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Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Good Cop/Bad Cop and Racism

Lead Story ♀ The women of New Horizons’ Pluto flyby Women make up 25 percent of the New Horizons flyby team. Science team leader Fran Bagenal said, “This isn’t remarkable – it’s just how it is.” Abortion & Reproductive Rights ♀ Who’s Behind the Planned Parenthood Sting Video? – Read the full article

This Is Sick, Even For the NRA

This subhuman POS and his sick friends are EXACTLY WHY the NRA has the reputation of a herd of jackals: Yes, because had he voted for it, the entire congregation would have been packing heat, I’m sure. I’m just wondering: Will any NRA “responsible gun owners” condemn this “Vote against us, you deserve to die” mentality? – Read the full article

It’s Gun, I Mean Campaign Season

It seems Republicans are kicking the 2016 Campaign season off in typical style. Talking Points Memo reports that Ted Cruz is offering a chance for one lucky donor to go hunting with him; and here’s the best part: …the winner may have to endure a background check first. – Read the full article

Yeah, About That 2nd Amendment Thing…

An interesting video from Disturb Reality: “What happens when a white guy walks down the street with an AR-15 versus what happens when a black guy walks down the street with same gun and same laws.”   Wonder if the NRA saw this video… nah, I’m sure they’d be screaming about this black gentleman’s rights… aren’t you? – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion, Animals & the Environment

Lead Story ♀ Disappearing Trees: Using Google Earth To Map Deforestation Abortion & Reproductive Rights ♀A New Model in the Fight for Abortion Rights ♀Tennessee Republican who pressured mistress to have abortion votes to restrict them for other women – Because the only rights are Republican rights.   – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Education and LGBTQ

Lead Story Joy Lofthouse via ♀92-year-old World War Two veteran flies Spitfire again – Joy Lofthouse was a member of the Air Transport Auxiliary during WWII, ferrying aircraft between units.  To celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE day, she gets behind the joystick of a Spitfire one more time.   – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Animals & the Environment and LGBTQ

Lead Story ♀ Wealth Inequality Is Now As Bad As It Was During The 1920s Abortion & Reproductive Rights ♀ Abortion Rights at Risk: The GOP Opens a New Front in the War on Women ♀ Petition: President Obama: #HelmsHurts ♀UNINTENDED PREGNANCIES COST FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS $21 BILLION IN 2010 ♀I had an abortion because of extreme morning sickness. – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Good Cop/Bad Cop, LGBTQ, and World News

Lead Story ♀ ‘ISIS Hit List’ Targeting Law Enforcement Actually Made By Right-Wing Christians (SCREENSHOTS) – Your not going to freak out our followers unless your way more threatening.  Here, let us help you. Abortion & Reproductive Rights ♀ There Are No Abortion Cakes ♀ Senate Passes Compromise Bill Increasing Federal Funding for Abstinence-Only Sex Education – When exactly did our government make the decision that the best method to deal with any problem is the one that won’t work? – Read the full article

The NRA Ensures Hillary’s Success

From Wayne LaPierre’s 20 minutes of propaganda at the National Rifle Assassin meeting: I vow on this day the NRA will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and good, honest decent Americans and we will stand and fight with everything we’ve got. – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion, the Environment & World News

Abortion & Abortion Rights ♀ Fate of 15-Foot Buffer Zone On Hold in Pittsburgh ♀ DC City Council Unanimously Approves Reproductive Health Anti-Discrimination Bill  – Outgoing DC Mayor Vincent Gray is expected to sign the bill before year’s end. As in the case of all legislation in DC, the measure will still need to be approved by both chambers of Congress and President Barack Obama before it can be fully enacted. – Read the full article

Different Kind of Shooting – Domestic Terrorism

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – (D) NV “Speak softly and carry a big stick” … then cudgel’m til their bloody Harry…with all due respect, Mr. Majority Leader, I think you may have been on too something… At the height of conservative, teabag support for Cliven Bundy’s militant stance against the Bureau of Land Management, BLM, you labeled these fanatics ‘domestic terrorist’. – Read the full article

An Open Letter to Stanley (aka Joe-Not-Really-a-Plumber) Wurzelbacher

Dear Stanley, Since you’re all about open letters, here’s one for you: I understand that whole 15 minutes of fame thing can delude people like yourself into believing their opinions actually matter to the rest of America; truth is, you were simply one of the useful idiots in John McCain’s campaign. – Read the full article