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Video Clips of the Week

Emily’s List: Jeb Bush rewriting history on the illegal war in Iraq and the withdrawal – Read the full article

Water for some [Mount Sinjar, Iraq] but not for many [Detroit, Michigan]!

Humanitarian drop of water by US Marines Access denied in many Detroit homes Anyone noticed the water irony that transpired in America & Iraq? Last weekend, for humanitarian reasons, the US government dropped food and WATER in the mountains of Iraq to aid the desperate Yazidi Kurds refugees. – Read the full article

Lindsey Graham unhinged: Obama made world ‘adrift’; our enemies ‘will come here soon!’

Our enemies are here already, Graham. They’re called teabaggers. In fact, in future posts I will no longer use ‘Republicans’ as a category for those like Graham who are clearly teabaggers. – Read the full article

The GOP Says No To Helping Children, But Yes To Another Iraq War

As we get closer to the November mid-term election, I can’t decide if I should be concerned or ecstatic. The disastrous 2010 election showed us that many on the left and independents don’t feel the urgency to vote in an off-year election. – Read the full article

Racist Veteran Hires a KKK Hit-Man to Lynch Black Neighbor

Allen Wayne Morgan of Alabama believed the black man that lived next door had sex with or raped his wife (depending on which news source you read). So Morgan met with a man he believed was a “KKK” hit-man and ordered him to lynch the neighbor. – Read the full article

Congress’ Vote On Syria Could Affect War Powers For Decades

To continue the title, Congress’ Vote On Syria Could Affect War Powers For Decades, and if the current winds hold true, not in a good way. I would like the president to routinely ask for congressional approval when it comes to the use of force. – Read the full article

Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

These posts usually begin with outrageous quotes by a typical, conservative bigot. Today, we’ll start with a conservative who is just plain stupid. In the 1980’s the Reagan administration, with the help of neocons like Don Rumsfeld, supported Saddam Hussein in Iraq’s war against Iran. – Read the full article

A Modern Aesops Fable: Conservatives Are Positively Blind To The Obvious

Looking at the news of the day the appearance of  Laura Ingraham on Fox has been a big deal.  Ingraham connected the Iraqi no fly zone, started by Bush Sr. and maintained by Bill Clinton, with the sorry state of modern Iraq… which presidential leapfrogging observation is notable to be sure. – Read the full article

That dick Cheney – Can He Still Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?

Dick Cheney, the brains behind the administration that doctored phoney intelligence as an excuse to remove his long-time nemesis, Saddam Hussein. The same administration that rushed us into an illegal war in Iraq based on the existence of WMDs while the weapons inspectors were telling us to wait, they could not find any WMDs. – Read the full article

Limbaugh’s Inane Self-Contradictory Blathering

Regarding the upcoming sequester, Rush Limbaugh said he is ashamed of his country.  He alleges that this is because more people believe the Democrats’ version of how we got to this point than the Republicans’.  Given that the GOP Congress recently held the US economy hostage to extract deep cuts, the Republican story is a tough sell.  – Read the full article

Ignorance is Strength: Neocons Contradict Each Other Defending Torture Yet Again

“And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” –Nietzsche Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow’s taut, brooding paean to the CIA’s hunt for Osama bin Laden has been controversial since long before it even hit theaters.  – Read the full article

A Line in the Sand

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” –W. B. Yeats, The Second Coming The Middle East is beginning to resemble Europe prior to World War I.  A hundred years ago, the death of the monarchical order caused the rapid decline of dispersed strategic parity.  – Read the full article