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McCain’s List of Countries to Attack Now Includes Russia

Last Fall, Mother Jones posted this map of the countries John McCain wanted to attack. You can now add Russia to that list. And like a gag reflex, McCain blames Obama.

Paul Ryan: Glutton For Punishment, Or Joe Lieberman Wannabe?

Paul Ryan is telling house Republicans to not support the proposal forwarded by Senate Republicans. That proposal will not make it to the house anyway, because Senate Democrats have rejected it. But the reasons Ryan gives his fellow inmates in … Continue reading

GOP Civil War Not Reflected In Votes.

Last week I wrote about the curious case of Representative Peter King. King spent several weeks leading up to the current crisis calling Senator Ted Cruz names and calling his tactics economic terrorism. When it came time to vote on … Continue reading

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

In the run-up to Ted Cruz’s non-filibuster sideshow, which seemed to irritate members of the Republican party more than Dems, Cruz made a statement criticizing the members of his party who were against his non-filibuster by comparing them to Nazi … Continue reading

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I’m An Obamacare Poll Truther, And Here Are The Reasons Why.

Poll truther was the derisive term used to describe those on the right who willfully disregarded (or reinterpreted to fit a hoped for result) the polls as the 2012 presidential election drew near. It really was fun for us lefties … Continue reading

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Tesla Succeeds In The Free Market Despite Conservative Pushback

The electric car manufacturer Tesla has been in the news for paying off a government loan 9 years early.   That is fantastic news for folks (like myself) who appreciate the success of a company that makes very high end electric vehicles, … Continue reading

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I Hate it When I Agree with John McCain

Republican Senator John McCain’s response to Rand Paul’s filibuster: To somehow allege or infer that the President of the United States is going to kill somebody like Jane Fonda, or somebody who disagrees with the policies, is a stretch of … Continue reading

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John McCain – Still Wrong on Benghazi, Still a Crook

John McCain is literally losing what’s left of his mind. Here’s an exchange between McCain and David Gregory on Sunday’s Meet the Press where McCain continued to make claims of a Benghazi coverup: MCCAIN: We have had a massive coverup … Continue reading

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GOP Puts Their Clown Spin on Inauguration Speech

If Republican clowns weren’t so certifiably nuts, you might find their thoughts on President Obama’s inauguration speech amusing; but political dysfunction of the GOP magnitude is anything but funny. The New York Times report: Senate Republicans Respond to Inaugural Address … Continue reading

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Brooks Pitches Both Sides At Fault Meme

David Brooks has written a widely panned article offering his wrongheaded logic as to how  it is Obama’s fault that the Republican party seems so loony tunes right now. While most of Brooks’ critics pan his take that Obama is somehow at fault … Continue reading

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No One Owes You An Explanation

To John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte, the three blind GOP mice still trying to make the Benghazi tragedy into a political scandal … No One Owes You An Explanation! But you three are pretty slow on the uptake … Continue reading

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John McCain – As Crooked As They Come

Reptilian Senator John McCain is wasting taxpayer money trying to push the widely discredited claim of an Obama Administration Benghazi scandal. Yes, its the same faux-scandal that led to Romney’s humiliation on national television during the second presidential debate. McCain … Continue reading

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