The Fox Channel for Homophobes on LGBT History

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How Did Martin O’Malley Do in the First Democratic Debate?

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Bernie in Iowa: My Name is Larry David

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Hillary Clinton: Smart Leadership for the 21st Century

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GOP Talking Impeachment – of Hillary!

Republicans seem to be sure that Hillary Clinton will be the next President because they’re already talking about impeaching her. From The Huffington Post:

Mo BrooksRep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) recently spoke with talk radio host Matt Murphy and said the real issue with Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state is “how many lives she put at risk by violating all rules of law that are designed to protect America’s top-secret and classified information from falling into the hands of our geopolitical foes who then might use that information to result in the deaths of Americans.”

“And in my judgement, with respect to Hillary Clinton, she will be a unique president if she is elected by the public next November, because the day she’s sworn in is the day that she’s subject to impeachment because she has committed high crimes and misdemeanors,” he said.

The Republican definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” seems to be nothing more than being a Democrat.

As for Mr. Brooks, he has claimed there’s a “war on whites“,  illegal immigrants have killed more Americans than The Taliban, Afghanistan and Iraq combined, and “…would do anything short of shooting them.” He also claims “illegal alien children” are spreading disease. Someone has a phobia!

If I were Brooks, I’d be a little more worried about what Hillary’s emails have revealed: Namely possible war crimes by George W. Bush and Tony Blair. Just sayin…

Clinton Wins Post Debate Polls But Sanders Still Strong

From HuffPo:

DEMOCRATIC VOTERS GIVE CLINTON DEBATE WIN – HuffPollster: “Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate on CNN did what debates usually do, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll. It allowed the two leading candidates to make a positive impression on an audience of millions. More critically, however, the debate allowed front-runner Hillary Clinton to boost her standing among a far bigger base of support, making her the clear winner in the eyes of most Democratic voters. A 55 percent majority of registered Democratic voters who watched the debate said Clinton won. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who saw a surge in online interest and fundraising, was a distant second, with only 22 percent saying he was the best of the night. Clinton also saw an uptick in the proportion of Democrats who say they want her to be the party’s presidential nominee. Before the debate, 44 percent of registered Democrats said they wanted Clinton to be the nominee. After the debate, the figure had risen to 52 percent.” [HuffPost]

Clinton’s bigger base the key, but Sanders also benefited – More HuffPollster: “Democrats tended to think their favored candidate prevailed Tuesday night. Among those who want Clinton to be the nominee, 82 percent thought she was the winner. Only 15 percent of those who prefer someone else said Clinton won, while 61 percent of those people judged Sanders the winner. The poll also shows that both Clinton and Sanders made good impressions on Democratic voters — 52 percent said their view of Clinton improved, and 42 percent said the same of Sanders. The difference between candidates disappears if Democratic-leaning independents are included with Democratic voters. Among this larger group, 46 percent say their opinion of each candidate improved.”

NBC/Survey Monkey poll finds similar result – Allison Kopicki and John Lapinski: “Hillary Clinton’s performance in Tuesday night’s debate resonated strongly among members of her party, with more than half—56%—saying [Clinton] won the debate. Just 3% of Democrats who watched or followed coverage of the debate said she did worst, giving her a net performance score of +53. Bernie Sanders scored a +30, showing he still appealed to a significant number of Democrats, according to the latest NBC News online poll conducted nationwide by SurveyMonkey from Tuesday evening immediately following the debate until Thursday morning.” [NBC News]

The top candidates did what they were supposed to do – not screw up. HuffPost Pollster is an average of 161 polls from 28 pollsters and, according to the average, the candidates’ national poll numbers hardly moved (Clinton up 3 points, Sanders unchanged, Biden down). About online polls – notoriously unreliable. I’ve had online polls in this blog and I watched as one group basically spammed the site and gave lopsided poll results that fit their slant. Sanders has a younger demographic which probably accounts for the online and social media strength. Clinton’s base is deeper with a wider age range, which makes sense when you consider people have wanted her to run for 15 years. Of course, that doesn’t mean Sanders couldn’t pull ahead. And then there’s the Biden decision … still waiting, Joe …

Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Animals & the Environment and Good Cop/Bad Cop

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 So who really won the first debate, Hillary or Bernie? Corporate media says Hillary, but the internet says Bernie. Then there’s the  big guys– are they playing fair? Does it really just depend on aesthetics? Chaffee, Webb  and O’Malley don’t seem to have much of a chance, but at least everyone came off as acting like adults, unlike the Gop debates. You can try charting it, but that’s just more confusing. In the end, it’s still too early to tell.

Abortion & Reproductive Rights


♀ FMF Supports New PPFA Policy, Congress Must Stop War on Women

♀ Report Finds Texas’ HB2 Increases Abortion Wait Times

♀ I had an illegal abortion in 1953. We need Roe v Wade to ensure no one else has to

Anti-abortion lawmakers are fanatically committed to an alternate “reality” when it comes to women’s reproductive rights. Women will always seek abortions, even if they are illegal. They always have and they always will, even if it means risking their health and their lives. That’s why it is vitally important to have access to safe abortions.

♀ Judge orders Utah to keep cash flowing to Planned Parenthood

♀ Oklahoma State Court Blocks One Anti-Abortion Measure, Allows Another

  Ted Cruz Demands Portrait Gallery Remove Bust Of Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

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CNN’s Debate Scripted by RWNJs

To summarize the debate: The candidates did the best they could against Anderson Cooper’s conservative attacks. Cooper was incredibly aggressive, as if he was on crack, constantly interrupting the candidates with the bullshit line “with all due respect”. It was clear he had no respect for any of the candidates. But why should he? He’s conservative trash working for a conservative network. I turned it off before it ended.

In the internet age, we get all the news we need from reputable, online sources. CNN is a major reason why people like myself have “cut the cord” and turned to streaming devices like Roku that allow us to filter out conservative nonsense. I would encourage everyone to go to and submit a complaint about this sham of a debate. Thankfully, CNN will not have another Democratic debate.

Phony Christians: Pope’s Too Holy!

Pope FrancisWho didn’t see this coming: The Catholic Church elects a Pope that is not only everything one expects a Pope to be, but appeals to a wide range of people, and the Right’s phony Christians’ heads are exploding. Here are a few of the headlines:

The un-Christian immorality of socialist Pope Francis

This guy describes Pope Francis as:

“… an Argentinean radical whose elevationJesus Pssst to the papacy represented the triumph of radical Leftism in the Catholic Church’s hierarchy. Francis’ radicalism, as well as his corresponding anti-Christianity, were on open display this past week during his visit to the United States, during which he addressed Congress, “preached” at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and participated in a fake, socially engineered “spontaneous” photo op with a child of illegal immigrants that could be used to browbeat Americans for seeking to defend our own borders.”

These yahoos see “radical leftists” wherever compassion, empathy, or humanity rear their ugly heads. In the past, Phony Right Wing Christians have viewed the Pope as their religious battering ram. Pope Francis it seems, is not about to be a foil for their mangling of religion.

Is Pope Francis the False Prophet?

AngelOfGriefThere are some factors that seem to indicate Pope Francis could well be the False Prophet while others would argue against it.

Pope Francis is a strong proponent of “social justice”, which is simply a politically correct term for socialism.

Pope Francis’ lifestyle of humility and simplicity is causing him to become very popular very quickly.

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pope ever.

Per Saint Peter Catholic Church:

“The Society of Jesus (Latin: Societas Iesu, S.J., SJ or SI) is a male religious congregation of the Catholic Church. The members are called Jesuits. The society is engaged in evangelization and apostolic ministry in 112 nations on six continents. Jesuits work in education (founding schools, colleges, universities and seminaries), intellectual research, and cultural pursuits. Jesuits also give retreats, minister in hospitals and parishes, and promote social justice and ecumenical dialogue.”

Wow, put the nail in the coffin, this guy must be the devil himself, caring about the poor, rejecting the gilded palatial Pope life, and -YIKES!- riding in a Fiat. And you just know that word intellectual is scaring the bejeezus out of them.

Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller (I know, it’s a rag, but it’s a conservative rag), whether intentionally or not, made my point for me (emphases are mine):

arroganceif this is a harbinger of things to come, it could be the end of an alliance that has lasted for more than three decades. Disagreements over theology and spiritual matters aside, conservatives of all faiths loved Pope John Paul II (even when he opposed the Iraq war), and should be rooting for Francis, too…

But there is a worry that Francis is now returning to a sort of pre-John Paul II, “Vatican II” brand of Catholicism which stressed non-judgmentalism.

Oh say it ain’t so! What will they do if they can’t be all judgmental and shit? This gem is perhaps the most entertaining, though:

If Pope Francis Is The Best Christianity Can Do, Perhaps Christianity Requires Another Reformation

That headline comes from no other than Red State, the one run by Erick Erickson, Bogus Christian extraordinaire, who famously referred to a Supreme Court Justice as a “goat-fucking child molester”. Who wouldn’t flock to his website to get a “real” Christian’s perspective? The writer (not Erickson), who probably shares some DNA with George Will, writes (Put your waders on):

If The Catholic Church chooses to reduce itself to being just another boring Left-wing interest group that shills for the collective immiseration of mind, body and spirit that Marxism typically entails, then it needs and deserves condign replacement as a legitimate moral authority. This is quite the radical proclamation, but only when viewed through the lens of credulous, rather than skeptical faith.

There was no problem when previous Popes “shilled” for the Right. (FYI: You dont have to use every brand-spankin’ new word you’ve learned in one post.) You can read this guy’s drivel if you want, but the short version is: Pope bad, unfettered greed and capitalism good.

These folks don’t scream about things like Mafia Dons being allowed Catholic funerals, or the church annulling Newt Gingrich’s 20 year second marriage so he could marry his mistress. No, they get all up in arms about the love thy neighbor stuff. I think some intense Bible study is in order for these “Christians”. In the meantime, I’m pretty sure the Pope will be just fine without their blessings.

The President’s Weekly Address: Writing the Rules for a Global Economy

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NewsMax Conservative: Firearms are an Earned Privilege, Not an Absolute Right

A conservative at NewsMax, fed up with mass shootings, went-off this week on the second-amendment absolutists:

Time also to put to bed this second amendment absolute right. Make it a privilege, not an automatic right of DNA passage. Force gun owners to undergo intrusive background checks including mental health exams. Take required gun safety courses. Renew them every year. And while we’re here, how about being held criminally responsible when failing to lockup weapons and keep them from kids, and from those who have no reason to be around something that can take another life. In other words, earn that privilege. Work for it. Be responsible. And pay the price when your actions are the reason an 8 year old kid gets blown away.

[ … ]

Because let me ask you a simple question here. And think about this before you answer. Don’t just knee jerk. Think about this for a moment. What is more important? Words on a piece of paper that can be changed and create a better and a safer life for everyone, including every kid in America and every adult? Or the piece of paper that gets handed to family members with the words “Death Certificate” top of the page? Your choice.

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Friday Feminism – Gun Violence, Women In Politics and In Memory

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Sylva Stoel, aka @QueenFeminist, with Bernie Sanders. Photo: Sylva Stoel via the Washington Post

Sylva Stoel, aka @QueenFeminist, with Bernie Sanders. Photo: Sylva Stoel via the Washington Post

 Meet the feminists who want a man in the White House – I have been asked on occasion why, as a Feminist, I support Bernie Sanders.  Shouldn’t I be supporting Hillary Clinton?  I usually try to make the point that supporting Hillary just because of her gender is not Feminism. If that is your thought process, why not support Carly Fiorina? She also meets the gender requirement. Obviously, no liberal, or even Democrat is going to do so, and why? Because her principles are contrary to ours. Same with Hillary, though thankfully to a much lesser extent. She was initially against marriage equality, supporting the defense of marriage act. She is certainly in bed with Big Money. Supporting Hillary just because of her gender is pure sexism. Supporting the candidate most likely to bring our ideals to fruition and usher in an era of fairness and equality- that’s Feminism.

Abortion & Reproductive Rights

♀ GOP Probe Into Planned Parenthood Funding Comes Up Empty – Political posturing and chasing boogiemen sends more of our tax dollars down the drain.

♀ Judge rules that anti-Planned Parenthood activists can give Congress undercover videos

♀ Australia Deports Anti-Abortion Extremist Troy Newman

Congress violates Constitution with Planned Parenthood vote

The framers knew the dangers that bills of attainder pose to individual liberty and separation of powers and wrote the protection against them into the first article of the Constitution. Unfortunately, it appears that members of Congress, like my students on day one of their constitutional law course, do not know about this basic constitutional protection.”

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