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The Christie Internal Investigation Should Be Investigated

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was exonerated of any wrongdoing in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal by an internal review that was released yesterday. The taxpayers of New Jersey paid more than $1 million for that internal review. … Continue reading

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Contribute $10 To Help Democrats Remove Darrell Issa from Congress in November

Congressman Darrell Issa is the biggest crook in the House of Representatives since Tom Delay. With your help, we can stop Issa’s endless hearings targeting innocent Democrats and his all-male panels on women’s health issues. Contribute $10 today to help … Continue reading


McCain’s List of Countries to Attack Now Includes Russia

Last Fall, Mother Jones posted this map of the countries John McCain wanted to attack. You can now add Russia to that list. And like a gag reflex, McCain blames Obama.

The Arizona Religious Discrimination Law Is Self Defeating

 Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is deciding whether to sign or veto a bill passed in the name of religious freedom.  In order to protect religious freedom, Brewer should veto Senate Bill 1062. While passing the bill in the guise of protecting religious freedom, Republicans … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Little Noted But Epic Win

The passage through the house and senate of a clean debt limit increase bill has exposed deep divisions in the Republican party.  Ted Cruz’ stunt forcing Republican Senate leaders to vote in favor of allowing the vote to proceed has … Continue reading


The Port Authority Tosses Christie Pal Under The Bus

According to the Bergen Record, the Port Authority has declined to pay for legal bills accrued by former executive David Wildstein. The Port Authority cites agency bylaws that prohibit paying for legal defense in the event of “fraud, malice, misconduct, … Continue reading

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For Whom the Bridge Tolls? Not for Thee, Anytime Soon

Guess what today is in the state of NJ? The third Tuesday in January following a November gubernatorial election and by state constitution, the NJ Governor-elect is sworn in, this day. Inauguration Day!  A day of celebration for the Christie … Continue reading

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The Other (Known) Instance When Christie’s Office Lied

In addition to this week’s revelation of the Christie Administration’s lies and unethical behavior concerning Bridge-gate (or Bridgeghazi), there’s another, recent instance when they lied to retaliate against someone who dared to disagree with them. As ThinkProgress explains (with my … Continue reading

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Who’s The Racist Now?

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GOP Hopes Dust-Up Over Romney’s Black Grandchild Diverts Attention From His Racketeering Lawsuit

The political opportunism of the radical right to cry racism against Melissa Harris Perry of MSNBC and demand apologies is not only ridiculously hypocritical (where are the apologies for these?) but it also diverts attention from Mitt Romney being sued … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Uses a Racist Term to Attack a Racial Observation

The internet is full of articles today on a MSNBC segment with Melissa Harris-Perry. Here is the actual segment. The segment is about “awkward familyphotos.” The first FOUR photos she showed and laughed about were pictures of the President and the … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck: Christie is a ‘Fat Nightmare’

Former FOX News host Glenn Beck had some choice words for Gov. Chris Christie during an in-studio CNN interview with S.E. Cupp. “Chris Christie is a fat nightmare,” Beck blurts out after Cupp’s lead in on a segment about the governor’s chances… Continue reading

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