Not Racist?

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teaparty i'm not racist signWhen the radical right complains they are “tired” of being called racists or claim there is no racism on the right, or if they attempt to make straw-man arguments like “you call me racist simply because I criticize Obama”, send them the link to this page of images from their right-wing pals. Ask them if this is simply about criticizing the President. They’ll likely deflect to a completely unrelated topic or turn the debate into a false equivalency argument against Dems based on decades-old allegations. They’ll bring up the history of southern, conservative, racist Democrats who owned slaves (like our founding fathers) but, in the 1960’s, left the party and joined the GOP in protest against Johnson’s civil rights legislation; racists like Strom Thurmond. Lincoln freed the slaves and was a Republican, but today’s racist right-wingers bear no resemblance to the Republicans of Lincoln’s time. Today’s right-wingers are against civil rights and have the nerve to say modern-day African Americans were better off as slaves. When today’s right-wingers see video of a young black man being gunned down by a racist cop, they blame the victim. Today’s right-wingers will never denounce the racists in their own ranks (or the images and quotes by their pals in this post) because they agree with the message. Fact is, today’s Tea Party/Republican Party/Libertarian Party is overflowing with dangerous, unstable racists who prove it every day with their violent, racist rhetoric and imagery.

Democrats: Yes, these images are really tough to look at. And no, we don’t sugar-coat or soften it by covering the radical right’s use of the “n-word” in the images or quotes. This must be documented and quoted accurately because conservatives are continuously denying that racism exists in the Republican party. These people are clearly racists. Be warned – images get worse as you page down.

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Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image -
Jules Mason on assassinating Obama, Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:

Grady Warren of the Florida Tea Party who wanted to be a presidential candidate in 2012:

Tired of Blacks, nigras, Muslims, and Hispanics, especially the illegals, calling us racist for trying to save the America that we love.

Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:
Racist anti-Obama image - Source: Racist anti-Obama image - Source:

Racist anti-Obama image - Source:

Response to Supreme Court Decision In Favor of Obamacare

RNC Convention Attendee Ejected for Racist Slur

2012 Republican National Committee Convention

put the white back in the white house Romney rally - Source:

One of the many racist tweets following the President’s re-election.
See Jezebel for more examples.

Racist anti-Obama image - Source:

And yes, it was the n-word.

The chorus of Rush Limbaugh’s favorite song, Barack the Magic Negro:

Barack the Magic Negro lives in D.C.
The L.A. Times, they called him that
‘Cause he’s not authentic like me.
Yeah, the guy from the L.A. paper
Said he makes guilty whites feel good
They’ll vote for him, and not for me
‘Cause he’s not from the ‚Äôhood.

According to The Hill:

Chip Saltsman, former Tennessee GOP chairman and candidate for the Republican National Committee chairmanship, thought it would be a good idea to send a copy of “Barack the Magic Negro” out with his Christmas cards. Republicans are lining up behind him, despite the overtly racist tone of the song, saying that it is not racist; it is creative satire. It’s just a little joke.

response to Coke's multi-language Super Bowl ad
response to Coke's multi-language Super Bowl ad
ted nugent says racism against blacks ended in the 60's
white man march

Cliven Bundy on “The Negro” (from John Iadarola)

Followed by this amazing interview …

joe walsh racist
Racist Republican Strategist Dee Dee Benkie, Source:

Republican Strategist Dee Dee Benkie

Republican candidate drops out after discovery of racist tweets, Source:

Disgraced, racist Republican Jacob Dorsey
One of the racist emails by Ferguson, MO police officers found in a Justice Department investigation.
racist jokes from Ferguson police

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  • Wow, that’s one heck of a compilation. Nice work!

    The funny thing about the denials is that they are generally self-defeating by the comments section alone. Got a screen shot at my place saying about 1% of blacks are actually intellectuals from a Daily Caller post about how Bill Maher said that Drudge is racist …that I got from Drudge. o_O

  • Steve

    [Editor’s notes added]
    A number of these are altered from the original and/or created as parodies of racist anti-Obama imagery, such as the Buckwheat one. [absolutely false] The “Half Nigger Muslim” sign originally reads “Obama Half-Breed Muslin”, which is funnier and displays more stupidity anyway [the only sign we displayed is the original, unaltered “Obama Half-Breed Muslim” sign, which Steve thinks is “funnier”???]. This is lazy. Check your sources before you post [all sources checked, some were even right-wing sites that think the racist pics are funny], some random racist photoshops can be found from any corner of the internet and don’t really present a strong case, even though there’s no doubt that the sentiment displayed is widely shared.
    [Steve is wrong on all counts. None of the pics are altered. Another lame attempt to change the subject by casting doubt on the source, rather than admit the racism.]

  • Doug

    Okay, I’ll give the “Niggardly” guy some points for a pun. I remember when we were reading aloud a book in English class (I want to say it was “The Great Gatsby”) when that word come up, and some asshole kept asking the girl reading aloud to keep re-reading that word.

    Otherwise, yes, disgusting racism.

    • Samuel E. Atwood

      The term niggardly is in the dictionary and it means cowardly. It has no connection to race at all. This is the kind of stuff Geraldo used on his show to get his nose broken for the camera. It creates hate without any real hateful speech.

      • Iamkaylarodney

        Actually aargh amount of the English language and phrases are based off of racism and negative stereotypes. (a cowardly person is acting niggerdly because stereotypically blacks are seen as cowards depending on the protection of slave owners.) That’s where words like niggerdly and Indian giver and renigger come from.

      • pszymeczek

        It is in the dictionary, but it means “stingy,” not “cowardly.”

      • All my life I’ve heard racists use “niggerdly” to insults blacks. I’m sure they had no idea if it was or was not in the dictionary. What’s cowardly is conservatives who create the racist images on this page and make racist statements but then hide from it by saying “its in the dictionary and its not racist.” Racists are cowards. Period.

      • pszymeczek

        I agree. Let me add that those who are ignorant enough to be racist are also ignorant enough to disregard the correct use of words and not educate themselves as to their meanings.

  • maryyooch

    These right wingnut extremists are so f*cking ignorant!
    Great post, sad to say.
    They must be exposed on every level.

  • Goatboyslim

    I think at least some of these images stem more from ignorance than racism. I live in Maine, and grew up with a lot of people who thought ethnic jokes were funny, and not at all offensive. How could they be, they were funny. Laughter isn’t offensive, is it? There was an absence of minorities to say otherwise. So my point is, a lot of these people AREN’t racist, they’re just ignorant, and really can’t tell the difference between George W Bush being portrayed as an ape- and I’m certainly guilty of finding that funny- and Barack Obama being shown the same way. And I understand that a lot of these folks really ARE racist, but for some, the story is more complex.

    • mew

      Ignorance is never a valid excuse for racism. They’re both on the same side of the coin.

  • mr.roberts

    niggardly does not mean ‘cowardly’. it means stingy or ungenerous.

  • Joy Zocco

    More Lies The Republicans told Me

    Obama has increased the size of government. No, he hasn’t. There are about 600,000 fewer state and federal jobs since he took office.

    Wealthy corporations are job creators. Not in the U.S.A. lately. They either sit on their trillions of dollars or create jobs overseas. Consumers are the real job creators – when consumers spend, companies expand. U.S. productivity has continued to increase despite 30+ years of flat wages. Give the good workers the raises and bonuses they deserve and watch the economy improve.

    Republicans are concerned about jobs. This actually is true but qualifies as a lie. They are concerned that the job outlook may improve by November and will do anything in their power to prevent any possible increase in employment before the election.

    Romney is maintaining this fine old tradition and improving on it by producing lies that are obvious even to true believers. When challenged, he just giggles.

  • Steve is using a common debate technique of the radical-right. When there’s no possible way to defend their actions, they try to create doubt about the source. The “Obama Half-Nigger Muslim” sign is the original. None of the other signs were altered. To simply say “these were altered” with no proof of an original that was supposedly altered is a lame attempt to hide the fact that these images are the product of conservative racism.

    Samuel: “Niggardly” is one of those disgusting terms that came out of racism, like “Nigger-rigged”. To say it has nothing to do with race is laughable.

    Goatboyslim: Your statement “people who thought ethnic jokes were funny, and not at all offensive” shows incredible ignorance on your part. You actually made the point that when white people repeat “ethnic” jokes they ARE racist jokes and ARE completely offensive. Get a clue.

    That’s the problem with most of these ultra conservative/Tea Party types – they have the nerve to act or speak in incredibly offensive and outrageous ways but then back-peddle like crazy or deny. Have some balls and own your actions.

    Samuel – our anti-spam software kicks out comments that ramble on and on, like your last comment that didn’t get published. Check our Commenting Rules; we don’t allow trolls, so keep it brief and stick to the post topic.

    • Stephen

      You are incorrect about niggardly. It comes from the Swedish word “nygg” (meaning a miser) and French “-ard”, which was an emphasizer. It literally means “one who is very miserly,” and is completely unrelated to race. To claim that it has anything to do with race is laughable.

      [text removed by Editor – way too many external links. only 3 allowed]

      I agree there has been a ton of racism over the last few years, and the intent of the author of that sign may have been racist, but the actual words chosen are not in and of themselves racist.

      • Doug Marquardt

        Fyi: The pic I had was slightly cropped so I added the link to the full “niggardly” pic, which included “Buck Ofama” below.

        Ok Stephen, now you’re just being a pseudo-intellectual troll. You really expect anyone to believe that when that right-wing racist wrote “Obama = Niggardly” he was referring to the proper use of “niggardly” based on the Swedish origin of the word? That makes perfect sense (snark). This meat-head has no idea, whatsoever, about the origin of the word “niggardly”. Its a racist sign aimed at the President. “Buck Ofama” should help you understand that.

        You’re desperately reaching for a way to explain what a dumb, red-neck meant with his anti-Obama sign because you don’t want to admit you have a large percentage of openly racist wingers in your party. [But I’m an independent. The last resort of conservatives in a debate – claim independence.] Its why Herman Cain needed Secret Service protection; to protect himself from his own party. As one of the images above explains, they want a “White” House. If the right would just admit the problem and distance themselves from the racists in their party, as they did with David Duke, they could win over a lot of independents. Instead, they join in on the racism and then deny it and try to pass it off as “not racist”. Remember George Allen? First he called the dark-skinned guy “macaque” (as in macaque monkey), then tried to say he said “mohawk”, then tried to say he said “caca” but didn’t know the meaning of that. If he had just admitted he made a stupid mistake and apologized, his career in politics would have survived. Its a good lesson for conservatives.

        Btw: You don’t know shit about French. “ard” is not an emphasizer in the French language. Its comical when fools try to explain French to me (I lived in Provence … studied the language for 5 years).

  • Anyone who has to say “I’m not a racist” is usually a racist. And “I’m not a racist” is usually followed by “but. . . “

  • Well, I like in Texas, close to the Tea Party Central. There is no shortage of Rebel Flags, bigots, and hatred. A Democratic bumper sticker can get your car vandalized, get you ran off-road, and can bring threats for those idiots clever enough to run your License plate through public data. I’ve had my share. At our local democratic headquarters we’ve had lovely posters of Obama tagged with racial slurs left in our mailbox and on our office door. The harassment strengthens my resolve to do everything that I can to expose them to the community, the county, and ultimately to the world. Thanks, Doug for adding a visual to the racial conversation, people need to know who/what we are up against.

  • *live (not like) ūüėČ

  • I’m in the same red boat here in Arizona. People in my community openly use racist insults when talking about the President. I worked a short time on one job where, on day one, one of the elderly workers said of Obama, “we should have killed that nigger when we had the chance.” My complaint to his manager fell on deaf ears, and then I was treated like shit for months. Later, a manager told me that a badly repaired vehicle was “Obama-rigged”, his equivalent for “nigger-rigged”. In the office, they had racist flyers on the secretary’s desk in the lobby for all to see. And you’re right – there are racist, anti-Obama bumper stickers on cars everywhere but a Dem wouldn’t dare putting a supportive sticker on a car. It would end up vandalized like this guy’s car:

    • AntJO46

      What I don’t understand is…why not vandalize a car that has a racist Obama statement on it. Sometimes Liberals piss me off because they want to “be better than them and not stoop to their level”. Well, I think they are winning if they have the stickers on their car and you can’t put one on yours. If we fought back, maybe they wouldn’t do it as much. They do it because they know we won’t fight back!

      • Eric S. Parent

        Fighting back against an individual who vandalizes your car (if you can find them) is one thing, and I would totally support it. But I wouldn’t vandalize a car for a racist sticker because I believe in free speech.

      • What if that sticker said “Eric Parent’s mother is a c*nt”. That’s free speech, right? You might say that’s different, its personal. Racism is personal to the target of racism. I see nothing wrong with making a racist pay for their inflammatory speech.

        Free speech is not an absolute right, as SCOTUS ruled years ago (like yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater). Inflammatory speech that incites a riot can be prosecuted as “inciting a riot”. If we, as a society, can’t get these racists to stop their inflammatory rhetoric, maybe we should rioting and pushing for their prosecution.

      • Eric S. Parent

        That’s funny. It’s interesting, to get the visceral, emotional reaction that someone might feel from being called the N-word out of a middle class white guy like me, you kind of have to get personal. Cracker and honkey just don’t feel very offensive. So yes, I think you’ve done a good job of finding an equivalent insult.

        If someone is targeting me, personally, with that kind of language, I probably know them. I might or might not do something back to them, depending on the situation. I wouldn’t blame someone who did. And if someone parked with some of the racist images above on their car in Harlem or Compton, I would not be surprised at all if they came back and found their car vandalized. Or maybe some fellows waiting there for them to return. That’s fine; you insult people directly to their faces, you know you’re taking a risk.

  • Joe Caughman

    There is something to be said for people at least being honest with their opinions, even if their opinions are ignorant, mean spirited and divisive. Nothing makes me cringe more than to see thinly veiled racism. You know exactly what the authors of thinly veiled racism mean but they need the cover of an alibi if they are ever called on their opinion.

    Racism is a form of bullying. Bullying becomes a problem when it is tolerated by people in authority. I remember how cruel children could be to the other, especially ones who looked or acted different. If the teacher turned her head the other way, the bullying would become vicious. As adults, bullys need the company and cover of other bullys. The bullys are showing their true colors in states like Arizona and Texas because people in goverment either agree or tolerate the behaviour. Angle’s bullying just emboldened other bullys to do likewise. Someone needs to be the adult here.

    • Guest

      I agree. I was bullied recently by redneck racists who went to my old school from the town I live in, Ocala. They went on my status because I support President Obama as a president and started talking crap about the president and crap like that.

  • Sadly, I think it will continue and even get worse. The racists on the right see all positives from it: it allows them to express things they held back for years because society would have punished them for it (i.e. those who complain about “political correctness”), it gets the radicals in their base motivated, and the right-wing moderates wouldn’t dare criticize it for fear of being teabagged in a primary. Its cool to be a racist in today’s Republican Tea Party.

  • Truth-Sayer

    Racist’s rednecks who call obama a monkey, vilify his religion and his family are illiterate and uninformed about true reality. Real reality teaches us, that there are white monkeys on planet earth. And they are some of the ugliest creatures you ever did see…. So when they [rednecks] make reference to the earth as the planet of the black apes, because Obama is black and President, as soon as Mitt Romney gets in the Oval Office if he does in 2013, blacks can then make reference to the earth as the planet of the white apes, dumb down brains and all…. Romney, a Northeasterner and Mormon, hates a redneck more than he hates the shit from his own asshole.
    That’s why he raided companies where poor rednecks worked and pitched their illiterate asses to the street when he was at Bain capital.

  • Exactly. And Romney will never bad mouth the racists in his party; King Limbaugh would crucify him. But why those red-neck, Republican wannabes continue to vote against their own interests is beyond me. Romney and the investor class behind the Republican propaganda machine could give a shit less about working-class jobs and living wages. Fortunately, stupid people usually get what they deserve, so I hope those rednecks are happy hangin’ with their racist pals because with Romney’s special brand of vulture capitalism they’re going to have a lot more free time on their hands.

  • ExNoZtoTheY

    Works both ways people. Ever hear blacks say they voted for Obama only because he is black?

    That’s racist also… think about it.

    • First of all, the radical right loves to make the claim that some blacks have actually said they only voted for Obama because he’s black. No other good reason, only because he’s black. That’s known as a “straw man” argument. You will never find one black person anywhere who made such a statement. If blacks voted for someone only because they’re black, then Herman Cain would be the Republican nominee for president, not Romney. Fact is, part of the reason that African-Americans vote overwhelmingly for Democrats is because of the types of racist images you see in this post.

      And how can you compare your “racism” claim to the terrible, racist creations displayed above from your fellow right-wingers? Where are all the good Republicans saying, “its racist, its not acceptable, I want no part of it, and these racists don’t belong in my Republican party”?

      I will be happy to go on record saying, “I reject any Democrats who create racist signs, racist bumper stickers, racist t-shirts, or any racist designs. Anyone who would do that has no place in the Democratic Party.”

      • ExNoZtoTheY

        Seriously? It was printed (according to exit polls) 95% of the black votes in 2004 went to Obama. Are you going to tell me only 5% of blacks that voted are Republicans and that the 95% voted for him solely because he was a Democrat?

        No way.

      • Its 96% of the exit polls in 2008 – less than 5% of blacks voted with Republicans (poor, misguided fools). In 2004, Obama got 92% of the black vote in his Senate race against Republican Alan Keyes, who got 8% of the black vote. Hmmm … two black men, but the Democrat clobbers the Republican among black voters.

        But back to the subject – of the 96% of blacks who voted for Obama in 2008, how many of them said they “voted for Obama only because he’s black”? NONE – because you made that up. 67% of Latinos and 63% of Asians voted for Obama in 2008. I suppose you’d take those figures and fabricate another whopper, like “Ever hear Latinos and Asians say they voted for Obama only because he is black? That’s racist also … think about it.”

        Minority communities (soon to be majority communities!) don’t vote for Republicans because of their right-wing, racist rhetoric, racist policies, and their inexplicable defense of racist graphics like those at the top of this post. Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele said in 2009 that his party must take steps to “win over black voters”. Its seems Republicans are doing the exact opposite.

      • ExNoZtoTheY

        “ow many of them said they “voted for Obama only because he’s black”? NONE – because you made that up”

        Not really. Get out on Youtube, look around for videos. There are videos of them saying this right out of their own mouths. Even if you don’t find any… please don’t try to persuade me that 95% of black voters didn’t vote for him because he himself is ‘part’ black & this was their chance at a President of color. You are full of shit if you tell yourself so. Hint: If they also say they didn’t vote for McCain because he was white… guess what

  • Hacksawbilly

    Pretty sure Southern Democrats endorsed and defended slavery as their property rights. Am I wrong?

  • Correct, and then during the civil rights movement and the civil rights legislation passed by President Johnson, those racist, southern Democrats left the Democratic party in droves and joined the Republican party. Like ol’ Strom Thurman, who switched from Democrat to Republican in 1964 in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Good riddance. They ended up in the right party for racists.

    • Guest

      That was a funny read. You liberals sure have a way with re-writing history. Amazing how the parties “switched sides”, but only their racist views while the rest of their platform remained the same. I really got a good laugh out of the “fled in droves” part. The truth is the Democrats have and will always remain the racist party. There were 2, maybe 3, that switched sides and because of one or two big names, the great story tellers try to use that to convince their sheep that the parties switched sides. The Democrat segregationists remained Democrat (Democrats don’t like to use the word “segregationist” because it exposes their fantasy tale about the parties switching sides) and the “Conscience of the Senate” has always remained to be KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd.

  • Guest

    Wow, this offends me and I am a Black person of Jamaican descent. Most Conservatives are racist and want President Obama out because he is Black.

  • Michael Eldredge

    In your argument you make the unstated assumption that conservatives all agree with all of these signs.  That is simply not true.

    I am a conservative and I find these images distasteful.
    I am also tired of being called racist.

    Please stop perpetuating the stereotype.

    • ¬†

      In your argument you make the unstated assumption that conservatives all agree with all of these signs.

      The “unstated assumption” is just that; never written and your assumption. I actually stated that on racist images like these,¬† “right-wingers are
      continuously denying it exists, or that its satire, or that the media is
      fabricating stories.” If there is any truth to your statement that you find these images distasteful, you would be the first right-winger to say that in these comments.

      Now, have the courage to follow the lead of the prominent Republicans we’ve heard from since the election and denounce the racists in your party. The angry white vote is not going to lead to GOP victories going forward.

  • The other side

    Let me show you the hate from the other side. Unless you prefer to have your eyes closed.

    • Suffice it to say, there are members in both parties that hate each other. If I wrote a post on all the reasons we hate each other, the post would never end.

      This post is about the racism that exists in the Republican party that is denied by the right.

  • gfthxfdh

    Wow, Whay are yo all so ignorant. Get educated

    • Deviallstar

      hfhesjd stupid white trash. do any of you all make more than 300, 000 a year? Didnt think so . Go get an education white hicks anf white trash

  • Why are you encouraging racial division on this site? ¬†This is disgraceful to the Democratic party. ¬†How in your obviously limited imagination does this page promote unity, tolerance, inclusion, or any stated Democratic principle? ¬†This is pathetic. ¬†I would never join either of your so-called “major parties”. ¬†You are all disgusting.

  • Mike Norgaard

    if republicans want folks to quit calling them racists and bigots, perhaps they should quit voting in so many racists and bigots…

  • Where Can We Go?

    You racists are the ugliest of all ugly…..because it comes from your sick sick minds and despicable souls. I have no doubt Christ detests you for your hideous, rotten,¬†vicious,¬†spiteful, hate-blackened souls. There will be no grace for you.

  • Debra
    • There’s so much wrong with that desperate post its hard to know where to start. Starting at the end – Jewish is not a race. But everyone is against antisemitism. Unlike right-wingers, we don’t defend these terrible comments. Now, we have no idea if any of the comments listed in that post are true because there are no source links included and right-wingers are notorious for fabricating “facts” without sources. As far as this “black on black” racism goes, racism is between races. A black person making fun of another black person is like a white person saying another white person is white trash. In either case, its not racism. If any of the qoutes attributed to white Democrats against blacks that allegedly took place decades ago are true , they are of course wrong and should be denounced. Unlike right-wingers, we don’t defend quotes like that at all costs. Finally, like all right-wingers, you did not denounce any of the racist images or qoutes made by right-wingers on this page. That’s because you are, at heart, a racist. As long as right-wingers continue passing racist laws and making racist quotes and images, right now, in real time, you’ll always be known as racists. Reaching back to find an alleged remark by a Democrat will do nothing to erase your party’s racist actions today.

  • Danielle Smith

    I cant say anything about many of these images besides the fact that theyre disgusting, but behind one of the last sign holders is a sign that says ‘infiltrator’. Tea partiers have had to make those signs to clarify how the people who come to their rallies holding signs like that are not tea partiers but political opponents who seek to distort public perception of them into some bizarre klan meeting nonsense. Black tea partiers routinely explain how they never witness or experience racism in the party-its truly concerned with law/order and fiscal issues. The tweets are also clearly fabricated for the same end- american christian and rev. Whatever throwing the n word around? Isnt it obvious that those are dems posing to make christians/republicans look insane? Been to lots of conservative sites, never seen comments like that…

    • Yup, there it is; refusing to call it racism, opting for the word “disgusting”. Hiding behind “Smith”.

      The teabag infiltrator argument is hilarious. Good move to try to make themselves look better in the media while their own members are walking around with racist signs. More manipulation and propaganda. Ending with a desperate explanation of the tweets. When your racist actions are called out you either claim its a conspiracy or complain liberals are intolerant of your intolerance. Pathetic.

  • Danielle Smith

    Oh and the Limbaugh song is a satire criticizing the racism of the author of the la times piece. There are racists in the rep party and the dem party but I live near newark, camden etc and I see how decades of dem control has “helped” people there. Johnson voted against eisenhours civil rights act then pushed it when he was president after stating “we’ll have them n***** voting democrat for 200 years”. You know, by throwing them some benefits, convincing them they cant succeed because white racists will never let them, and accusing anyone who says this is not beneficial for them in the long term is a racist. “Racist” is the new “heretic”- it ends any thoughtful analysis as people are forced to defend their honor… But really ask yourselves…which party benefits when people stay poor?

    • Yeah, that’s why Limbaugh calls Obama “that negro in the White House”. Its satire.

      Who benefits when people stay poor? Republicans. The race to the bottom in wages and benefits, shipping jobs overseas, then cutting off their unemployment, it all benefits Republicans.

      All Americans, minorities, women, the LGBT community, anyone can register and vote for any party. They refuse to vote Republican because you’re racist, sexist, homophobes.Your ridiculous denials are fooling nobody.

      So move along, “Smith”. There must be some teapublican site that would welcome your propaganda.

  • Richard Saunders

    I’m not a republican but…most of these images are just comparing Obama to a monkey…I don’t follow how that makes it racist.

    You can find pictures comparing Bush to a monkey all over the place. Are those racist too?

    There are also a ton of images suggesting to kill Bush, as well as swear words (Cindy Sheehan wore a shirt that said “meet the fuckers” that had a picture of Bush and Cheney.)

    Furthermore, just because somebody makes a genuinely racist comment about Obama doesn’t automatically make them a republican. Sometimes they’re even a democrat and they’re just cracking a racial joke even though they’re not necessarily racist themselves. Chris Rock does those kinds of jokes all the time (though not necessarily about Obama.)

    Finally, there certainly are genuinely racist Democrats, especially in the South. I mean shit, anybody remember senator Robert KKK Byrd? He only died in office a year ago.

    • Usually when someone says they’re not a Republican and then makes the pro-Republican anti-Democrat argument it means they’re a liar.

      Guess I’m going to have to school you on racism. What you described regarding Bush is not racist.

      You ignored all the pics that use the word “nigger” and then made a blanket “not racist” statement about the page. That’s trolling propaganda.

      The entire world knows that comparing blacks to monkeys or apes is racist. If you don’t get it, you’re probably a racist.

      Each picture has a link to the source.

      The old dixiecrats of the dirty south left the Democratic party in protest after LBJ’s civil rights legislation giving legal protections to blacks. Robert Byrd should have went with them. There’s no forgiveness for racism.

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