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Democratic Members Report on the Benghazi Witchhunt

Want the truth about what happened in Benghazi? This is the report by Democratic members of the “Select Committee on Benghazi”. Download the pdf file from the DNC. – Read the full article

Maher: New Rule – Laboratories of Democracy

Bill Maher compares Republican “laboratories of democracy” to the economic success of liberal policies in California. – Read the full article

Progress for LGBT Americans: We Stand Together

Read the full article

Trump Takes On Warren At His Own Peril

@mch7576 @Mic Donald Trump is a POS — (((djred678))) (@djred678) June 11, 2016 – Read the full article

Priebus Thanks Base For Staying Stupid

We figured Reince Priebus sits at home sweating every time Democrats debate, praying that his base isn’t watching; well, we were right. In one of the most Un-American, Un-Patriotic statements by the head of a major political party, Priebus put out this tweet after Saturday’s debate: As usual, this GOP tweet didn’t get the intended response: Just the idea that the head of the Republican Party would thank his voters for not being engaged says everything you need to know about the GOP. – Read the full article

No Difference? Really?

Lawyers Guns & Money’s Scott Lemieux takes on the notion put forth in Doug Henwood’s new book that there’s no real difference between Democrats and Republicans: The idea that abortion is the only issue on which Democrats are substantively different from Republicans is, at his late date of intense polarization, rather jaw-dropping. – Read the full article

Who Turned My Blue State Red?

This story was co-published with The New York Times’ Sunday Review. It is one of the central political puzzles of our time: Parts of the country that depend on the safety-net programs supported by Democrats are increasingly voting for Republicans who favor shredding that net. – Read the full article

Sites Dedicated To Democrats

Are you (like me) constantly frustrated by the far left‘s love/hate relationship with Democrats? You know what I’m talking about. The one-third of the left that calls the other two-thirds of the left “DINOs” or “conservativedems” or “not true progressives”. The same people who said in the last two elections, “Democrats haven’t given me a reason to vote” and “I’m staying home to teach Dems a lesson”, then spent every waking hour bitching about the RWNJs they elected by staying home or voting for a third party candidate as a protest vote. – Read the full article

One of the Many Differences Between Democrats and Republicans

Democrats respect immigrants. — The Democrats (@TheDemocrats) October 21, 2015 – Read the full article

CNN’s Debate Scripted by RWNJs

To summarize the debate: The candidates did the best they could against Anderson Cooper’s conservative attacks. Cooper was incredibly aggressive, as if he was on crack, constantly interrupting the candidates with the bullshit line “with all due respect”. It was clear he had no respect for any of the candidates. – Read the full article

How Democrats Can Jumpstart Their Campaigns for 2016

By Margo Scott Dunn, Senior Account and Marketing Manager, The Campaign Workshop The presidential races in 2016 are already heating up, but there are a number of exciting opportunities for Democrats up and down the ticket in 2016. Here are some tips to jumpstart your 2016 Democratic campaign: Do a thorough self-assessment. – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Good Cop/Bad Cop and LGBTQ

Abortion & Reproductive Rights ♀ I thought I saw all the Planned Parenthood sting footage. Turns out the tapes were edited. ♀ Even If You Haven’t Had an Abortion, You Owe Planned Parenthood ♀ Abortion foes find new ways to get details about patients, doctors ♀ Ben Carson employs Cylon logic against women ♀ Ohio Bill Would Ban Abortion Due to Down Syndrome Diagnosis ♀ Conservatives target bust of Planned Parenthood founder – I was surprised that conservatives could be this petty and mean-spirited. – Read the full article