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Elizabeth Warren: Social Security Is Effective and Popular, So Let’s Expand It

Add Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to the growing chorus of voices calling for the expansion of Social Security benefits. The progressive favorite implored Democrats on the Senate floor Monday not to chain Social Security benefits to the rate of inflation… Continue reading

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Live-Blogging The Warren/Brown Debate

Tonight, I’m live-blogging the Massachusetts Senate debate between GOP Senator Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.  This is one of the closest-fought races in the country, and a very clear choice. And we’re out of the gate.  First question … Continue reading

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DNC Recap: Day 1

Tuesday, a diverse group of combative Democrats took the stage in Charlotte, North Carolina to offer a compelling, practical vision of America’s future – and in so doing, illustrated a plethora of reasons why I’m proud to be a Democrat … Continue reading

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The GOP: A Magnet For Miscreants

Non-conservative folks have known for eons that conservatives are made up of bigots, racists, pseudo-religious wing-nuts, and ignorant, compliant females. If anybody out there still doesn’t get it, consider these items: From Addicting Info: Oklahoma Christian Radio Station General Manager … Continue reading

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We Don’t Get Fooled Again!

Why would Scott Brown deviate from his parties stance on the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and praise President Obama’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray?  C’mon, really!? All democrats knew this was going to happen as soon as we heard the … Continue reading

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On the record for economic justice and equality.

I want to say now I love this woman!  Not only do I think she wins the senate race in Massachusetts and this is an important race for us all, but she makes a bid for the democratic nominee for … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren in Republican attack ad

Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senatorial candidate for Massachusetts, is fast becoming a superstar among Democrats with her straight talk and standing up to power. Last month she received an endorsement from another Democratic hero of mine, former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. … Continue reading

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