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All Things Democrat is run by a talented, dedicated team of writers. The following contains a short bio on each. All writers can be reached via our Contact page.

Doug Marquardt – Founder, Managing Editor

A resident of Arizona, Doug’s originally from Wisconsin where he earned his BA in French Language Studies in 89′ and a BBA in Management Information Systems in 97′. He worked as a computer programmer in the Milwaukee area through the rise and fall of the internet bubble and left the corporate world in 2004. Doug transitioned into web application development (PHP/MySql), working on numerous independent projects over the past 10 years that include founding and developing All Things Democrat. He now works as a manager in an Arizona high school district, as well as managing this site, sharing blogging responsibilities, and recruiting talented writers.

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Cindy Rose – Senior Writer

Cindy is a progressive feminist from Tennessee. Cindy found early on that her studies in Political Science and Sociology meshed perfectly with a love of irony and the written word. She has provided content and opinion for various websites and writes regularly on her own site- Cindy Rose Dot Com.
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ML Ross – Senior Writer

“Moe” Ross is a passionate New Jersey activist who writes on issues affecting women, the LGBT community, minorities, undocumented immigrants and the general destruction of human rights by big government conservatives.

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Note: Since our founding in 2006, we’ve been fortunate to have had a number of talented writers (not listed here) who have moved on to bigger and better things. Out of respect for their exceptional writing skills and dedication to the team, their posts will remain available in this site for future reference.

We welcome comments on this non-political topic that are on topic and contribute to the discussion. Off-topic comments may be removed. Trolls are never tolerated.
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