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Thank You Mr. Holder for Your Leadership Toward American Justice, Fairness

Today Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, the country’s top law enforcement official gave the public notice of his departure. A sad and disappointing day for me to have an honorable man leave public life when so few occupy pollute national politics. – Read the full article

Closing Argument: Humanity vs. Crosses of Gold and Iron

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the zombies of old discredited brands of conservatism, animated by a new strain of radical absolutism.  In our past, American heroes have exposed their ilk as fraudulent imperialists.  I predict that on Tuesday 60 million Americans will fulfill their role in this age-old morality play of American history by reaffirming Jefferson’s dream and Lincoln’s victory that America is a nation of the people by the people for the people.  – Read the full article


Hidden between tax cuts for the wealthy and social prohibitions for the masses, the GOP platform also includes some archaic monetary policy: a proposal to investigate the feasibility of a fixed dollar, à la Reagan’s Gold Commission. Many might guess that this plank was included to appease Ron Paul and mollify his loyal followers, but these seems unlikely given the massive snub he received at the GOP Convention. – Read the full article

Vetting Paul Ryan, Part 2: A Voting Record With Something For Everyone to Hate

As numerous people have reported, after thirteen years in Congress, Paul Ryan has only seen two of his bills become law, and one was to name a post office – heady stuff. You can learn a lot about Ryan however, by his voting record, and how it often contradicts what he and his party say publicly.         – Read the full article

A Severe Case of the Conservative

“Good. Now trickle down.” “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.” —Michael Kinsley Poor Mitt.  Addressing CPAC on Friday while struggling to cement his lead, Romney said, “I was a severely conservative Republican governor.” The phrase “severely conservative” left most people either scratching or shaking their heads.  – Read the full article

Conservatives’ Warped Idea of “Patriotism”

Conservatives talk ad-nauseum about “American exceptionalism” and love to paint Liberals as unpatriotic every chance they get, usually because Liberals dare to question government policy. Some right wing bloggers even seek out reports to support their claims of being “more patriotic”. – Read the full article

The Agenda

Newt spells it out in New Hampshire for the republicans:  Reagan conservative approach, lower taxes, less regulation, more energy, sound dollar and creating jobs. Previous to this summary were comments about the issue of the cost of heating oil and allowing our free market entrepreneurial system to work and create new technology. – Read the full article


I was going to do a piece on the republican national convention called Last Comic Standing but watching the Occupy Movement shift into second gear, that piece will have to wait.  Where’s the mortgage to your house?  How can the bank foreclose when they sold your loan to someone else?   – Read the full article

Wall Street and big banks caused the financial collapse, end of story

Earlier today I posted on the childish rant of Teabagger Congressman Joe Walsh in which he attempted to shout-down his constituents with the fairy tale that banks and the marketplace were not responsible for the financial mess we’re in. He actually claims that government “forced” banks to put everyone into a home (“the devil made me do it” defense). – Read the full article

Romney’s plan to help the mortgage crisis: You’re on your own

DNC ad on how Mr. FlipFlop would solve the mortgage crisis: – Read the full article