Guest Submissions

We are now accepting guest submissions for our blog from Democrats and lefties. Blogging experience is not necessary if you have good writing skills and an interest in U.S. politics.

Guidelines for submitting posts are as follows:

  1. Posts must be generally in support of Democrats or in opposition to our opponents. They can be about recent political news or an analysis of an issue and how it relates to Dems.
  2. Posts must be your original work and never published before on the internet.
  3. You agree not to publish the post anywhere on the internet in the future.
  4. 1-2 source link(s) supporting your work must be included. Links should be to a news or blog source online. If you are writing in response to something you heard on television or radio, you must find an article online that supports the story. This is to protect our blog from liability.

We’ll review your submission and contact you by email when we publish the article. We may also contact you prior to publishing if the article requires editing other than spelling or grammatical errors.

Guest submissions are published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you own a blog:

Guest posting is (as this writer put it) the most important strategy for growing your blog. To summarize the article, you build relationships with other bloggers, it introduces you to new communities, and according to a search engine “guru”, guest posting on other sites is 5 times more valuable than posting in your own site. Of course for that to happen, there must be a link back to your blog at the end of the post, which we will do for you.

Write your article in a text editor and paste it into the our Contact page form. There is a separate field for Guest Submissions entry.

If you write in an html editor, such as your own blog editor, be sure to switch to the HTML view so you can copy your links and other basic html code.

If you’re new to blogging:

We recommend following these basics steps (print to use as a guide):

  • Write down (on paper) an outline of the main points for your article.
  • Fill-in some details to clarify your thoughts on each point. What will you need to support your work? A quote? An image? A video clip?
  • Create and save a text document in Notepad, Word, OpenOffice or another text editor.
  • Begin your research. We recommend you use our site resources to find articles or blog posts that support your work.
    • Check the Headlines pages (see our blog navigation menu) for current news articles, blog posts, issue-based or official party articles.
    • And use our Custom Search (again, in our blog navigation menu), which is a focused, Google search of the 300+ lefty sites in our Links database (no right-wing hate results).
    • Skim several articles. Oftentimes, many sources point to the original news source or blog post. But you may find different angles on the same story.
  • Type a rough draft of your blog post.
  • Copy relevant quotes to paste into your article enclosed with double-quotes. Also, copy and paste the source link for that quote immediately after your enclosed quote.
  • Always copy the url or link to your back-up source(s) and paste that into your article (within the body, if applicable, or at the end of the article). To protect the blog from liability, we always need a source link. If you heard it on TV or radio, go to the source’s web page or use our Custom Search to find a backup source.
  • Complete your article and check for spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Copy the entire article from your text editor and paste it into our Contact page form.
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