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Joe Rogan Tears Apart Libertarian on Fracking and Vulture Capitalism

Joe Rogan basically tells libertarian banker Peter Schiff he’s full of shit on fracking.

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Florida Tea Party Co-Founder Decries Takeover of Miami Area Republican Party by Gay “Thugs”

A co-founder of the Broward County, FL tea party has written an anxious plea for help from the state Republican Party chairman over an alleged takeover of the local Republican Party by the Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBT Republican group. According to… Continue reading

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The Nra Vs. Parents, the Parent in Chief in Pics, and Scarborough Makes News

I believe the coming debate over the real intent of the founding fathers in the 2nd amendment should be framed as the pro family/parental rights side versus the pro gun/NRA side. What about the rights of parents to bear and raise our children … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Justices Deliberate in Obamacare vs. Ayn Rand

“APRIL is the cruellest month,…” —T. S. Eliot The Affordable Care Act is in jeopardy after another bad day in court. Everyone gathered was sworn in on a copy of Atlas Shrugged.  Then, Chief Justice John Roberts slammed his gavel … Continue reading

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Shoot Unto Others

“A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.”  —Franklin D. Roosevelt Cain was jealous of his brother Abel.  Cain said to his brother, ‘let’s go out to the field.’  There, Cain attacked and killed Abel.  Then the … Continue reading

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Tax Cuts, Condoms and Tea: The GOP’s Bermuda Triangle

“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”  —Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment Romney and Santorum are at each other’s throats.  Each claims to be the real conservative.  Romney accuses Santorum of being an old fashioned wheeling and dealing politician.  … Continue reading

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A Vote for a Democrat is a Vote for China!

I’m sure we all remember seeing those old World War II propaganda posters. More specifically, the ones with the hideously offensive depictions of Tojo and other Japanese, the ones that are partially responsible for some of the anti-Japanese resentment left … Continue reading

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Little Clown Receives a Big Paycheck (or, why I hate Ron Paul)

Hey everyone, seeing as this is my first article here on All Things Democrat I thought I’d give myself a quick little introduction: My name’s Scott, I’m a 21-year old northern Virginian who was born and raised in Sterling, now … Continue reading

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Liberals backing Ron Paul will hand election to GOP extremists

For anyone moderately familiar with Ron Paul’s record, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a litany of racists, anti-Semites, conspiracy-theorists, and militia members back his presidential campaign. Paul, after all, has spent decades cultivating the support of the far-right, … Continue reading

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