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Over/Under: Years Before Republicans Start to Claim Credit For Obamacare

The Heritage Plan: 1989. All citizens should be guaranteed universal access to affordable health care. Many states now require passengers in automobiles to wear seatbelts for their own protection. Many others require anybody driving a car to have liability insurance. … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks For Obamacare

Today, President Obama spoke at the White House on reaching the end of the first enrollment period for Obamacare. Estimates show that up to 22 million Americans are now covered because of Obamacare, including those with pre-existing conditions (like myself), … Continue reading

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Dems Projected To Lose (An Evidently Already Lost) Senate

The general tone of this post will be pretty freaking defeatist, so let me start with my key to victory for Democrats in the coming midterm election. There are plenty of ideas about messages Democrats should use, like income disparity … Continue reading

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This Is The Real Obamacare

I’m just going to copy and paste this story directly from the recc’d list at Daily Kos, with some commentary below the story.  The author is Old Redneck and the title is She couldn’t stop crying and hugging everyone in sight … Continue reading


If You Are Fooled By Conservatives Once, Shame On Them.

The entire title to this post is: If You Are Fooled By Conservatives Once, Shame On Them. If You Are Fooled By Conservatives Twice, Fool Me… Won’t Get Fooled Again. During his speech to CPAC, Paul Ryan gave a “moving” … Continue reading

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McCain’s List of Countries to Attack Now Includes Russia

Last Fall, Mother Jones posted this map of the countries John McCain wanted to attack. You can now add Russia to that list. And like a gag reflex, McCain blames Obama.

Obama: A Year of Action to Create Opportunity for All

Obstructionism is the only plan Republicans have had for the past 5 years. Those days are over. When Congress refuses to act, the President will.

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President Obama’s Little Noted But Epic Win

The passage through the house and senate of a clean debt limit increase bill has exposed deep divisions in the Republican party.  Ted Cruz’ stunt forcing Republican Senate leaders to vote in favor of allowing the vote to proceed has … Continue reading


Alan Keyes: Jesus is the Driving Force Behind Obama’s Impeachment

Alan Keyes says Jesus Christ inspires his unceasing efforts to impeach President Barack Obama. The perennial candidate for public office and former host of the MSNBC show “Alan Keyes Is Making Sense” has been promoting a movement to elect officials… Continue reading

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Obama-Era Jobs: The Beat Goes On

Unemployment has now dropped to 6.7%. That’s a pretty impressive feat considering that conservatives in banking and on Wall Street nearly destroyed our economy with reckless gambling and lending fraud. Plus we had Republican obstructionism for all these years that … Continue reading

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Congress, the White House, and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad 2013

By: Bridget Bowman It’s Friday the 13th, in 2013 for the 113th congress. Here are 13 things that went terribly wrong this year for our nation’s lawmakers (or right, depending on which side you’re on). Photo by Getty Images As the House of Representatives… Continue reading

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Birther Preacher Claims Obama Had Mother of His ‘Love Child’ Killed Outside White House

A birther preacher is pushing the conspiracy theory that Miriam Carey, who was shot to death Oct. 3 after police said she tried to ram her car into a barrier outside the White House, was the mother of President Barack Obama’s illegitimate child. Rev… Continue reading

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