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10 yrs of GOP Cutting NIH Budget, May Have Postponed Ebola Vaccine Cure & Killed Thousands

Again, conservatives’ narrow minded, inhumane policies / greed agenda of austerity has cost lives. Ironically, in the same vein of anti-intelligence, the GOP Congress’ sequester cuts of 2013 exasperated the Ebola human catastrophe by hampering the response by the following agencies —– National Institutes of Health, NIH, to cut its budget by 5 percent, a total of $1.55 billion CDC’s National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases $13 million budget cut. – Read the full article

Competent, empathetic American Healthcare is a MYTH!

I spent the last decade of my life as my elderly parent’s health advocate, so it was no surprise to me Thomas Eric Duncan was initially sent home. For chronically ill people or the aging, hospital admittance may become revolving doors for patients released prematurely prior to full recovery. – Read the full article

RICK PERRY on the run as authorities raid Governor’s Mansion.

A grand jury indicted Gov. Rick Perry on Friday on two felony counts, alleging he abused his power by threatening to veto funding for the state’s anti-corruption prosecutors unless Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, who had pleaded guilty to drunk driving, stepped down from office. – Read the full article

Texan Women Affirming their CHOICE

Texas is on fire! The women of Texas are setting off the 4th of July early by asserting their rightful dominion over reproductive choice. On Monday, pro-choice protesters convened on the capital steps to vociferously exclaim their disdain of Governor Rick Perry’s underhanded machinations to bulldoze a GOP pro-life agenda through the special legislative session. – Read the full article

Tesla Succeeds In The Free Market Despite Conservative Pushback

The electric car manufacturer Tesla has been in the news for paying off a government loan 9 years early.   That is fantastic news for folks (like myself) who appreciate the success of a company that makes very high end electric vehicles, thus proving that it can be done.  – Read the full article

Rick Perry Is Unapologetic for His Rape and Pillage of Texas

For eleven-and-one-half years Rick Perry has been the Governor of Texas.  As the Lt. Governor under George Bush, he took over as Governor when Bush was elected President.  Thus when Perry ran for Governor in 2002, and 2010 he was the incumbent Republican.   – Read the full article


Seems like only yesterday Ann (scary lady) Coulter was comparing Leftist mobs to Legions of Demons.  More recently she defended filandering Herman Cain arguing that “our blacks are better than their blacks.”  Stealing from Bill Engval: Ann, here’s your sign. And, as I’ve always said, If you want any sh*t out of Perry, just squeeze his neck. – Read the full article

Friday Funnies

From Evil GOP Bastards– From the collection of Mario Piperni– Via DIRECT eZine for Democrats– – Read the full article

Friday Funnies

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Politico follows Faux News down the bull-sh*t trail

I don’t typically criticize the work of my fellow U.W. Oshkosh alumni, but Politico (co-founded by University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh alumnus Jim VandeHei) posted a story yesterday, highlighted today on Hardball, that’s just hyperbolic bull-sh*t. Based on the word of a few random sources, the “non-partisan” (more bull-sh*t) Politico came to the conclusion that all Democrats are going through some extreme form of “Parry panic” (purposely misspelled for our “Did you mean Parry?” campaign). – Read the full article

The real victims of hate speech ;-p

Hilarious video parody via Crooks & Liars: – Read the full article

The “Did you mean Parry?” Campaign

Liberal and progressive bloggers- Let’s take Stephen Colbert’s “Parry-with-an-A” campaign to the next level. From now on, when you post on Rick Perry, spell every instance of Perry as “Parry” Not only will it irritate the radical right, it will completely screw-up web searches. – Read the full article