Senator Cory Booker

Congrats to the newly elected, junior Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey. Booker replaces the late Senator Frank Lautenberg and returns the Senate to a 55-45 Democratic majority.


Booker trounced the tea party candidate Steve Lonegan. Sarah Palin campaigned for Lonegan [it didn't help him] and, as usual, she spoke at rallies with notes written on her hand [and she mocks the President for using a teleprompter].

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The Anti-American Lunatic Fringe Reacts to Their Shutdown Ending

The second-best thing about the end to the Teapublican government shutdown and debt crisis is the reaction by the lunatic fringe to losing, badly.

In the category of “most likely to end up in prison and become the bitch of some really big dude”, here’s Teddy Nugent with his purty lips flappin’:

Romney VoterThe threat of me running for public office is alive and well because obviously our government has been overtaken by gangsters and America-haters. I mean we have a liar for a president. You know the president of the United States is a racist.

[On the federal budget, Nugent said:]

Let’s put it this way: For every 5,000 federal employees, I could hire one person to do a better job. It is so wasteful. It’s engineered obsolescence, it’s engineered redundancy. Fedzilla is convinced they can operate with impunity.

And I have a message for Harry Reid and the president, ‘Eat Me!

According to conservative writer Debbie Schlussel, that was exactly what was on Nugent’s sick mind at 28 years old when he was having oral sex with Courtney Love when she was only 12 years old. And then it happened again with a 17 year old Hawaiian girl who was too young to marry Nugent so he talked her parents into making Teddy her legal guardian (eewww!). Oh, but there’s so much more to Teddy’s disgusting, immoral past. Schlussel’s 2007 post (updated in 2009) explains that Nugent has had 7 kids from 5 different women, having only been married to two of them. It just screams “family values”.

This delusional fool thinks Americans will look beyond his sick past and elect him because of his loud mouth and chickenhawk antics. An assault rifle slung over the shoulder and being eager to push the U.S. into another war in the middle-east doesn’t mean squat when Teddy’s real-life “military experience” consists of shitting and pissing himself to dodge the Vietnam draft.

Please Teddy, make my dreams come true and run for office. Be the guy who puts that last nail in the Republican Party’s coffin.

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Obama Stands His Ground, America Wins

The U.S. Senate has announced a deal that ends the government shutdown and increases the debt ceiling with no concessions on Obamacare. John Boehner has signaled there will be a House vote on the Senate deal and there will be enough votes to pass the legislation.

The details from Crooks and Liars:

Under the plan, a $986 billion government funding bill would reopen federal agencies until Jan. 15, and the debt ceiling would be lifted until Feb. 7. The two parties would be given the opportunity to cut a larger-scale budget agreement to slash future deficits as a bicameral conference committee would have until Dec. 13 to finalize such a deal.

Kudos to the President for not negotiating with the domestic terrorists in the radical right who were willing to take down America over a law they didn’t like. As Jay Carney said in the White House Press Briefing today, giving in to ransom demands by a small minority in Congress to keep the government open and prevent default on our debt would have set a dangerous precedent for all future presidents from either party.

The House just passed the bill by a vote of 285-144, proof positive that teabaggers are no longer needed or wanted to govern. The Senate passed the bill earlier by a vote of 81-18. The President will sign the bill sometime on Thursday.

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Election Reports – Central States – 10/16/13

Congresswoman Terri Sewell – Alabama, 7th District

Terri_SewellTerri Sewell is the two-term congresswoman of Alabama’s 7th District. Sewell is the first black woman to serve in the Alabama Congressional Delegation. She was first elected in 2010 with 72% of the vote and re-elected in 2012.

In her first term, Sewell served as Democratic Freshman Class President and was Regional and Senior Whip. She has served on the House Committee on Agriculture, the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, the Committee on Financial Services and various subcommittees. Sewell is also a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Sewell’s key issues are education, health care, jobs and the economy. She’s a strong proponent of the Affordable Care Act.

Before entering politics, Sewell was known for her academic achievements; first African-American valedictorian at Selma High, winner of the Marshall/Commonwealth Scholarship, graduated cum laude from Princeton in 1986, received her Masters degree from Oxford University in 1988 and graduated from Harvard Law in 1992 where she was the Editor of Civil Rights and Liberties Law Review. She clerked for a NYC law office and then became a partner in the Birmingham law office of Maynard, Cooper & Gale, P.C. as one of the only black Public Finance lawyers in Alabama.

Sewell’s 2014 opponents have yet to announce.

Research by Tristeen Bownes


Congressman Cedric Richmond – New Orleans, LA, 2nd District

Cedric_RichmondCedric Richmond, the two-term congressman of Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District, was first elected to the House in 2010 after receiving 55 percent of the vote, defeating the Republican incumbent. Richmond was re-elected in 2012 after receiving 55 percent of the vote.

Richmond earned his bachelor’s from Morehouse College in Atlanta (1995), a Juris Doctorate from Tulane University (1998), and a graduate of the Harvard University Executive Education Program. Prior to his move to the House, Richmond was first elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 2000 when he was 26, which made him one of the youngest legislators in the state’s history.

As a member of the state legislature until 2011, Richmond was in placed in the spotlight during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the BP oil spill in 2010. Following Hurricane Katrina, Richmond used his position in the legislature to introduce amendments and bills that have allocated millions to improve wetland restoration, drilling permits, public housing and other areas that were impacted during the super storm. In response to the BP oil spill, Richmond, along with U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, were able to initiate pressure on BP, which led to its $20 billion compensation fund, and acquire federal aid for displaced shipyard workers due to the spill. He drew mixed reactions when he voiced his support for continued BP drilling following the spill.

Richmond currently serves on the House Committee on Homeland Security and the House Committee on the Judiciary.

Richmond will run for re-election in 2014. His opponents have yet to announce. Touting a record of action and leadership in response to disasters, Richmond seems to have the upper hand on his future challengers through the favor of his constituents.

Research by Lawrence Mason III

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Another Page From the Book of Conservative Hypocrisy

teen pregnancyNebraska is one of the conservative states that has enacted a bogus “parental consent law” for minors seeking an abortion. I say bogus because anyone who believes that any conservative court would grant any minor judicial bypass is living in a fantasy world.

From RH Reality Check:

The state’s parental consent law, passed in 2011, includes an option for a judicial bypass of the parental consent requirement in three narrow situations: a medical emergency, a showing of abuse or neglect in the home, or if the court determines by “clear and convincing evidence that the pregnant woman is both sufficiently mature and well-informed to decide whether to have an abortion.”

Now comes a 16 year old ward of the state, currently living in a foster home,  seeking judicial bypass – RH Reality Check:

…despite the fact that the minor testified that she effectively raised her younger siblings, was planning to graduate high school early, and had undergone extensive counseling related to her decision to terminate her pregnancy, the court found that she failed to establish that she was sufficiently mature enough to make the decision on her own.

Obviously, “maturity” is a subjective term, but this is conservative logic:

You’re not mature enough to decide you shouldn’t have a child, but you are mature enough to be forced to have one with no education, no skills, and no job to provide for that child. By the way, in a few years we’ll be heaping our particular brand of scorn on you for being a single Mom “on the dole” as we love to put it.

We knew this was coming ladies, and if Conservatives continue to be elected, it won’t be just teenagers being forced to have children they didn’t plan on.

While we’re on the subject of scorn, in the “God-fearing” conservative state of Indiana, where a 14 year old victim of sexual assault decided to keep her baby, Think Progress reports:

…the girl has encountered vicious public shaming from her community…

“I can’t walk out the door without someone calling TeenagePregnancyPrevention_zps87757206me a whore or slut,” the girl said. “I used to have a lot of friends, or people I thought were my friends, but as soon as this happened I just isolated myself.”

The repeated vandalism incidents at the family’s home — including the words “whore” and “slut” scrawled on the garage doors — were reported to police… no charges were filed because there were no witnesses to the acts.

Those “family values” Conservatives – don’t you just love ‘em?

Unfortunately, these young women won’t get a TV show or speaking gig for their unplanned pregnancies like a certain half-term governor’s daughter; they’ll actually have to face the reality of being a teenage Mom, by choice or not.

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The Vulture Gets His Car Elevator

In the middle of the grand, Republican government shutdown, which is only the first part of the teabaggers’ broken government wet-dream, with hundreds of thousands of federal workers sitting home without a paycheck and government services suspended, and when an overwhelming majority of Americans (70%), and many Congressional Republicans, disapprove of the Republican Party’s handling of the shutdown, the politically tone-deaf Mittens has finally received approval for his Ritchie-Rich, megabucks-mansion and the ultimate, rich-man’s accessory – the $55,000 car elevator. Last Friday, the California Coastal Commission rejected the appeal of a neighbor to prevent groundbreaking on the 11,000 square foot mansion, which is nearly 4 times the size of Romney’s old, unlivable home (He had no room to display his classic toys, like his etch-a-sketch.). Oh wait, that’s his vacation home – he previously claimed that he lived in Massachusetts, in his son’s basement (totally believable).

carelevatorTo put this into perspective, lists the average annual salary of a federal worker at $49,000. That’s roughly $942 a week. Now that we’re starting the 3rd week of the government shutdown, the cost of Romney’s ridiculously extravagant car elevator could have paid the salaries of more than 19 federal workers for the past 3 weeks. Can you imagine what it must be like to be this disgusting, vulture capitalist, Mitt Romney? To accessorize his mansion’s garage with a piece of equipment that costs more than 3 weeks pay for 19 families, families that are going without their incomes because Romney’s obscenely rich pals decided to play chicken with their lives. Take that a step further and think about all the poor families Romney put out of work when he bought their companies, took out bad loans against the assets, siphoned off that money to Bain Capital, bankrupted the companies, and lost all the jobs. And now, he has a car elevator. I bet he’s so proud.

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

tedcruzI guess Ted Cruz has decided to be part of the “blame God for everything” crowd. At a Value Voters Summit over the weekend, Cruz was asked by David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network if God played a role in Cruz’s government shutdown fight, to which Cruz replied:

Well, David, you know at every stage, my prayer to God is that His will be done. As it will be.

So God told you to shut down the government of the world’s superpower because you prefer to leave millions without healthcare to die? I seriously doubt that, Teddy. And Mike Huckabee’s reply to that?

We gave the Democrats one incredibly early Christmas gift. I’m not going to fault Ted. He believes what he was doing was going to be helpful. But at the end of the day, you look and you ask, ‘Are we any closer to defunding Obamacare or ridding ourselves of it than we were?’ The answer is no.

Some conservative clown named Selwyn Duke (what kind of name is that? I think its Muslim!) is spreading a conspiracy theory that the firing of military generals in recent years is not because of their egregious conduct, but because Obama is preparing for martial law. From The Raw Story:

SelwynDukeIn an article published on the website American Thinker, Selwyn Duke, a regular guest on popular conservative talk radio shows, postulated that these recent firings are the Obama administration’s way of creating a “martial-law-ready military.” In addition to the firings, the administration “has given affirmative action in the military a dose of steroids, promoting minorities and women — and, I believe, homosexuals and lesbians — at the expense of white men,” he writes.

These actions are intended to create “a military climate” hostile to “traditionalists,” by which he means “white military men who are practicing Christians,” in order to force them to leave the service or, better yet, prevent them from ever enlisting. That would be all Obama needed to control “the body” of the armed forces, but he would also need to control “the head”.

Duke writes that given that “Obama is a shadowy figure with a penchant for hiding his past [and] has avowed communists in his administration [and] believed in old-style communist revolution…one’s imagination can conjure up some interesting scenarios” as to what Obama will do once he controls the “body” and “head” of the United States military.

Conspiracy nuts make it really hard to tell if they are crazy people or writers you might see in tabloids simply making-up the most outlandish stories to attract attention and make money.

Mary Kissel, WSJ board member appeared on the Fox Business channel and spit-out this whopper of lie (story by

marykisselDespite hundreds of thousands of wrongful foreclosures uncovered by investigators, Wall Street Journal editorial board member Mary Kissel claimed that “there hasn’t been a single homeowner who has been identified who was foreclosed on who shouldn’t have been foreclosed on” in a Friday appearance on Fox Business.

You would think a board member of the Wall Street Journal would have the sense not to use absolutes in any topic, like “there hasn’t been a single homeowner”. So you have data on every single homeowner in America, Ms. Kissel? Would you bet your paycheck on it?

Not only have there been hundreds of thousands of wrongful foreclosures, as ThinkProgress correctly stated, there was one high profile story where a family was wrongfully foreclosed on by Bank of America in Florida. Warren Nyerges, a retired policeman, and his wife paid cash for their home in 2009 and never had a mortgage, with any banking institution. Ibankofan early 2010, Bank of America foreclosed on their home. The family fought it in court and subsequently received a $2500 judgement against the bank for legal fees. When the bank did not pay after 5 months, the family received a judgement to seize the bank’s assets for failure to pay the judgement.  They had the local Sheriff send deputies to present the judgement to the local Bank of America branch with an order to “foreclose” on the bank if they did not immediately pay the judgement to the family. The deputies were instructed to seize everything inside the bank, including the cash. The bank manager spoke to his superiors and then gave the Sheriff deputies a check for the judgement and all of the family’s expenses, for $5772.88.

But it is possible that Ms. Kissel didn’t read or hear about that story or the thousands of other wrongful foreclosures in the Wall Street Journal or on the Fox Business channel. They are, afterall, owned by Rupert Murdoch. He and his conservative buddies need to keep those facts away from their fact-free reporting.

View the Stupid Conservative Quotes series.

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Election Reports – Western States – 10/14/13

Congresswoman Dina Titus – Las Vegas, NV, 1st District

dinatitusAlice Costandina “Dina” Titus grew up in Tifton, GA. She attended the College of William & Mary, A.B 1970 (Government), the U. of Georgia, M.A. 1973 (Political Science) and Florida State U., Ph.D. 1976 (Political Science). She was a professor of Government at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas until she retired and entered politics in 1988.

Titus represented the 7th District in the Nevada State Senate from 1988-2008. She served as the Democratic Minority Leader from 1993 to 2008. She lost a bid for Nevada Governor in 2006, was elected to the U.S. House in 2008, lost re-election in 2010, and then won again in 2012. She handily defeated her opponents in the 2012 election beating the Republican challenger by over 30 points.

During her service in the Nevada State Legislature, Titus was a champion for quality education and renewable energy development, and a strong advocate on behalf of Nevada’s children, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

Titus served as a member of the United States Civil Rights Commission. One of only eight members nationally, Dina was appointed to the Commission by Senator Harry Reid. The Commission meets monthly in Washington and addresses issues as diverse as voting rights, accommodations for people with disabilities, and discrimination in women’s sports on college campuses.

Titus will run for re-election in 2014. The Las Vegas Review Journal hints at a possible primary rematch with Democrat Ruben Kihuen who ran for the seat in 2012.

Research by Amabel Detwiler


Congresswoman Janice Hahn – Los Angeles, CA, 44th District

Janice_HahnBefore public service, Janice Hahn was a teacher, a businesswoman, and a single mother of three children. She was elected Councilwoman of the 15th District of the City of Los Angeles in 2001, served the communities of San Pedro, Watts, Wilmington, Harbor City, and Harbor Gateway for almost a decade.

Hahn was elected to Congress in a special election in July of 2011 and re-elected in November 2012 to the newly-drawn 44th District.  Her father, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenny Hahn, influenced her decision to serve the people. When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visited Los Angeles in 1962, Kenny Hahn was the only public official willing to meet Dr. King at the airport. When Janice Hahn ran in 2012 against an African American, 5-Year House veteran Laura Richardson, the respect for Hahn’s father in the African American community helped Hahn win the 44th District.

Hahn sits on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which includes her seats on the:

  • Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation
  • Subcommittee on Highways and Transit
  • Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment
  • Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials
  • She also sits on the Committee for Small Business, which includes:
    • Small Business Subcommittee on Health and Technology (as Ranking Member)
    • She has a seat on the Panel on 21st Century Freight Transportation.

Hahn is on numerous caucuses, including the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congressional Children’s Caucus and the Congressional Seniors Taskforce.

The 44th District includes the Port of Los Angeles and Hahn has been heavily involved in strengthening and securing our nation’s ports, sponsoring legislation such as the Port Security Grant Act of 2013 and the Port Opportunity Reinvestment and Training Act of 2013. She’s also sponsored legislation on gun restrictions and protecting women against violence and supporting women’s reproductive rights.

At this point, Hahn has no challengers for 2014 election.

Research by Ben Wayne

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Paul Ryan: Glutton For Punishment, Or Joe Lieberman Wannabe?

Paul Ryan is telling house Republicans to not support the proposal forwarded by Senate Republicans. That proposal will not make it to the house anyway, because Senate Democrats have rejected it. But the reasons Ryan gives his fellow inmates in the house asylum to not support the plan are just mind boggling:

[I]n a private meeting with House Republicans, Ryan said that by kicking the can down the road, the GOP would lose “leverage” in their fight against Obamacare.

Ryan’s main concern appears to be delaying the health care law’s individual mandate, but ThinkProgress points out that Ryan also emphasized the need to give employers the ability to deny birth control coverage based on moral or religious reasons.

According to the Post, some Republicans present for Ryan’s speech “grew visibly excited about the prospect of opposing” plans like Collins’.

Thank you for the eyebrow raising imagery WAPO… House Republicans “grew visibly excited”… so is that a debt limit default in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Why would Paul Ryan be wanting to fire up house Republicans for another showdown over Obamacare in as short a time as possible? After the drubbing they have been dealt for pulling this stunt, he is effectively saying “thank you ma’am, may I have another?”

Speculation that Senator Ted Cruz is a secret lefty and is doing all in his power to damage the Republican party should extend to Paul Ryan. Maybe Ryan is following the example of Senator Joe Lieberman. Having been selected as the vice presidential candidate on a losing campaign (well… Gore actually won, but play along here) Ryan is taking up the cause of the other party.

Remember how liberal heads exploded when Lieberman campaigned for his good buddy John McCain, even giving a speech at his convention? Imagine the freak-out on the right if Ryan throws his weight behind Hillary Clinton’s candidacy!

I suppose one other option is that Ryan actually thinks the best way forward for the Republican party is to repeat this crisis asap… but how delusional would he have to be to think like that?

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Classless Texan Fans Get Their Just Rewards

The Houston Texans starting quarterback, Matt Schaub, was injured in the third quarter of today’s game vs. the St. Louis Rams. As Schaub limped off the field his home crowd cheered his departure due to injury.

Matt Schaub is having a tough year, and his coach has allowed that he considered benching Schaub for this game, but the home crowd cheering the injury their own player is particularly tasteless. In this case however, the fates meted out justice upon the classless Texan fans in a way that is supremely ironic.

On the drive that Schaub was injured, his replacement marched the Texans down the field and then threw an interception. That is some small measure of universal payback in its own right, but the fates were even harsher to the ill-mannered Texan fans. The interception was returned 98 yards for a ‘pick six’ touchdown for the St. Louis Rams. The player who returned the interception outran the replacement quarterback to score the touchdown.

I’m quite certain that Schaub took no joy in the immediate discomfiture of his replacement after the rudeness shown him by his home crowd, because he is too classy. But the rest of the world must look at the example of the Houston louts, and the immediate come uppance they received, and feel that this is an example of some sort of universal justice.

Update: It seems the football gods had their fun with yours truly for writing this post.

I am a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan. Within an hour of my posting this indignant rant against the fans in Houston, Seattle’s kicker was injured. The Seattle crowd was much more circumspect in their reaction, but evidently fate looked upon this post and decided to teach me a lesson.

With the Seattle kicker recovering from a potential concussion (he would return later in the game, having only bloodied his nose) the regular long snap holder was upgraded to be the replacement kicker. That meant the holder on field goal attempts was a replacement. When Seattle marched down the field and set up for a chip shot field goal to end the half, the replacement holder fumbled the snap. The Titans recovered and returned the botched field goal attempt for a touchdown.

It should be noted that any lesson that fate meant to be imparted to me on my petulance to Texan fans is muted at best. Unlike the Texans, the Seahawks went on to win their game.

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Ed Henry Snubbed and Storms Out of Press Conference

A quick note on poor little Ed Henry of Fox News (that baby-faced little prick) being snubbed at the White House press briefing on Wednesday. What did he expect? If he’s going to act like a disrespectful dick every time he asks a question of Jay Carney, does he think Carney is obliged to take his crap? Of course not. The White House Press Corps, in general, is an entitled bunch of inflated egos. Carney should ignore all questions from Henry, Fox News, and all the other right-wing a-holes until the bullshit stops. Enough is enough.

ed henry snubbed

Please, call on me! I need face time on TV!

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Another Anti-American Vulture Capitalist

Listen to this anti-American contributor at Fox News commenting on Walmart’s plan to have more products that are made in America:

This whole notion of buy-American is actually un-American.

How does a greedy, corporate vulture get to the point where they hate American workers so much that they believe American-made products are un-American? Its simply because so many in the working class receive a living wage, which cuts into the vulture’s corporate profits and their multi-million dollar bonuses. They’re destroying America and brainwashing working-class Republicans into thinking they don’t deserve a decent wage, and they still manage to get their votes. THAT’s un-American.

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