Congress???? Talk about making history!