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Our Custom Search, Blogroll, and Links drop-down (in the header) are all powered by our links database. The mysql database was built over the past several years through hundreds of web searches and browsing links in other lefty sites. They were also received as suggestions via our Contact page. All links are checked on a regular basis and dead links are removed, however if we miss one, please send us a note using our Contact page.

Our Custom Search (in right side of the header) is a Google-powered search of the over 300 lefty sites in our links database. Unlike a typical web search that gives you some good results along with many unwanted results from hate-filled, right-wing sites, our Custom Search provides you with reality-based results from trusted sources.

If you would like to suggest a lefty or Dem-friendly site to add to our database, simply send us the link using our Contact page (U.S. sites, only). We’ll usually have the link added within 24-48 hours.


If this page allows comments, we welcome comments that are on topic and contribute to the discussion. Off-topic comments may be removed. Trolls are never tolerated.
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