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Cowardice of the Racist Right

I’ve come to the conclusion that most Republicans are simply cowards. We read, and hear on hate radio, the viciously racist statements and images made by right-wing racists nearly every, stinkin’ day (many of which we’ve compiled at That’s … Continue reading

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I apologize if this post is filled with errors and mumble jumble sentences… but I’m attempting to bash this out as I sit at my desk literally laughing so hard that I’m crying.   Trying to type accurately as my body shakes … Continue reading

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Arizona GOP Congressional Candidate: Slavery Wasn’t So Bad, ‘Kept Business Rolling’

An Arizona Republican who is running to represent the state’s 2nd District in Congress wrote on Facebook that the institution of slavery wasn’t really so hard on slaves and was actually good for the economy. According to the Root’s Keli Goff,… Continue reading

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Where In I Agree With CPAC Firebrand, Dr. Ben Carson… Sort Of.

I am not a fan of political correctness,” Carson said to loud applause in a video clip pulled by Media Matters. “I still believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.” “Of course gay people should have the … Continue reading

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Racist Veteran Hires a KKK Hit-Man to Lynch Black Neighbor

Allen Wayne Morgan of Alabama believed the black man that lived next door had sex with or raped his wife (depending on which news source you read). So Morgan met with a man he believed was a “KKK” hit-man and … Continue reading

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Jindal Goes Deepity

Daniel Dennet coined the word Deepity, and provides this definition: “[A] proposition that seems both important and true – and profound – but that achieves this effect by being ambiguous. On one reading, it is manifestly false, but it would … Continue reading

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Yet Another Republican Flees the GOP Citing Blatant Misogyny, Bigotry and Racism

A former Republican congresswoman in Florida has left the GOP and joined the Democrats, citing her former party’s increasing attacks on women and other minorities. Ana Rivas Logan said: “The GOP of today is not the party I joined. It’s not the… Continue reading


Coke Ad Brings Out the Bigots

Of all the disgusting tweets that were written in response to Coke’s multi-language Super Bowl ad, this one was the worst. Conservatives often try to debate around their racist slurs or change the subject, but there’s no ignoring this one. … Continue reading

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Eric Bolling of Fox News Denies Racism on the Right

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Radical Right Won’t Denounce Racism, Just Deflects

Our Not Racist page clearly depicts the unrestrained racism in the radical-right with dozens of examples of their racist images and racist quotes. You won’t find any comments by right-wingers in that page denouncing these images and quotes because A) … Continue reading


Who’s The Racist Now?

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On The Duck Dynasty Blowup: Which Side Won This Week?

A&E has ended the suspension of the Duck Dynasty racist homophobe, after Cracker Barrel apologized for discontinuing merchandise associated with the program. These two actions have caused much hand wringing consternation from many who tend to agree with me on … Continue reading

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