Bernie Sanders Perfectly Answers Bill Clinton Question; Fox News Exploits

At a recent Bernie Sanders event, somebody asked the senator about Bill Clinton’s notorious sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky. Sanders perfectly answered by strongly condemning those actions but reminding everyone that politics need to be about the issues and that his main competitor is Hillary Clinton, not Bill Clinton.

Cue in the far unbalanced Fox News Facebook alert that quotes Sanders as saying, “What Bill Clinton did, I think we can all acknowledge, was totally, totally, disgraceful and unacceptable.” It’s interesting that the fair and balanced network that seems so unwilling to report on Sanders, unless it involves outrageous displays of red-baiting, is so quick to quote the senator when he criticizes somebody very close to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Fox News provides absolutely no context for that quote, which allows Fox to quote-mine Sanders’s words as a means of attacking Clinton.

Poor logic doesn’t necessarily mean the conclusion isn’t right, but when the heaviest of drinkers are still recovering from their new years hangovers and Fox News only has silly ad hominem attacks to throw at Hillary Clinton, it should raise some red flags that maybe the right wing doesn’t have any ideas of substance. So long as facts and any semblance of human decency prevail in this election, it will be a long year (or should I say four years, or should I say eight years) for the Republicans. As much as we’d like to see them go down in flames, just keep in mind two things: the right-wing PR propaganda machine is so strong that reality will never be proven right, and we all come out as losers no matter what with that sort of attitude.

Sanders’s comments also provide quite the contrast to the mud-slinging Republican candidates. While they continue attacking each other in all sorts of ridiculous ways, the Democratic candidates for the most part try winning on pure substance. The Democratic candidates criticize each others’ differences, which leads to healthy and very important debate. Attacking Hillary Clinton for what her husband did is no way to solve legitimate policy issues. Talking about and debating policy issues is one way to come to a conclusion. That idea makes too much sense though; how could the media report on such honest discourse without there being a forced divide and conflict, exacerbated by the balance fallacy? If 97 percent of scientists think climate change is real, then surely there must be another side to the debate, right? No. Substance need only apply, and time and time again, only the Democrats show that substance. The substance may come short of progressive ideals, but it’s at least productive, and it doesn’t give a crap about sexual exploits from about two decades ago.

Another Fringe Idea Becomes More Mainstream: The Convention of States

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, the same governor that sent his own state troopers to check on the Jade Helm military exercise that conspiracy theorists believed was the start of the government’s program to put dissenters in FEMA concentration camps and impose Martial Law, just voiced his support for convention that would pass nine amendments to the Constitution. The Constitution badly needs amending (we’re especially looking at you, Second Amendment, and Amendments like the third as well), but if the right wing wants something that seems sensible, there’s a very good chance there’s more to the story.


The proposed Amendments wouldn’t address antiquated ideas, like the thought that an armed populous could stop a tyrannical government when today’s government has nuclear weapons and drones. Oh, it’s much better and important. The Amendments would restore power back to the states and even weaken the power of the Supreme Court. In other words, these Amendments would make the federal government’s laws and regulations suggestions, rather than law, so that states would be free to do as they please. It’s an extreme version of the states rights argument, which is a thinly-veiled attempt to justify actions such as eliminating social safety nets, abortion clinics (really all women’s health and family planning, for whatever reason), equal opportunity, marriage equality, and so on. The recent attention on this idea also comes at a time when some high profile Republicans attended a forum on poverty, which given their track records and blatant conflict of interests, marks one of the most cruel and sociopathic shams in recent memory. How any human could look other poor and desperate humans in the eye and promise them poverty solutions, while fully knowing the Republican party supports reverse Robin Hood economics, is something beyond what about 99 percent of the population can understand (sociopaths are thought to represent about 1 percent of the population, though some estimates put that number a little higher).

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m honestly too speechless to provide more insight right now, and sadly, that’s a very effective strategy the right uses. They simply dumbfound rational people to the point where they can’t even formulate a response. And by the way, Marco Rubio, the “establishment candidate,” backs this convention of states idea.

One of the fail-safes behind the First Amendment is that despite the fact that it’s legal to spout fringe ideas, the free press and majority of the population would keep those ideas at the fringes. When people don’t pay attention, and when the media spend their time broadcasting full Donald Trump rallies rather than looking behind the curtain, these ideas creep into the main stream. Somehow combating climate change and repairing our embarrassing infrastructure become ridiculous ideas. No, these ideas are ridiculous, and repeating lies a thousand times over will never change that fact.

Cruz Offers Free Gun to Lucky Winner

I just received a mass email from the Ted Cruz campaign titled “gun grab” and promises to give away “an exclusive, engraved shotgun to protest Barack Obama’s latest anti-gun executive orders,” to one lucky winner.

Something tells me Cruz won’t be in attendance tonight at the town hall about guns that the president will attend, hosted by Anderson Cooper. It’s just so much easier to tap into his paranoid and delusional supporters who believe Obama’s coming for their guns so he can throw dissenters in camps and impose his will on the country.

Hearing Obama’s actual arguments and reading up on the evidence that supports those arguments might actually get people to change their minds. However, when you tap into fear and wave a fancy gun as a prize in their faces, they get distracted like a toddler and jingly keys.

When you start to get into the mindset of this very vocal minority, you start to see why sensible gun laws don’t even have a chance to be heard, even when a strong majority of conservatives and N.R.A. members support background checks. Demagogues like Cruz only make matters worse, and what makes him so much more terrifying than Donald Trump is his ability to smartly play dog-whistle politics. Still much more to come about guns, Cruz, the town hall, and the role and ties extremist gun groups play and have in this mess.

The Silly Fringe

I really enjoy the mountains and taking a train to get there, so I recently looked at the Amtrak train that runs from Washington to Vermont. A plan for this train line would extend service up to Montreal, supplementing Amtrak’s Montreal train. Even if that change never or rarely benefits me, expanded rail helps alleviate road congestion, reduce travel dangers, reduce pollution and emissions, and provide affordable service especially to those without cars or in under-served rural areas. It all sounds good until I realize a train running from our capital to Canada can only mean that America is in fact preparing to join the North American Union. Most people have never heard of the North American Union, and that’s for good reason too. To the unsuspecting person, the North American Union may sound like something normal when casually worked into conversation or debate, but it’s anything but because it’s really a fringe conspiracy theory. The scary thing is how these ideas creep into more mainstream rhetoric without anyone calling the ideas out as fringe.

Radio show host Alex Jones pushes the majority of the crazy conspiracy theories. He thinks Mexico, America, and Canada will form a North American Union, which serves as a precursor for the New World Order, as controlled by the global elitist international bankers and so on and so forth. Most people see these ideas as baseless nonsense when presented with the full arguments. When someone slips in a broad mention that alludes to the conspiracy theory and it goes unchallenged and/or it’s unclear what source the speaker uses, a conspiracy theory becomes part of mainstream rhetoric without most people realizing it.

Jones will claim that news about long distance freeway roads is evidence of a transnational superhighway that will put America one step closer to the North American Union, which is where I got the humorous idea that a train running from Washington to Canada must further be proof. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jones eventually make such a claim if the rail line ever extends to Canada. You could argue the number of valid reasons for the extension to Montreal, and Jones would ignore those points and go on about how a train could eventually run from Washington to Mexico to further prove his conspiracy theory. In this sort of context, with an ability to critically think and challenge, it’s obvious these theories stand on no evidence and fall apart quickly when exposed. Crazy leaps of logic, shoehorning, circular reasoning, and a number of other logical fallacies look like smoke-and-mirrors in this context, but these tactics and deceit may look a lot more convincing in other settings.

The Republican debates and corporate media talking heads provide the biggest platform for fringe ideas to work their way into the mainstream by slyly introducing the ideas and receiving no push back. Live coverage of the San Bernardino shootings on CNN had a former Navy SEAL already blaming gun-free zones as the event was still just unfolding. With almost no facts to work with yet, this commentator speculated and also happened to be wrong. Oh, and that actually happened during the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon, but nobody has time to remember such minor details, like what the victims, who died preventable deaths that will forever haunt their loved ones, were like and what their dreams were because gun violence happens so frequently.

The gun-free zones canard pops up quite often in mainstream media despite originally being contained to fringe right-wing online content. It sounds legitimate enough, and we usually see no real push back on those claims, the need to present both sides as equal, and filibustering of the segment’s time to prevent the other side from a proper rebuttal. A lot of people may follow the red herring, even though in this case for example, the theory has no basis in reality. A situation in which a bunch of civilians draw their own weapons makes matters more dangerous, and it makes it harder for law enforcement to determine who the bad guy is. Most mass shooters have personal connections to the places they target, and the majority of those shootings didn’t occur in gun-free zones. The argument’s already falling apart quickly, and that’s before getting into the roots of these fringe ideas.

The National Rifle Association pushes this claim and many others that have been refuted time and time again. The N.R.A.’s goal is to act as a trade organization for gun manufacturers, and like Big Tobacco, they use unscientific, nonfactual fringe ideas. Militia groups like the Gun Owners of America pull the N.R.A. further to the right when the rhetoric starts turning really extreme, paranoid, and violent. These far-right gun and white supremacist groups especially push these lies because they believe that their guns will save them from the government. They go beyond the silliness of thinking the Second Amendment will still protect the people against the government. They tend to not recognize the federal government, refuse to pay taxes, revise history. They oppose gun control fearing that the government will take their guns away, put the dissenters in FEMA concentration camps, and impose the New World Order while Obama declares Marshall and Sharia laws, or whatever the soup of the day is. A lot of these people believe the government stages false flag operations, in which they actually use crisis actors to fake events like Sandy Hook, and these theories of course all tie into Alex Jones. He’s the master Truther, especially when it comes to thinking Bush did 9/11. Now it’s a lot easier to see that a red herring like “gun-free zones” actually comes from some very fringe and wacky rhetoric and carries with it no evidence.

Even if bad information doesn’t lead to any bad policy changes, it still gives voice to the fringe. They have a chance to try and push their agendas that are filled with hate and extremism, whether it be anti-gay, anti-abortion, White Supremacy, Islamophobia, and so on. Some of the Republican presidential candidates this year attended events hosted by extreme groups, like the Family Research Council. Ted Cruz accepted the endorsement of Gun Owners of America, which has ties to white supremacist groups (much more thoughts on guns later following the president’s statements from earlier today). Trump just sent out a campaign email about how Phyllis Schlafly supports him. She runs the hate group, Eagle Forum, and pushes a number of far-right ideas and conspiracy theories, including the North American Union. Most people don’t even realize that politicians have ties to these groups.

Dog whistle politics can push fringe ideas right past the unsuspecting public, whether the coded words are something like racism or allusions to specific conspiracy theories. Campaign finance laws are already weak enough and get weaker each year, making it harder to figure out what powerful interests support which politicians. It’s silly to ignore how some politicians so openly embrace the fringe when the media could so easily point out these relationships and how faulty and extreme their arguments are. There are real consequences for these actions.



Democrats Must Unite Behind Nominee

Some Democrats on Twitter are starting to sound like Republicans; adopting the “my way or the highway” mentality. A number of Clinton and Sanders supporters are saying they will not vote at all if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination.

That will be devastating for the country.

Elizabeth WarrenThere is NO group in society right now that will not suffer if Republicans take control in 2016. I’m not talking just the Presidency; The House, Senate, and State Legislatures in the hands of Republicans are just as dangerous. I never thought I’d have to make the case for Democrats to Democrats, but some people seem to have lost sight of the big picture. So let me recap who’s at risk if Republicans succeed in 2016:

Black America will not get Police or criminal justice reform, and the senseless deaths of Black children will continue, if not escalate. Their voting rights will be systematically stripped away and no remedy will be found at the Supreme Court.

Latinos will never see the Dream Act come to fruition, and discrimination will become the norm in Red States. People who have lived here for decades will be deported, and their children will be left in limbo.

LGBT rights will cease to exist. There will be no anti-bullying laws to protect youth, no anti-discrimination policies in the job place, and marriage rights will be rolled back.

College students will see their student loans privatized, current rates will be raised, and loans become harder to get. Soon, only the wealthy will be able to access higher education.

K-12 Education will be dumbed down to the point where it becomes a laughing stock around the world, and an impediment to higher education. They’ll graduate believing Jesus was a Founding Father and rode a dinosaur in the Revolutionary War.

Seniors will be expected to work longer, despite the discrimination against their age group in the workforce. They will lose the lifelines of Social Security and Medicare, leaving them with the choice of dependency or poverty.

Women will become 2nd class citizens, with health decisions being dictated by the government, sex discrimination in the workplace being legalized, pregnancy becoming a reason for termination, and employers controlling what health insurance options they are “allowed”.

Muslims will be discriminated against and threatened, their Mosques vandalized and burned, their children bullied and endangered, with absolutely no legal recourse to prevent it.

Employees will not see a minimum wage increase, in fact some Republicans will attempt to abolish the minimum wage entirely. Unions will be legislated out of existence, which will in turn affect the pay of many others. OSHA will be toothless, and many laws such as overtime will be rolled back.

Veterans will continue to struggle upon their return from service with no job or housing programs, while Republicans declare more wars, creating even more poor and homeless Veterans.

Poor and Middle Class Voters will see a huge tax burden shifted to their backs. The GOP will hand out more tax breaks to  corporations and the 1%. States will compensate for lost revenue by raising sales taxes, and fees for government services, taking bigger chunks of income from the non-wealthy.

ACA Insured will lose the healthcare they’ve finally got, and emergency rooms will become the only medical care many receive. College kids will become uninsured again, and people with life-threatening diseases will end up waiting to die.

And finally: GUNS WILL BE EVERYWHERE: Go out to eat, shop, drop the kids at school, go to the movies, go to work, attend class, go to the park or sporting event, walk your dog, take your baby out in the stroller, wherever you go, you will not know the “bad guys” from the “good guys” until the next person or group is murdered.

Everything this President has accomplished will be decimated by Republicans, and we will be involved in a war again in no time. But by all means, if your candidate isn’t nominated, stay home. I hope you’ll still feel as self-righteous when one of the issues I’ve mentioned hits a friend or your family, because HAVE NO DOUBT, ONE WILL.


Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday Season

merry everything

$100 of Blue States’ Purchasing Power Shifts to Loafer Red Takers

You’d never know it by the whining propaganda spewed by self-absorbed GOP politicians complaining about the tax burdens suffered by their conservative constituents is a hoax. The national map offers an insightful review to the reality of whom the ‘ACTUAL TAKERS’ are compared to ‘ FEEBLE PAYERS’.

Seems the miserly mid-West & the dirty south get the most bang for their $100 clams. Standing on the tradition of living atop the shoulders of their hardworking, industrious coastal neighbors, they grift a profitable edge. Not surprising, the unsatisfied, regressive gluttons demand to siphon more purchasing power from the diverse, open minded folks. Again the strategy of the Republicans is to sit back, complain, masquerade as victims and pretend they contribute an equitable share to tax burden that they demonstrably skip out on.

How-The-Grinch-Stole-Christmas-Animated-RebootSo, if you reside on the east or west coast and anyone complains about the cheap or skimpy booty of gifts received, point them south & west to collect the rest.



Priebus Thanks Base For Staying Stupid

We figured Reince Priebus sits at home sweating every time Democrats debate, praying that his base isn’t watching; well, we were right. In one of the most Un-American, Un-Patriotic statements by the head of a major political party, Priebus put out this tweet after Saturday’s debate:

Priebus tweet

As usual, this GOP tweet didn’t get the intended response:

priebus tweet responses

Just the idea that the head of the Republican Party would thank his voters for not being engaged says everything you need to know about the GOP.

The debate is over, your voters are still ignorant; now go change your undies, Reince.

Respect, Honor and Integrity Still Survive in Our Nation

obama respect
















A rare, public display of integrity of character demonstrated between honorable men. Reminiscent of an age of respect lost in America along with roll up car windows. A sight NEVER demonstrated by ANY conservative. A code of conduct embodied by liberals, Democrats and progressives even to the MOST undeserving, cowards and treacherous i.e. Bush Administration.

Praise and appreciation for President Obama for his service to our country in the face of domestic and foreign enemies. And a heartfelt thank you from our nation to military veterans who live the values of #ServiceAboveSelf.

Another Reason to Adore Icon Michael Moore; He Exposes Trump’s Cowardice Tracks Back Decades

mm holding sign we are all muslim in nyc front of trump shit

Yes, I am a Michael Moore fan! In his tradition of exposing ugliness and shining light on issues or people that disgust decent people, his recent target is draft-dodger Trump. Moore reminisces upon the first time the four-time bankruptcy scavenger, quivered and nearly sh*t his pants at the prospect of appearing on the same talk show. The low life confided his fear to the show’s producer ‘….you didn’t want to be “ripped apart” and you wanted to be reassured I wouldn’t “go after you.”
…Figures, Trump ever the bully lacks the courage or wit to confront a MAN in a confrontation, without body guards or a crowd of white supremacist supporters fighting his battles.

Mr. Moore, always the gentlemen, approached the sniveling slug and states,”The producer says you’re worried I might say or do something to you during the show. Hey, no offense, but I barely know who you are. I’m from Michigan. Please don’t worry — we’re gonna get along just fine!” However, the director departed with a flawless assessment of Trump’s character, “struck by how you, a self-described tough guy from Queens, seemed like such a fraidey-cat….and….”What a wuss,”…

Ironic, two decades later, he characterized the entire conservative movement with accuracy: perpetrating gutsy talking, weaklings perpetually turning tail and flees from threats, to let others fight / die in battle.

Conversely, the best and most poignant part of the posting is Michael Moore continues by challenging the insanity of fear. White guys breathlessly snuggle in the bosom of their xenophobia at the changing demographics and electorate. Manifested crazy ideas of raising walls, denying refuge to fleeing victims of violence because they’re ‘OTHER’. So he requests support with a pict & signing his petition to rail against this hate… Don’t forget your pict.

Merry Christmas Corporate America

Press Statement from Citizens For Tax Justice, Dec. 16, 2015:

corp greedFollowing is a statement by Bob McIntyre, director of Citizens for Tax Justice, regarding the announcement of $680 billion tax cut package (split between the extenders and omnibus bills) to be considered by Congress in the next few days.

“At a time when we already face a $7 trillion budget hole over the next decade, increasing that hole by $680 billion to pay for a new package of tax breaks is an absolute disgrace. This tax-cut package would lose more revenue than was “raised” by the fiscal cliff package in 2013.

“It is outrageous that lawmakers have fought all year over how to pay for essential public investments like our highway program, yet they have no problem putting hundreds of billions in mostly wasteful corporate tax breaks onto our nation’s credit card.

“In particular, two of the biggest components of this package, making permanent the “active finance exception” for multinational financial corporations and the much-abused research credit, are nothing but ineffective giveaways to the nation’s wealthiest corporations.

“To be sure, the package does include some needed help for working families, by extending President Obama’s improvements to the EITC and the Child Credit. But these good things come at far too high a price.

“As a whole, this tax package is mostly a lobbyist-wrapped Christmas present for our nation’s biggest corporations.”

Why Is Zach Wahls, Iowan And LGBT Activist, A Hillary Supporter?

YouTube Preview Image