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Because They’re Just That Dumb

Do RWNJs get dumber on the phone?  Check out these polling stats from ThinkProgress (with my emphasis): Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), was born in Calgary, Alberta in Canada in 1970, according to the birth certificate he released two years ago. But a Public Policy Polling poll released on Monday found that 40 percent of Republican voters falsely believe Cruz was born in the United States — compared to just 29 percent who believe the same of Hawaiian-born Barack Obama. – Read the full article

Isn’t Denali About “States’ Rights”?

Republicans would have you believe that President Obama woke up the other morning and, wondering what he could do to piss them off that day, decided to rename Mt. McKinley. Now, their useful idiots all across America will be railing against yet another thing they know nothing about. – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Good Cop/Bad Cop and LGBTQ

Abortion & Reproductive Rights ♀ I thought I saw all the Planned Parenthood sting footage. Turns out the tapes were edited. ♀ Even If You Haven’t Had an Abortion, You Owe Planned Parenthood ♀ Abortion foes find new ways to get details about patients, doctors ♀ Ben Carson employs Cylon logic against women ♀ Ohio Bill Would Ban Abortion Due to Down Syndrome Diagnosis ♀ Conservatives target bust of Planned Parenthood founder – I was surprised that conservatives could be this petty and mean-spirited. – Read the full article

Stand Up Against The Oppressive American Plutocracy

Read the full article

Hillary Speaks On Gun Violence

Deaths from gun violence in America are “needless and senseless” she says. Hear the rest of her comments in this video. "We have got to do something about gun violence in America." — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 26, 2015 – Read the full article

Today’s Shooting and the Desperate Redirection by RWNJs

If you missed it today, there was another horrific shooting in America. This time, the murder of a Virginia news reporter and her cameraman, as well as the wounding of a woman being interviewed, apparently the work of a disgruntled and deranged employee who later killed himself. – Read the full article

Could Trump Bring Down Fox?

Its on! The Trump versus Fox News feud reached incredible new levels today as Fox “circled the wagons” in defense of Megyn Kelly. Trump refused to back down, which Frank Luntz learned (to his shock and dismay) is the main appeal of Trump to his supporters. – Read the full article

Another Hole in Rafael Cruz’s Bio

Here at ATD we’ve documented the absurdity of “Pastor” Rafael Cruz’s embellished bio. Now a new fact has come to light that contradicts his slaving away as a dishwasher to put himself through college narrative. In his defense, Mr. Cruz probably didn’t realize that many newspapers have preserved their early editions on microfilm; but we’ve stumbled across one such page just recently. – Read the full article

Please, Not Another Billionaire!

As if one childish, obnoxious billionaire isn’t enough, Rupert Murdoch thinks Michael Bloomberg should run for President: Although it might be amusing to finally shut Trump up about his wealth (Bloomberg is worth over $36 billion), I can’t see Americans getting behind a campaign platform of limited soda sizes and lower headphone decibels. – Read the full article

Trump’s Campaign, Grounded in the Whitepower Movement?

Ironic, Donald Trump held a rally Friday night in the belly of  American racism, yet fortuitous. Alabama, one of the multi-state wombs the Southern Strategy  gestated for several decades after the passage of 1960s federal civil rights legislation. Nevertheless, peremptorily Trump follows another ambitious liberal who flipped to champion the racist dogma in pursuit of elected office, the late Governor George Wallace (R) – ALA. – Read the full article

Video Clips of the Week

Tom Harkin endorses Hillary – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Education and Good Cop/Bad Cop

Abortion & Reproductive Rights ♀ Four States Have Now Defunded Planned Parenthood ♀ The Unauthorized History of the GOP’s 30-Year War on Planned Parenthood ♀ Anti-abortion goons target NC teacher who called them ‘misogynists’ outside a women’s health clinic ♀ Woman With Abortion In Past Is Stung By Man’s Accusation ♀ Wichita police investigating possible bomb threat at abortion clinic – Read the full article