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Democrats React to GOP Congress Suing the President for Conciliation on ACA Mandate

Yesterday marked a historic American first: Boehner’s craven caucus voted to sue the President for delaying the employer mandate during the implementation of the ACA. Yes, the same ACA the GOP squandered an estimated $79 million and 50 votes to repeal Obamacare over the last three years. – Read the full article

Meaningless CNN Poll Inspires Campaign Reform Solution

CNN Poll: Romney tops Obama but loses to Clinton Washington (CNN) – If a rematch of the 2012 presidential election were held today, GOP nominee Mitt Romney would top President Barack Obama in the popular vote, according to a new national survey. – Read the full article

GOP Candidate Mistakes YMCA Campers in Eagerness to Vilify & Exploit Child Refugees for Political Gain

Fanatical, hate-mongers lead by Congressional Republican Candidate Adam Kwasman – AZ couldn’t stifle their exuberance at the prospect of confronting a bus transporting frightened undocumented refugee children. Kwasman tweeted, “Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law”. – Read the full article

Eric Cantor’s Failed Campaign Is In the Red

Far from being fiscally responsible, it seems Eric Cantor was spending campaign money like he couldn’t lose – even before he got it. Politico reports Cantor’s political operation is seeking money to pay off its debts: The Virginia Republican’s political operation has asked his House GOP colleagues to cut checks so he can wind down his once-powerful campaign committee, as well as pay his campaign staffers and cover any other related costs stemming from his stunning defeat last month…… Several lawmakers and GOP aides said Cantor needs to raise upwards of $150,000 to shut down his campaign committee, perhaps far more…. – Read the full article

Conservatives: Rolling Toward 2016 In Their Political Bubble

They are beyond clueless. They go about their daily lives in a bubble of unfathomable ignorance while the world outside zooms by. They do not adapt to the times, even though it is absolutely necessary for their survival. These are today’s Conservatives – clinging to their antiquated view of how the world should be, and the desperate hope that Ronald Reagan might some day rise from the dead. – Read the full article

Election Report, Monica Wehby Ad: “I Am Not A Psycho”

Monica Wehby, the Republican nominee to run against Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, has decided to confront questions about her past with an advertisement scheduled for statewide release. The ad starts with the bold declaration by Wehby that she is not a psycho. – Read the full article

Devious Birds, Frogs And Republican Campaigns

The past week (04/20 – 04/26) has been one of the worst for Republicans since the government shutdown last fall. From the short term perspective, the biggest news was the spectacular implosion of conservative cause celebre Cliven Bundy. While that reversal of conservative fortune was certainly epic in real time, chances are that in early November most Americans will barely remember the events in Nevada over the past several weeks. – Read the full article

Fighting Redmap Update

Previous posts about the National Popular Vote Initiative can be found here, here and here. The National Popular Vote Initiative is a proposal that would give the electoral votes of participating states to the winner of the popular vote in presidential elections. – Read the full article

Electing Progressive, Democratic Women for Florida

Jeanne and crew preparing the buffet. On Saturday morning I was warmly welcomed into the home of Nancy and Jeanne (who put together a marvelous buffet. Jeanne actually got up early to cook! Thank you, Jeanne!). The purpose of my visit was to attend a brunch and meeting of Ruth’s List – the Florida affiliate of EMILY’s List.   – Read the full article

Ready For Hillary, Because Of McCutcheon

The supreme court’s 5-4 McCutcheon decision further eroding campaign finance regulation is as good a reason as any for me to shamelessly plug Ready For Hillary. Ready For Hillary is the site to go to for your Hillary 2016 gear. You can find H mugs, pens, baseball caps, hoodies, Irish shamrock St. – Read the full article

Dems Projected To Lose (An Evidently Already Lost) Senate

The general tone of this post will be pretty freaking defeatist, so let me start with my key to victory for Democrats in the coming midterm election. There are plenty of ideas about messages Democrats should use, like income disparity and defending Obamacare rather than running from it. – Read the full article

Arizona GOP Congressional Candidate: Slavery Wasn’t So Bad, ‘Kept Business Rolling’

Arizona GOP congressional candidate: Slavery wasn’t so bad, ‘kept business rolling’ (via Raw Story ) An Arizona Republican who is running to represent the state’s 2nd District in Congress wrote on Facebook that the institution of slavery wasn’t really so hard on slaves and was actually good for the economy. – Read the full article