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Obama Names Vice President Search Team With Cheney’s Smirk

Caroline Kennedy has been named to head up a three-person VP search team for Democratic presumptive nominee, Barack Obama.

This differs from George Bush’s 2000 VP search team, headed by Dick Cheney, with only Cheney serving as membership, and – surprise! – decided Dick Cheney would be the best candidate for the job!

But does anyone worry with as much as Cheney is smirking and still acting like cock of the walk that you wonder if HE knows something (like what really went on with September 11th and Iraq, to name but a few) you don’t, which is why he’s not worried about having to leave the WH anytime soon.

Byrd Hospitalized

For those who worried over the very emotional turn W VA Senator Robert Byrd took last week over Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor, there is new cause for concern: Byrd had a “spell” late today and has been hospitalized at least overnight.

At 90, such spells cannot be unexpected. But it’s hard to hear about Kennedy and Byrd both having such a time when America itself suffers so.

WaPo Widgets For Lefty Blogs

For all of you lefty bloggers out there, the Washington Post online has added a number of useful widgets for bloggers.

I’ve added one to our Headlines page, and as demo and code link in our Freebies page (under Syndicated News Headlines). The widget I’m using here fits most blog sidebars of 160 pixels in width, but be sure to preview the other WaPo widgets before copying the necessary code – many are much wider and may not fit your blog’s sidebar.

Help A Worthy Dem

Please take a moment to help out our Democratic friend T.J. Templeton, Editor of Project For The Old American Century (an excellent lefty resource, btw). From TJ:

I’m currently running for Iowa State Rep. and my Senator is having an online vote to award money for candidates campaigns. I’ve already cleared the first round. I’m now in the top 20 and am competing with 19 others to win $2,000 for my campaign fund. If I win, I go on to compete with the top 5 for another $5,000. It’s very important that I win this. My opponent is a global warming denier who is heavily funded by out-of-state energy interests. I’m just the editor of a news aggregator website.

If you would please, go here and cast a vote for T.J. Templeton for House. You will also have to pick a Senator. I recommend Gronstal, but you can pick anyone, as long as you vote for me, for House.

Thanks for your time reading this and thanks for casting a vote for me.

Have Thoughts/News To Share? Contribute Here

We’re looking for a few good contributors among Democrats who have news and views to share about November’s election and other important issues facing not just the Democratic Party but America as a whole, red, blue, and purple.

Now, like most blogging, there is no pay. But we’d love to have more voices contributing here be you for Hillary, for Barack, or (like me) still white knuckling the decision. While we have some editorial standards we have to meet (I’d be happy to send you a copy), once you submit a few samples and get approved, you can post as little as once a week or just about as often as you like; more freedom than you’d have with your own blog while still contributing to the community consciousness and news dispersal.

Use the Contributors link above or email me at Kate (and you need to parse this to have it work) at Depending on the volume of email, please understand if it may take a day or two to get back to you; I don’t do form letters.


Senator Ted Kennedy

I think I can speak for most (all) who visit here when I extend my best wishes to Senator Ted Kennedy and family as the Democrat who has served in the Senate since 1962 (wow) undergoes tests for what some outlets are referring to as a probable stroke.

Like the Kennedys or not, this family has given back much, and not just in assassinated sons. Some of the very best social programs born during the 60s and 70s had a Kennedy on the board if not spearheading the effort altogether. I was very, very little when the whole ’69 car crash around Martha’s Vineyard happened, but I vaguely recall the way people alternately called for his head or insisted no Kennedy clan member would ever have to be held accountable. Many made terrible remarks about how great a shame it was John and Bobby were shot while leaving “the lesser brother” alive (another brother, Joe, died in WWII).

Regardless of whatever Ted did or didn’t do then at Chappaquiddic, he’s generally been a man of some conscience and compassion, while having enough weight (literally and figuratively) to sustain the slings and arrows. For those who thought the death of his campaign worker in the crash should get Kennedy kicked from the Senate, I wonder if you may feel, as I now do, that on the great cosmic scales, Ted’s balanced out a few big, bad (and in one case, deadly) mistakes with many good works.

Let’s hope Ted returns to health and to the Senate floor. We need him now as much as ever.

Obama Won’t Announce Victory If He Wins Tomorrow’s Primaries

A heads up from Carolyn Kay at Make Them Accountable on this piece from Politico labeled as “Has Sanity Struck?“:

Obama: No victory declaration TuesdayMILWAUKIE, Ore. – Concerned about appearing presumptuous or antagonistic towards Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama will not declare victory in the Democratic nomination fight Tuesday in the event he wins enough pledged delegates to claim a majority.

Richardson Endorses Barack Obama

Former Democratic rival for the presidential primary for 2008, Bill Richardson, who happens to be the country’s sole Hispanic governor currently, has just come out endorsing Barack Obama. As a superdelegate himself as governor, Richardson’s endorsement is seen as a real blow to Hillary Clinton, in whose administration Richardson served numerous roles, including as Energy Secretary.

One consideration is that Richardson’s endorsement may lead the way for other high profile Hispanics to jump in behind the Illinois senator, which is one area in which Obama is seen as a weaker competitor (Hispanics remember Bill Clinton more fondly as a whole, they say). However, I’m not sure how many in the Hispanic community (like there’s just one, yeah-right-sure) see Richardson as Hispanic; I’ve heard just the opposite cited by many, in fact.

Second, one of my complaints about Hillary (and I’m still torn between her and Obama as my candidate of choice with John Edwards no longer in the race) is that so many of the old Clinton guard is there, like Madelaine Albright, former Secretary of State. I don’t need to replay January 1993-January 2001; I need to go forward. We’re not the same country we were in 1993 so we don’t need the same team.

Third, I don’t think Richardson’s endorsement by itself necessarily means a tremendous lot. He’s not a major player on many fronts and many don’t remember him at all. Just as his candidacy wasn’t much, his post-candidacy endorsement probably isn’t wildly bank-able.

Fourth, I’m so tired of hearing Hillary doesn’t stand a chance, that many want Obama as the Dem contender because he might lose more easily to McCain. First, this underestimates Hillary; second, it underestimates Obama; and finally, it underestimates us as voters.

In fact, the only thing I’m more weary of than “Hillary doesn’t stand a chance” and “If Obama wins the Dem nomination, then McCain will win in November” is the nastiness going on between the two Dem camps and their contenders. I expect this awful behavior from Repugs; I want something better from the rest of us.

And Mitt Romney Is O-U-T; Suspends Campaign

The rats are starting to sink faster.

Considering his poor showing, I can’t imagine why he didn’t drop out well before Super Tuesday. If you can only win in states where Mormon is practiced as a way of life (and I have nothing against Mormonism except that it’s yet another practice that devalues women, blacks, anyone not white male)…

But Mitt’s failings have nothing to do with his religion, although I’m sure there are those who opposed him principly because of it: he was the architect of Boston’s disastrous megolithic Big Dig that made him and pals even more rich and the people of the city poorer, to name just one. Then there were his statements that “people want change except for any change of direction in Washington.”

God help us if Romney thinks most are looking for status quo in Washington among Republicans OR Democrats. But the stench does continue with McCain and Huckabee, men who don’t believe in evolution because… well, it’s clear they never evolved. Me? I’m hoping God smites ’em. 😉

Projected Winners on Super Tuesday

Mind you, projecting winners, as the media does it, is downright scary (but then, so is MSNBC still letting Chris Matthews anywhere near a microphone for these predictions), but so far according to CNN and MSNBC:

Democrat Clinton takes:

Massachusetts (earlier called for Obama)
New Jersey
New York

Democrat Obama takes:

Kansas (projected)
North Dakota
Utah (some still say Utah’s in play)

Republican John McCain takes:

New Jersey
New York

Republican Mitt Romney (and if this isn’t pitiful and predicted, what is?):


Republican Mike Huckabee:

West Virginia

But with California, especially, still to count….

And here’s an interesting sidenote: right now, in Utah’s Democratic votes, regardless of the current predictions, John Edwards leads (I think those with brains may be frightened of some of the long time residents).