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President Obama’s Little Noted But Epic Win

The passage through the house and senate of a clean debt limit increase bill has exposed deep divisions in the Republican party.  Ted Cruz’ stunt forcing Republican Senate leaders to vote in favor of allowing the vote to proceed has … Continue reading


Check Out the Website by Lucas Kawa: Business in Canada

Lucas Kawa, former writer for All Things Democrat and Business Insider, recently co-founded the website Business in Canada. Details from the BIC About page: Business in Canada (BiC) was founded in 2013 with a mission to produce high-quality and market-centric … Continue reading

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Just Who Are The Job Creators? Hint: Not Who Republicans Say

Henry Blodget is the CEO of Business Insider, a site that has over 25 million visitors a month. Simply put, Blodget’s resume as a financial analyst, and success in the world of business is impressive. Blodget has written a column … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Officially Wins Me Over

“Some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world. This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts, … Continue reading

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I Guess That Makes Me A Sociopath Then…

Writing for Mother Jones, Kevin Drum notes the awful poll numbers for Republicans following the government shutdown:  Ted Cruz and his fellow tea partiers have done tremendous damage to the Republican Party brand. If I were sociopathic and didn’t care … Continue reading

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Squish Goes The Cooch

Recent polling in the race for Virginia Governor has consistently shown Democrat Terry McAuliffe ahead of Republican Ken Cuccinelli (aka The Cooch). When word got around that Cuccinelli would be appearing with Ted Cruz Saturday evening the McAuliffe campaign pounced. … Continue reading

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Only the Empty-Headed Will Fall For Republicans’ Half-Empty Table

I understand that Teapublitarian voters are a bunch of mindless rubes, but does Eric Cantor think the rest of America is just as stupid? This is a picture Cantor tweeted Tuesday morning, along with a few responses, courtesy of  Mediaite: … Continue reading

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The Looming Shutdown: Some Random Thoughts

As the nation approaches the deadline to keep funding the government with no solution in sight, I have had a few random thoughts bouncing around that I’ll just toss out there for consideration. Shutting down the federal government should be … Continue reading

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When Conservative Cautionary Tales Attack!

Republicans have pulled out all the stops in their battle against Obamacare. One of the earliest casualties in the conservative war on the ACA was the truth. Death panels and nightmarish pelvic exams by pervy uncle Sam are silly enough, … Continue reading

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A Letter No Veteran Should Ever Have To Write

The following letter was written by a veteran named Jason, in response to the House cutting $40 Billion from the food stamp program this month: My name is Jason. I turned 35 less than a week ago. My first job … Continue reading

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Tesla Update: A Win In North Carolina And At

On June 2nd I posted about Tesla’s difficulty with various states not allowing them to sell directly to customers.   State car dealer associations have been applying pressure through law suits and local legislatures to outlaw customers from purchasing or leasing … Continue reading

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Conservative Studies: Another Case Study In Just Making Stuff Up.

Several days ago I posted  about a George Will quote from last Sunday: “Conservatism begins by facing facts.” Beyond Will’s own record of willfully lying whenever he feels like it the last several weeks have seen the dismantling of two widely … Continue reading

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