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So Bad Even the Republicans Refuse to Claim Her

How bad do you have to be to make the Republican Party think of you as a pariah? Susanne Atanus, 55, has (shockingly) won her primary election with 54% of the vote.  She was (and still is) running on the … Continue reading

The Christie Internal Investigation Should Be Investigated

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was exonerated of any wrongdoing in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal by an internal review that was released yesterday. The taxpayers of New Jersey paid more than $1 million for that internal review. … Continue reading

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Contribute $10 To Help Democrats Remove Darrell Issa from Congress in November

Congressman Darrell Issa is the biggest crook in the House of Representatives since Tom Delay. With your help, we can stop Issa’s endless hearings targeting innocent Democrats and his all-male panels on women’s health issues. Contribute $10 today to help … Continue reading


Republican Steve Stockman’s Mug Shot – Pass it On!

Texas Republican candidate Steve Stockman is running for Senate. Apparently, Stockman was arrested when he was young and dumb and, he admits, having been in jail “two or three times”. Now, Stockman is threatening anyone who publishes his mugshot with … Continue reading

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GOP Candidate David Jolly – Lying, Manipulative Fool

Extreme-right-wing Congressional candidate David Jolly, infamous Washington lobbyist for big oil and special interests who was too ashamed to admit it so he lied to constituents, has positions that are even too extreme for many on the right, including: Privatizing … Continue reading

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Fake Democrats in Texas Primary

There’s a so-called “Democrat” running in the Texas primary next month for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican John Cornyn. Kesha Rogers, an Obama-hatin’ fool carrying Obama-as-Hitler posters and demanding his impeachment is the fake Democrat leading in … Continue reading

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CNN Guest Roasts Va. Republican: ‘Are You Wrapping Your Homophobia Around the Bible?’

CNN contributor LZ Granderson took failed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli (R) to task on Tuesday over his support of Arizona’s SB 1062, which would effectively legalize discrimination against the LGBT communities in the name of “… Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal’s Office is ‘Stealing from the Blind’ to Pay Legal Fees Over Suspiciously ‘Sweet Deal’

The administration of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is being criticized for taking money from a trust dedicated to legally blind vendors to pay attorney fees in a lawsuit brought against the commission responsible for hiring independent contractors… Continue reading


Top Connecticut GOP Staffer Resigns in Wake of $2M Campaign Kickback Probe

George Gallo, the chief of staff for Connecticut’s House Republican leader, suddenly resigned Thursday after it became known that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been looking into the possibility that lawmakers and their staff have been accepting… Continue reading

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Republican Draws Fire For Campaigning With Ted Nugent

A Republican hopeful for Texas governor drew harsh criticism for hitting the campaign trail Tuesday with Ted Nugent, the controversial rocker who recently described President Barack Obama as a “subhuman mongrel.” Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott appeared… Continue reading

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GOP’s Greg Abbott Vows to Campaign with Nugent Despite ‘Sexual Predator’ History

Republican Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott this week said that a Tuesday event with Ted Nugent would go on, even after Democrats reminded him of the conservative rocker’s admitted history of sexual relationships with underage girls. The… Continue reading

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Authorities: Ohio Republican Ripped Off Investors to Fund Campaign and Friend’s Church

An Ohio Republican already facing more than 100 years in prison on 16 felony charges was slapped Thursday with 53 additional counts. Rep. Peter Beck, of Mason, has already pleaded not guilty to the previous charges, but the new charges handed up by… Continue reading