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The Fictitious Life of Rafael Cruz, Part 2: The Phony Immigration Story

Rafael Cruz is currently riding his son’s bogus “grassroots” coattails to stardom on the right. He receives speaking fees for his phony revolution/immigration tales, and the campaign pays his travel and expenses when he spews his nonsense at Ted’s political … Continue reading

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The Fictitious Life of Rafael Cruz, Part 1: The Young “Revolutionary”

By now, most Americans have heard the heartwarming tales of Rafael Cruz’s excellent adventures: how he fought as a teenage revolutionary in Cuba, was captured and tortured, escaped to America by way of a student visa, spoke almost no English, … Continue reading

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Stupid. Just. Plain. Stupid.

Stupid. Just. Plain. Stupid.(or, more dumb shit from the Conservative machine). Just in case you missed it. Ingraham makes the case for increased education standards, by revealing to the SHEEPLE viewership of Faux News,  that she had no CLUE that … Continue reading

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Rosa Parks Ended Racism, And Other Wingnut Facts You Did Not Know

It is time to point and laugh at Republicans for their latest gaffe when it comes to racial issues. Today the mockery is based upon the following tweet from the Republican National Committee: Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand … Continue reading


Blame Obama For Stalling Immigration Reform? There They Go Again.

NBC reports that Republicans are holding a grudge over President Obama’s handling of the shutdown so the prospects for immigration reform are not good. “The president’s actions and attitude over the past couple of weeks have certainly poisoned the well … Continue reading


Labor Day: Celebrating Unions’ Uplifting the American Worker

The Goal Of Unions Is And Always Has Been To Better The Standards Of Life For Wage Earners  The TRUE meaning of Labor Day has been hijacked like every other American holiday and demurred to the official weekend closing the summer … Continue reading

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No more “E Pluribus Unum”

Did I miss something in high school biology, or did I dose off during a critical lecture during college anthropology class? According to Congressman Tom McClintock, there is a new race of man, ‘the American Race’. Yes, another GOP-per has … Continue reading

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

GOP fringe candidate Lee Bright is challenging incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham. Normally, I could care less. But I do love a good fight within the Republican ranks. Bright had this to say about Graham’s trip with John McCain to Egypt: … Continue reading

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

Buck McKeon of California (personally, I can’t stand good-ol-boy nicknames like “Buck”) kicked the conservative, anti-immigration reform rhetoric up a notch with the claim that Arab persons disguised as Hispanics could take advantage of our immigration reform to harm Americans: There … Continue reading

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

Steve King threw the GOP’s minority outreach plan out the window last week when he claimed that for every valedictorian among young, hispanic immigrants there are 100 drug mules. Prominent Republicans, including John Boehner and Eric Cantor, denounced King’s remarks. … Continue reading

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Fox News Aligns with Division of White Supremacist Group to Drive Wedge Between Blacks and Hispanics

Ya, they did that. From Media Matters: During a segment [on Fox] highlighting the “DC March for Jobs,” an anti-immigrant rally sponsored by the Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA), Fox News host Jon Scott stated that the group is “opposed … Continue reading

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

It seems the radical right has a new strategy to cloud the debate with ridiculous assertions, like these … Jim DeMint replying to Rachel Maddow on forced transvaginal ultrasounds: She’s forgetting about the thousands of women who want an informed … Continue reading

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