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Netroots Conference Video: 2016 Obama Calls 2008 Plouffe

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Terrorist Attack in France Is An Opportunity For Fox To Attack Obama

If you haven’t heard, there’s been an apparent terrorist attack in Nice, France. An unidentified man with a large truck ran people down for about a mile, then started shooting at others before he was killed by police. Its been reported that he had guns and grenades in the truck. – Read the full article

Two Different Responses to the Shootings of Sterling and Castile

The President gave a very well balanced statement on the shootings, not that RWNJs and racists are going to listen to anything he says. Here’s a different kind of response to what seems like an endless string of black men being gunned down because of their race – Personally, I think the only answer to this ongoing issue is to have well-armed, African American communities in every major city in this country. – Read the full article

Full Speech: Hillary Clinton and President Obama in NC

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President’s Weekly Address: Serving our Military Families This Fourth of July

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The President Gives It To Trump

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This Week: President Barack Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

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Hillary: I’m With Obama On Gun Control

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Don’t Count Out This Lame Duck

Obama, lame duck: c: @HaroldItz @ArrogantDemon — M.S. Bellows, Jr. (@msbellows) January 16, 2016 – Read the full article

President Obama’s Address: ‘Freedom Is More Powerful Than Fear’

Here is the full text of his speech, as provided by the White House. Tonight, I addressed the nation from the Oval Office on my top priority as President: Keeping the American people safe. It weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of all of us in the wake of the terrible tragedy in San Bernardino.… – Read the full article

Trudeau Will Bring ‘Energy and Reform’ to Canada, Obama Says

MANILA, PHILIPPINES—Justin Trudeau got a welcome boost from U.S. President Barack Obama, who said the new prime minister will bring “energy and reform” to Canada. The two leaders had their first formal meeting Thursday since Trudeau won power in October, talking for just over 20 minutes with advisors before the two leaders spoke to reporters. – Read the full article

President Obama Mocks GOP For Being Pants-Wetting Cowards

President Obama has yet again proven he has no more fcks left to give when it comes to our pants-wetting Republican party. At a press conference in Manila Tuesday night, the president called out all the scaredy-cat governors and 2016 candidates: “Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America,”… – Read the full article