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Nightmare Before Next Thanksgiving? The 2008 Vote Steal From Dems?

Color me scared after reading this editorial at Buzzflash that paints a scary picture of how the Bush-framed Supreme Court can step in again in 2008 to make California’s Democratic presidential votes go poof just like those in Florida in … Continue reading

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Less Memorializing, Yet Far More Scrutinizing

Since the shootings at Virginia Tech on Monday left 32 students and faculty members dead, this week the media has been involved in endless memorializing, including today, the 8th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colorado. We’re … Continue reading

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The Showing Of Virginia Tech Killer’s Multimedia Package

Throughout the last two days, especially since it became widely known that Cho, the young South Korean resident alient who went on the shooting rampage at Virginia Tech on Monday, sent a multimedia package to NBC News, quite probably in … Continue reading

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A Very Dark Week in America

Where can anyone start in how very, very bad this week goes for America, even among events that haven’t all taken place within the United States’ borders? First, obviously, the great tragedy at Virginia Tech on Monday, with the deaths … Continue reading

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A Brief Word on VA

Not sure what to say.  I’m guessing others don’t either.  I’m not trying to speak for everyone, but there’s a silence in that the elephant in the room is so …indescribable.  I’m used to cursing and ranting, but this has … Continue reading

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