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Video Clips of the Week

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Be Careful With Single State Polls

Ok, I’ll preface this by saying I don’t think Hillary is any better than Bernie as a person. They’re both remarkable people and we’d be fortunate to have either as a president. But I’m seeing an awful lot of blogs cheering Bernie’s lead over Hillary in New Hampshire and Iowa. – Read the full article

Joe Biden’s Interview with Stephen Colbert

Missing from my post of the week’s videos was VP Biden’s interview with Stephen Colbert. The interview may not have left Biden supporters with a lot of optimism about a Presidential run, but you have to admire the man for his honesty and compassion. – Read the full article

First Ad – Draft Biden 2016

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Poll Shows Biden Support Would Rise If He Runs

According to a Monmouth University Poll, if Joe Biden would announce a run for President, 43% of Democratic voters would consider supporting Biden. That’s a huge swing. That should affect Hillary the most (polling at 58%). It seems unlikely that Sanders’ supports would be attracted to Biden – apples and oranges. – Read the full article

Draft Biden Movement Adds Obama Campaign Fundraisers

An announcement from Draft Biden 2016: Shiva Sarram, a major fundraiser for President Barack Obama, joins the Draft Biden 2016 national finance team. This comes just a few days after Jon Cooper, another leading Obama fundraiser, signed on to be chair of their national fundraising efforts. – Read the full article

Movement To Draft Biden

You’ll notice in the poll above that Vice President Joe Biden is in second place for the 2016 Presidential race. The VP isn’t running, yet. But a Chicago based movement to draft Biden is working to change that. Visit to sign the petition and get involved. – Read the full article

Biden: There Is No Republican Party

Vice President Joe Biden tells it like it is at the House Democratic policy conference: There isn’t a Republican party. I wish there were, I wish there was a Republican party. I wish there was one person we could sit across the table from and make a deal and make the compromise and know when you got up from the table that the deal was done. – Read the full article

Some Conservative Chafing Over the Vice Presidential Debate

What a crying shame, you finally get that five minutes of fame people are always talking about (okay in this instance it was about 48 seconds, but this woman is so ignorant five minutes would have qualified as cruel and unusual punishment), and you come off looking like a fool- a proud fool, but a fool none the less. – Read the full article

Epic Biden

I was working during the Ryan/Biden debate and could hardly stand having to wait until I got home to watch the debate.  I followed Marc’s liveblog here on ATD as well as Andrew Sullivan at The Dish.   When my shift ended I broke several laws driving home to get there about 30 seconds earlier than if had driven lawfully.  – Read the full article

DNC 2012 – Barack’s Night

The last night of the 2012 DNC Convention for the Texas delegation. – Read the full article

Manufactured Chaos: The Repub Biden/Hillary Jabber

Bill Kristol started it. Back in May, the aspiring strategic hydra head of Fox News called for some Hillary: For our part, we’d like to see a decisive triumph for Romney and his running mate over two formidable representatives of contemporary liberalism, rather than a discounted victory over a flawed ticket with only one strong candidate. – Read the full article