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The Donald Whets Democratic Appetites

Donald Trump ended speculation about a possible run for N.Y. Governor, while stoking the hopes and dreams of Democrats that he will run for president in 2016. Trump twittled: “While I won’t be running for Governor of New York State, a race I would have won, I have much bigger plans in mind — stay tuned, will happen!” 1st: The chances of Trump winning a statewide election in New York are remote at best.  – Read the full article

Fake Democrats in Texas Primary

There’s a so-called “Democrat” running in the Texas primary next month for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican John Cornyn. Kesha Rogers, an Obama-hatin’ fool carrying Obama-as-Hitler posters and demanding his impeachment is the fake Democrat leading in the latest polls. – Read the full article

Dear Hillary: Fight Back

When the Republicans come after our nominee, and you know they will — now I personally believe they should be so embarrassed by the failed record of President Bush that they should say they won’t field a candidate, but I’m afraid they will — and so once again we know exactly what they will do. – Read the full article

Kinky Dems, Elitists, and Big Money Politics

Being FUNNY does NOT disqualify someone from running for State Office. But according to some folks in the Democratic party,”being funny” is a reason NOT to vote for Kinky Friedman. Kinky Friedman is running for Texas AG Commissioner. He has drawn two opponents in the Democratic Primary; Jim Hogan and Hugh Fitzsimons. – Read the full article

Research Assistants Needed for Western States

All Things Democrat is recruiting volunteer Research Assistants for our Election Reporting project. We especially need volunteers located in the western states, but we also have openings in the central states. See details on the Recruiting Assistant positions at – Read the full article

Michigan Governor Uses Campaign Funds on Super Bowl Ad Promoting Himself

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, the tyrannical leader who has literally wiped-out the democratically-elected leaders of several cities in Michigan (where are the cries of “dictator” now, teabaggers?), is reportedly spending $400,000 on a Super Bowl ad to improve his image. Its not the first Super Bowl ad for Snyder. – Read the full article

For Whom the Bridge Tolls? Not for Thee, Anytime Soon

Guess what today is in the state of NJ? The third Tuesday in January following a November gubernatorial election and by state constitution, the NJ Governor-elect is sworn in, this day. Inauguration Day!  A day of celebration for the Christie Administration, the re-election of a staunchly conservative governor by a predominantly democratic electorate, yeah for all, yah right. – Read the full article

The Right Has Learned Nothing, And Why They Never Will

Jonathan Bernstein is a writer for Salon [1], and his latest article is titled Four years later, the Tea Party has learned nothing. Bernstein notes the crop of far right candidates running in Republican primaries while reprising the elections in which extremists have been nominated but then went on to lose general elections. – Read the full article

Will Democrats Rue Today in 2016 and Beyond?

Democratic Gubernatorial & Lt. Governor Candidates – State Senator Barbara Buono & Executive Vice President of 1199SEIU Milly Silva Hopefully Democrats won’t be lamenting Tuesday’s, November 5, 2013 in 2016 and beyond. Superstar, praised for working across the political aisle, reigning Republican Governor Chris Christie seeks re-election in the fabled ‘bluest’ Garden State. – Read the full article

An Onionism… The Charcoal Calls The Snowflake Black

We’ve all heard the expression “that is the pot calling the kettle black”, meaning that someone who is guilty of some sort of transgression blames someone else for doing the same thing. I propose another term, “that is the charcoal calling the snowflake black”, to mean someone that is guilty of a transgression claiming that someone else is guilty as well, even when the 2nd party is essentially innocent of the charge. – Read the full article

Angry Republican Donors Give To Democratic GA. Senate Candidate Nunn

Citing anger at Washington Republicans for shutting down the government and threatening to default on the national debt, major donors to Republican causes in Georgia are now donating to Michelle Nunn, daughter of four term Senator Sam Nunn and the favorite to win the Democratic nomination for the seat of retiring Republican Saxby Chambliss. – Read the full article

Dan Kildee – Michigan Representative

Currently, Dan Kildee is a United States Representative representing Michigan’s 5th Congressional District. He was first elected to this position after winning his election in 2012 with over 65 percent of the vote. Though he may be new to the United States House of Representatives, he has had a wealth of experience in other areas. – Read the full article