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IRS Problem Not As Bad As They Are Making It, And Christie’s Role In An Affair That Was That Bad

Many on the right are fond of saying that the IRS scandal is worse than Watergate.  Another refrain from the right is that this is the worst scandal in our lifetimes.   Darrel Issa has been moving heaven and earth to tie the affair … Continue reading

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Santorum Defines Why Romney Lost, And Why R’s Will Continue Losing

According to Rick Santorum, one of the reasons Mitt Romney lost was because his campaign mishandled the “you didn’t build that” kerfuffle.  Oddly enough, there is the barest kernel of truth to Santorum’s take on this particular issue but he … Continue reading


Terry McAuliffe Must Defeat An Extremist, But Its No Walk in the Park

Virginia is preparing for a grueling 2013 gubernatorial campaign between Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli, which will be taking place on November 5th of this year. Some voters have called this election a so-called “lesser of two evils” race, citing Cuccinelli’s … Continue reading

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Tesla Succeeds In The Free Market Despite Conservative Pushback

The electric car manufacturer Tesla has been in the news for paying off a government loan 9 years early.   That is fantastic news for folks (like myself) who appreciate the success of a company that makes very high end electric vehicles, … Continue reading

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Who will replace BACHMANN?

The GOP, like the cockroach, can survive decapitation.   This does not imply that BACHMANN wields the sort of hypnotic-Tea Party-esque power she once enjoyed before being exposed as the empty skull she is.   But, just like so many other villains … Continue reading

Why Most Folks Do Not Care About Obama “Scandals”

Just over a week ago a trifecta of “scandals” broke upon the Obama administration.  It started when congressional Republicans hoodwinked ABC into reporting on fabricated emails.  Things got worse when news broke that IRS agents had given more scrutiny to … Continue reading

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Will South Carolina Voters Choose the Adulterer… Again?

“Family Values”, a favored mantra among Conservatives, has been exposed over the last year and a half as having nothing to do with family at all; it is now simply political code for anti-gay marriage (Probably another Luntz invention), as … Continue reading

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Delusional: Gingrich and Santorum Thought Teaming Up Would Get Them Elected

Why is it that Republican candidates are incapable of seeing themselves as the rest of the country sees them? It’s an amazing thing – no matter how out of touch, or off the rails crazy Conservatives are, they firmly believe … Continue reading

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Mr. Rove: Allow Me to Introduce You to Your Voting Base

Karl Rove’s new “Conservative Victory Project” wants to spearhead the selection of “electable” GOP candidates, which Rove mistakenly believes are the less “crazy” ones. To many Americans however, it is becoming more apparent every day that Karl Rove has lost … Continue reading

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Mr. Obama, Tear Down the Private Profit Prisons

“…men who so uneasily tolerate superiors patiently suffer a master, and show themselves proud and servile at the same time.” –Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America In 2007, a teenager in a depressed county of Northeastern Pennsylvania, recently bereft of … Continue reading

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Sorry America, Keith Ablow’s Not Running

Call me surprised – Media Matters reports Keith Ablow, has decided “he will not run for Secretary of State John Kerry’s former U.S. Senate seat.” Ablow, Faux News’ resident “Psycho Analyst” as News Corpse likes to call him, gave this … Continue reading

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Could Mitch McConnell Be the Next Extremist On the Way Out?

If, like me, you’re sick of all things Mitch McConnell, you’ll be happy to learn that Politico reports there are fewer than 1 in 5 Kentucky voters who plan to vote for McConnell in the 2014 Congressional election. Last month … Continue reading

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