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George Will, Wrong No Matter How You Look At It.

“On May 8, here in the second-most important court in the land — the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals — there will be an argument that this is objectively a revenue measure,” Will explained. “The Supreme Court said as much, … Continue reading

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Yet Another Madman Rampage Results In Mass Casualties

Today a man intent on killing as many people as possible went on a rampage that resulted in 13 casualties. The unemployed man reportedly told police that he wanted to “kill people” and he did not have a particular target … Continue reading

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The Arizona Religious Discrimination Law Is Self Defeating

 Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is deciding whether to sign or veto a bill passed in the name of religious freedom.  In order to protect religious freedom, Brewer should veto Senate Bill 1062. While passing the bill in the guise of protecting religious freedom, Republicans … Continue reading

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On The Duck Dynasty Blowup: Which Side Won This Week?

A&E has ended the suspension of the Duck Dynasty racist homophobe, after Cracker Barrel apologized for discontinuing merchandise associated with the program. These two actions have caused much hand wringing consternation from many who tend to agree with me on … Continue reading

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Update II: Fundie Judge Throws Popular Baby Name Out With The Bathwater

We have been following the story out of Tennessee about Judge Lu Ann Ballew. As a family court judge, Ballew was asked to adjudicate the last name of Messiah Deshawn McCullough. Despite no dispute by either litigant, Ballew saw fit … Continue reading

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Peggy Noonan: The Queen Of The Deepity, Part II

Deepity: “[A] proposition that seems both important and true – and profound – but that achieves this effect by being ambiguous. On one reading, it is manifestly false, but it would be earth-shaking if it were true; on the other … Continue reading

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Republicans Should Want To Lose The Shutdown Battle, And How They Can Gracefully

If Republicans win their quixotic battle to partially reverse, defund or in some other manner mangle, fold or spindle Obamacare, they will set one of the most damaging precedents imaginable. There have been other shutdowns in the past, but the … Continue reading

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The Looming Shutdown: Some Random Thoughts

As the nation approaches the deadline to keep funding the government with no solution in sight, I have had a few random thoughts bouncing around that I’ll just toss out there for consideration. Shutting down the federal government should be … Continue reading

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Congress’ Vote On Syria Could Affect War Powers For Decades

To continue the title, Congress’ Vote On Syria Could Affect War Powers For Decades, and if the current winds hold true, not in a good way. I would like the president to routinely ask for congressional approval when it comes … Continue reading

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Fighting Redmap And If Obama Wins By Losing Update

During the 2013 election I wrote a post on the possibility that President Obama could defeat Mitt Romney by winning the electoral college vote, while losing the popular vote. While such speculation may seem laughable in hindsight, remember that Gallup … Continue reading

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Well What Do You Know, It’s Actually Republicans Who Would Jail Clergy

Indiana’s recently amended marriage statutes have caused quite a bit of outrage, some legitimate, some not. First, there’s this headline: Indiana Makes Same-Sex Marriage a Felony Punishable by Prison Wrong. Indiana’s marriage statute makes it a felony to lie on … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Stupid Conservative Quotes, CTD

My last post detailed how slow the news had been yesterday, and how that affected me as I searched high and low for something to post about.   As I was reading that post I noticed Doug’s stupid conservative quote.   The subject of … Continue reading

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