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All Things Democrat has been run by unpaid volunteers since it began in 2006. The majority of the cost of developing and hosting this site is paid by the site’s Founder, with a small (but helpful) percentage coming from click-through ads and your donations. The ratio is about $7 in expenses to every dollar in ad revenues and donations. This is truly a labor of love.

Our team of dedicated, volunteer bloggers donate their time to research and post important information in support of our fellow Democrats, liberals and progressives. We work with other lefty bloggers to share information and do what we can to help promote small blogs. And we continuously update the site’s resources and add new features.

We do this because we are passionate about Democratic Party ideals and principles. And we are very concerned about the rise of the radical right and their attacks on women, minorities, the lgbt community, and the poor, and their efforts to dismantle the middle class. We believe its clear to most Americans that the Democratic Party is the only party that passes legislation to support and defend these groups and the vast majority of Americans.


100% of the support we receive through click-thru ad revenue and donations goes toward our site expenses: hosting, bandwidth and domain registration. Ad revenues come in pennies per click-through advertisements or a small commission on your purchase (with no increase in cost to you). Even in small amounts, it can add-up and every bit helps. We thank you for visiting our advertisers and making purchases through our Amazon and CafePress ads, and for your generous donations.

We appreciate your support.

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