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Politicians for SALE: Wall Street vs. Main Street

Politicians have been selling out to the highest bidder for years. Who are the benefactors? It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to figure it out. The GOP represents Wall Street; Democrats represent Main Street.   Republicans may reign supreme from time to time.   – Read the full article

The Party of EVERYONE

A few months ago, a friend and I attended a Democratic social event. The event was sponsored by the Dallas Democrats (and hosted by Harryette Ehrhardt & Eddie Bernice Johnson). The keynote speaker was  Nancy Pelosi.    And, as most socially conscious political bloggers do, I shared this information on a social media networking site.   – Read the full article

GOP No Jobs Clock

For our fellow bloggers- The House Democratic Caucus has a GOP No Jobs Clock widget for your site or blog. It displays the number of days without a jobs bill under a Republican House Majority (reminder: they promised jobs if elected). – Read the full article