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U.S. Population Estimates By Age Group Favor Clinton

You would think by all of the online chatter from Berniebots that Bernie’s practically guaranteed to be the next president. After all, he has the 18-30 years age group wrapped up. And who really cares about the 30+ crowd that supports Hillary, right? – Read the full article

Bernie Sanders: The Definition of a DINO

Today I received the dumbest email I’ve seen since starting this blog in 2006. Please remove your ad for Hillary 2016.  She is a DINO.  OR, put up ads for the other two candidates:  Bernie and Martin. Hillary is wrong for America.  – Read the full article

Celebrate American Diplomacy, 15 Freed Hostages Return Home!

The Obama Administration, please take an extended bow for actualizing stellar diplomacy to free five Americans and ten US military personnel from Iran’s detention. “We the people” voted, in two elections, to solve difficult foreign quagmires utilizing negotiations instead of rolling out tanks and sacrificing soldiers. – Read the full article

Fox and Friends Allows GOP Women to Spew Right-Wing Propaganda

On a segment that would make The Onion envious, Fox and Friends brought on a group of women to speak about women’s issues. Of course, every answer happened to be Republican talking points. The resulting propaganda comes off as comical because it seems like a parody of Fox News and the Republicans trying to address women’s issues. – Read the full article

Bernie Sanders Perfectly Answers Bill Clinton Question; Fox News Exploits

At a recent Bernie Sanders event, somebody asked the senator about Bill Clinton’s notorious sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky. Sanders perfectly answered by strongly condemning those actions but reminding everyone that politics need to be about the issues and that his main competitor is Hillary Clinton, not Bill Clinton. – Read the full article

Another Fringe Idea Becomes More Mainstream: The Convention of States

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, the same governor that sent his own state troopers to check on the Jade Helm military exercise that conspiracy theorists believed was the start of the government’s program to put dissenters in FEMA concentration camps and impose Martial Law, just voiced his support for convention that would pass nine amendments to the Constitution. – Read the full article

Cruz Offers Free Gun to Lucky Winner

I just received a mass email from the Ted Cruz campaign titled “gun grab” and promises to give away “an exclusive, engraved shotgun to protest Barack Obama’s latest anti-gun executive orders,” to one lucky winner. Something tells me Cruz won’t be in attendance tonight at the town hall about guns that the president will attend, hosted by Anderson Cooper. – Read the full article

The Silly Fringe

I really enjoy the mountains and taking a train to get there, so I recently looked at the Amtrak train that runs from Washington to Vermont. A plan for this train line would extend service up to Montreal, supplementing Amtrak’s Montreal train. – Read the full article

Democrats Must Unite Behind Nominee

Some Democrats on Twitter are starting to sound like Republicans; adopting the “my way or the highway” mentality. A number of Clinton and Sanders supporters are saying they will not vote at all if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination. That will be devastating for the country. – Read the full article

$100 of Blue States’ Purchasing Power Shifts to Loafer Red Takers

You’d never know it by the whining propaganda spewed by self-absorbed GOP politicians complaining about the tax burdens suffered by their conservative constituents is a hoax. The national map offers an insightful review to the reality of whom the ‘ACTUAL TAKERS’ are compared to ‘ FEEBLE PAYERS’. – Read the full article

Priebus Thanks Base For Staying Stupid

We figured Reince Priebus sits at home sweating every time Democrats debate, praying that his base isn’t watching; well, we were right. In one of the most Un-American, Un-Patriotic statements by the head of a major political party, Priebus put out this tweet after Saturday’s debate: As usual, this GOP tweet didn’t get the intended response: Just the idea that the head of the Republican Party would thank his voters for not being engaged says everything you need to know about the GOP. – Read the full article