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All Things Democrat has joined several news sites and removed commenting on political topics. At the end of posts, we link to our Twitter feed and invite you to discuss topics on Twitter. We also provide a “Letter to the Editor” link.

This blog is dedicated to sharing resources and discussing important issues with Democrats and others who support Democratic ideals and principles. This site is absolutely not a forum for the rhetoric of racist, sexist, homophobic conservatives, libertarians, teabaggers, and other RWNJs. The comments of RWNJs may be kept if they are on-topic and contribute to the discussion (its rare, but it could happen).

Comments must be on-topic or related. Wandering into off-topic, personal insults will result in that comment being removed and the account may be banned from future commenting.

Please keep your comments to a reasonable length, such as a few paragraphs. A rant that rambles on for several paragraphs may be edited for length or removed.

Do not paste a full-length article into your comment. Instead, include a relevant excerpt and the post link.

We use the Disqus commenting system. You can login with your Twitter, Facebook, Google or Disqus accounts. Commenting rules still apply.

Comments that require moderation because of system filters.

  • Comments that contain certain offensive or vulgar language may be sent to moderation. This is an automated process. These posts are placed in moderation and will need to be approved before being published. If you prefer not to wait for moderation, rewrite your comment without the offensive or vulgar language.
  • Any post containing more than 3 links will be sent to moderation. This is an automated process. These posts are placed in moderation and will need to be approved before being published. This is a common practice to help control spam. If your comment is not spam, please be patient; we’ll review and approve it as soon as possible.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding trolls.
“Trolls” are haters who leave antagonistic comments with the intention of disrupting the conversation, attacking members of the community, or spreading hateful, off-topic rhetoric or misinformation that serves no useful purpose (much like damaging graffiti). Trolls in lefty sites are typically conservatives, teabaggers and libertarians on the right, posers who claim to be on the left but hate everything about the left, and others who seem to hate everything and everyone. A common troll tactic is to redirect visitors; to hijack the article by writing outrageous comments on a completely unrelated topic so visitors will discuss the unrelated topic. Some trolls are actually paid to perform this function. Many lefty blogs are infested by trolls. They may be tolerated because it results in higher traffic stats that advertisers want to see. We don’t have advertisers to please. We will never allow this site to be infested with trolls. A troll’s comments will almost always be removed and they may be blacklisted.

Spam ads in comments will be removed and the user may be blacklisted.

We support lefty bloggers, so providing a link to your lefty blog article that is related to one of our posts will almost always be allowed.

If you object to having a comment removed or edited per our commenting policy, keep one thing in mind: this a personal blog and visitors have no legal right to comment.

We welcome comments on this non-political topic that are on topic and contribute to the discussion. Off-topic comments may be removed. Trolls are never tolerated.
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