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Bernie Can Take His Demands and…

In a New Yorker report on Bernie Sanders’ “demands” of the Democratic Party, John Cassidy writes (my emphasis): The Sanders campaign is … pushing to reform the primary process. Sanders wants to get rid of superdelegates, end closed primaries, and allow same-day voter registration. – Read the full article

Top Business Leaders Endorse Hillary

Lets make one thing clear: Democrats are not anti-business. Sanders and his gang of anarchist extremists who invaded the Democratic Party like an aggressive cancer spend every waking hour bitching about “corporations” (most likely, because they post that anarchist shit on social media and then wonder why they can’t buy a job). – Read the full article

John McCain: From “Maverick” to Milquetoast

Washington “insider” Sally Quinn once said of Arizona Senator John McCain: Most people really like John McCain. I mean, he’s an extremely likable person, and he’s very admirable in many ways. One is that he says what he believes and he will cross the party line whenever he thinks that the Republicans are not on the right track. – Read the full article

Dem Leaders and Gun Control Groups Avoiding Assault Weapons Ban

This Thursday, Politico published an article that makes a lot of sense to me but may seem counter-intuitive to many Dems in the wake of the terrible tragedy in Orlando. Its about sensible gun control that comes with incremental change. Despite what the NRA wants conservatives (and independents) to believe, Democrats do not all agree on gun control.  – Read the full article

Here’s Your Revolution

There is only one candidate for President with the experience to lead on day one: REGISTER. VOTE. THE RIGHTS YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN. – Read the full article

150 Days Until The Election – Are You Registered To Vote?

Are you ready to vote in November? Rock the Vote provides a detailed list of voter registration deadlines for all 50 states, including: 2016 voter registration deadlines Election dates Absentee voting dates Early voting dates. Go to this page at Rock the Vote for your state’s details. – Read the full article

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Tweets All Things Democrat @allthingsdemRT @DavidCornDC: That's the thing. Platforms are symbolic at best. Is a fight o/ it worthwhile if that muddies up anti-Trump effort? https:… 8 hours ago All Things Democrat @allthingsdemRT @ABCLiz: Clinton camp staffers troll Trump by going to Trump Towers to search for products made in America 8 hours ago All Things Democrat @allthingsdem@MrDane1982 That interview makes it crystal clear - we MUST NOT pander to those extremists. – Read the full article

U.S. Population Estimates By Age Group Favor Clinton

You would think by all of the online chatter from Berniebots that Bernie’s practically guaranteed to be the next president. After all, he has the 18-30 years age group wrapped up. And who really cares about the 30+ crowd that supports Hillary, right? – Read the full article

Bernie Sanders: The Definition of a DINO

Today I received the dumbest email I’ve seen since starting this blog in 2006. Please remove your ad for Hillary 2016.  She is a DINO.  OR, put up ads for the other two candidates:  Bernie and Martin. Hillary is wrong for America.  – Read the full article

Celebrate American Diplomacy, 15 Freed Hostages Return Home!

The Obama Administration, please take an extended bow for actualizing stellar diplomacy to free five Americans and ten US military personnel from Iran’s detention. “We the people” voted, in two elections, to solve difficult foreign quagmires utilizing negotiations instead of rolling out tanks and sacrificing soldiers. – Read the full article

Fox and Friends Allows GOP Women to Spew Right-Wing Propaganda

On a segment that would make The Onion envious, Fox and Friends brought on a group of women to speak about women’s issues. Of course, every answer happened to be Republican talking points. The resulting propaganda comes off as comical because it seems like a parody of Fox News and the Republicans trying to address women’s issues. – Read the full article

Bernie Sanders Perfectly Answers Bill Clinton Question; Fox News Exploits

At a recent Bernie Sanders event, somebody asked the senator about Bill Clinton’s notorious sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky. Sanders perfectly answered by strongly condemning those actions but reminding everyone that politics need to be about the issues and that his main competitor is Hillary Clinton, not Bill Clinton. – Read the full article