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Arrests of Jade-Helm 15 Conspiracy Zealots and Day 2: Another Shooting

No name, no details, were released by authorities. However, this is the second day, that possibly, the same red Ford truck, and guy, shot at soldiers on the Camp Shelby Military Base Camp in Mississippi. Described as a person of interest and taken into custody, the authorities are mum on the investigation. – Read the full article

August 4, 2015: The First of Republican Inspired Domestic Terrorism Against US Troops

Republican rhetoric finally inspired a random domestic terrorist shooting at US soldiers in Mississippi engaged in Jade Helm 15 maneuvers. With GOP’ers like Governor Abbott (R) – TX and #47Traitors stoking the paranoia of violent right-wing militia groups, hostility is bound to occur. – Read the full article

Trump’s Fantasy Cabinet

image via Down With Tyranny! Due to a large swath of imbeciles in the Conservative Movement, Donald Trump is currently leading the polls for the GOP’s 2016 Presidential nomination. So Mr. Trump, clown extraordinaire, is considering his tentative cabinet, should hell freeze over, pigs fly, it snows in summer, and he gets elected. – Read the full article

Hillary on TV

The first of Hillary’s 2016 TV ads are here! Check out this tribute to her mom, Dorothy: We still have over a year to go until Election Day 2016 – let’s win this!   – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Animals & the Environment and Education

Lead Story ♀ Breaking: Clintons Got Millions from Swiss Bank Sec Clinton Shielded From IRS  Here’s the long and short of it. Shortly after she became Secretary of State, Clinton went to Switzerland at the request of her Swiss counterpart. The IRS had sued UBS demanding the identities of some 50,000 account holders. – Read the full article

Hillary on a Heartbreaking Epidemic

Two weeks ago, I lost my 25 year old cousin because of a heroin overdose. I watched my grandfather break down at his funeral – at 86, my grandfather is one of the strongest, bravest men I’ve ever met. He has absolutely the best, most positive attitude of any person I have ever had contact with. – Read the full article

Hillary for Women – More on the Economy

Despite progress, women in the U.S. are still undervalued as a whole. Its pretty well known that women are paid less for equal work: on average, women earn 78 cents per dollar that a man earns. Unbelievably, there is not one state where women earn the same pay as men. – Read the full article

Trump, His Lawyer – Resurrect Conservative’s Rape Obsession

Ok, the public, social media blew up with Trump & his pit-bull lawyer’s comments on rape. A segment plucked from a Trump biography included allegations of assault and rape from wife #1 during sworn deposition taken over twenty years ago. GOP doesn’t think marital rape is exists – Yes, 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful, Sen Graham(R) – SC digging into rape  – The hoopla began with Michael Cohen, protecting his big mouthed-client, Donald Trump. – Read the full article

David Horowitz: Another Right Wing Tool

I don’t know if it’s his communist parents, his early Marxist leanings, or his association with the Black Panthers, (everything the Right Wing detests); whatever it is, something forced David Horowitz to dive into the political abyss of Right Wing craziness. – Read the full article

Conservatism Relies & Functions on Lies, Facts, Data & Reality – ALL Insignificant

Definition of Conservative ideology, Conservatism : the disposition to preserve or restore what is established and traditional and to limit change. A political philosophy advocating the preservation of entrenched order in society and opposing radical change. More importantly, the ideals are the antithesis of change and innovation, LIBERALISM!  – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Racism and Women’s Health & Image

Lead Story ♀ The Best Candidate for Minorities and Women (Not Hillary, Not Now) Hillary’s high polling among African Americans and championing by women, including EMILY’s List, are often viewed as signs of her strong support from minorities and women (and many who are both).   – Read the full article

Judge Calls Dinesh D’Souza “Arrogant”

Poor little whiny boy Dinesh D’Souza has got lots and lots of community service ahead as part of his sentence for breaking campaign finance laws. The New York Post reports: D’Souza has to do eight hours each week for the entire five years he’s on probation and not just the eight months he was confined to a halfway house. – Read the full article