Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Good Cop/Bad Cop and Gun Violence

Abortion & Reproductive Rights

House GOP Tries to Eliminate Public Funding for Family Planning

We Must Remain Vigilant, Even Fifty Years Later

One of the more obvious examples that comes to mind is last year’s Hobby Lobby ruling. This ruling essentially valued corporations over women. A majority of the Supreme Court ruled in Hobby Lobby that for-profit companies were free to discriminate against women by refusing to provide coverage for her reproductive health needs under the guise of “religious freedom.”

Events like these are downright depressing and frustrating. Why are people in power, most of whom are men, getting to make decisions about my reproductive health? Why are they trying to limit access to something that not only prevents pregnancy, but also clears acne,relieves PMS, and even lowers cancer risk?

Texas Anti-Choice Law Targets Teens

An Appeals Court Just Upheld the Law Closing Abortion Clinics in Texas

Catholics to US Senators: Do Not Support Harsh Abortion Ban

This is What Happens When Abortion is Outlawed – In Paraguay, a 10 year old girl, pregnant from being raped by her stepfather, has been denied an abortion. Such horrors can and will happen here, if the anti-abortion right wing has it’s way.

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Woo Hoo! Trump Is In!

Donald-Trump-Bad-HairIt’s going to be barrels of fun this run for the Republican nomination. After threatening hinting at a run for President since 2000, Donald Trump has declared his candidacy for the 2016 GOP nomination. At least he claims he’s a Republican now, has anyone checked lately? Here’s his party rundown from The Smoking Gun:

* JULY 1987: Trump registers for the first time from his Fifth Avenue penthouse. The real estate developer, 41 at the time, reports having previously been registered from his boyhood home in Queens (though his prior party affiliation is unclear). Trump enrolls as a REPUBLICAN.

trump hair* OCTOBER 1999: Trump dumps the GOP and enrolls as a member of the INDEPENDENCE PARTY.

* AUGUST 2001: Trump enrolls as a DEMOCRAT.

* SEPTEMBER 2009: After eight years as a Democrat, Trump returns to the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Trump-hair* DECEMBER 2011: Trump lasts two years before he again abandons the party of Ronald Reagan. He eschews the GOP in favor of siding with no party. On his registration form, “The Apprentice” star checks off the box marked “I DO NOT WISH TO ENROLL IN A PARTY.”

* APRIL 2012: Trump registers as a REPUBLICAN.

In fact, when Trump left the GOP in ’99, he said:

donald-trump-bad-hair“I really believe the Republicans are just too crazy right.”

Does he think the party’s normal now?

David Koch, of those Kochs, said of Trump in 2011: “…he’s really not qualified to be President.” Koch is one of the GOP/Tea Party big-time financiers, but Trump hardly need someone else’s money to run.

That same year, Karl Rove told Bill O’Reilly that Trump was “discrediting the Republican Party” with his birther talk. I know, funny right?

Of course, right off the bat Trump had to inform everyone what (he claims) he’s worth financially; what that has to do with anything other than his ego I don’t know. He seems to think that makes him more eligible than anyone else, but as Forbes reported in 2011:

Donald Trump has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times, in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009.

“… this isn’t me personally, it’s a company,” Trump said. “Basically I’ve used the laws of the country to my advantage…”

What the hell, hand him the reigns of America’s finances; what could go wrong?

Donald Trump is a clown. He’s neck and neck with Newt Gingrich for extra-marital affairs, he’s got the overblown ego of Ted Cruz, the sliminess of Mitt Romney, the bluster of Chris Christie, and the hair of… well I don’t even know where to go with that. Anyway… The fun is just beginning so buckle up- it’s going to be a wild ride.

Russell Brand On Hannity’s Defense Of Racist Cops

Even though its (hopefully) a small subset of the nation’s law enforcement, like every profession, there are racists in law enforcement. Unfortunately, these racists have a license to kill. Thanks to today’s smartphones, practically everyone is able to catch their racist actions on video. But as Brand points out, it doesn’t matter how many unarmed black kids are killed, Hannity will always defend racist cops. In Hannity’s warped mind, black kids are always asking for it.

YouTube Preview Image

Hannity assumes that if you’re black, you’re bound to be doing something illegal. Hannity told a black person last week:

But I can tell you one thing, and I can tell you a fact — that if you don’t do things that are wrong, if you’re not part of a gang, you’re not robbing, you’re not stealing, you’re not selling drugs, you’re not using drugs, you’re not violent, you’re not involved in any trouble, guess what’s going to happen? Nothing.

When will people understand that he, Sean Hannity, is representative of today’s conservatives? This is why you should get registered and vote!

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Launch

Hillary for America released the video of Hillary’s official Presidential campaign launch this weekend in NYC where she lays out her vision for the country.

YouTube Preview Image

Of all the crazy, right-wing hyperbole following Hillary’s speech the worst came from RWNJ in-chief Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch called Hillary’s call to fight discrimination against the LGBT community “fascist”. Rupert should know that it was the fascists in Nazi Germany who imprisoned and exterminated gays and lesbians. Sorry Rupert, but you and your right-wing, anti-gay followers are the fascists. Your recollection of history is completely backwards, like your conservative beliefs.

Wasting A Few Minutes On Ben Carson

Acclaimed neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is an idiot. Yes, he’s an intelligent man, but his willingness to dumb himself down to play in the GOP schoolyard is pathetic. As reported by CNN:

Ben Carson said Wednesday night that he was “irritated” by the comparison between the fight for same-sex marriage rights and the Civil Rights Movement because there’s no overt segregation against gays.

ben-carsonSpeaking on Fox News’ “Special Report”, Carson elaborated on his remarks on CNN in March that he believes being gay is a choice because people “go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay.”

The GOP presidential contender told host Brett Baier that he “shouldn’t have allowed my emotions” into the conversation, but was reacting to CNN host Chris Cuomo’s line of questioning on the issue.

“I was a little bit irritated that he was equating the whole [gay marriage] issue with the Civil Rights movement. Because, quite frankly, I didn’t remember any times when there were signs up that says, you know, ‘everybody else here and gay people have to drink at this fountain,'” he said.

I’m guessing Ben Carson doesn’t remember any times like this either:


Or this


Or even this


It took the Supreme Court ruling them unconstitutional in 1967 (Loving v. Virginia), to put an end to anti-interracial (anti-miscegenation) marriage laws in this country.  And as Gallup reported in 2013:

Continuing to represent one of the largest shifts of public opinion in Gallup history, 87% of Americans now favor marriage between blacks and whites, up from 4% in 1958.

Now, with the exception of (where else?) the South, no one bats an eye at inter-racial couples.

This year Gallup reports, support for gay marriage is 60%, up from 27% in 1996. Will the Supreme Court come through again?

More importantly, will history remember Dr. Ben Carson as the brilliant neurosurgeon, or the willing conservative dupe?

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Only 3 Dems Pictured on the DSCC Poster? Oops, but, there are 4!

3 of 4 2016 DemsI always root for the outcast, the person left out of the clique, group, you know….’one of these are not like the others”. Anyway, you probably received the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, DSCC, email proudly announcing the growing candidates jockeying on the LEFT for the nomination. However, they omitted one little Dem and a nice one too, Lincoln Chafee.

Yes, once a 40% knuckle-dragger, he completely evolved to embrace reality /facts/ equality and correctly switched parties in 2013…definitely, a man with a plan. He also has the distinction as the only Republican from either the lower and upper house in Congress, who voted against Bush’s Wars.  I think Mr. Chaffee deserved to appear on the announcement along with the other hopefuls. After all, Martin O’Malley,  always a democrat, is a former Baltimore Mayor and Maryland Governor, but never a senator and yet he’s on the poster.

Lincoln Chaffee (D) - RI

Lincoln Chaffee (D) – RI

And everyone forget pleading the lame excuse of insufficient room on the poster or too short notice to add Chaffee’s face. The image is electronic, no print shops involved. Regardless, we are Proud Democrats! We walk upright, eat with utensils, bathe, think and universally recognized for our fairness and enlightenment. So, to the heads of the Democratic Party, play nice for now. Election season is a long haul. Now is the interlude for candidates to voice positions on critical issue and offer promising solutions before the base. We are the big tent party, NOT the lunatic clown car. Our broad agenda /platform can sponsor four candidates and a few more without fragmenting our coalition. or deteriorating.

Pelosi And Obama On Opposite Sides Of Trade Deal

When I read the headline Pelosi Will Oppose Obama On Trade over at Political Wire I immediately thought about the reaction by Obama haters on the left. We’re a big tent, highly diverse party, as it should be. But many of my friends on the left are an all-or-nothing group – either you agree with them on everything or you’re a “conservadem” or a DINO (Democrat in name, only). Many posted comments during the 2010 and 2012 elections that they would not vote because Democrats didn’t give them a reason to vote or they needed to “teach Democrats a lesson”, which resulted in the Republican Congress (great job, guys).

Pelosi opposing the President on any topic is NORMAL in a party as diverse as the Democratic Party. If you want to belong to an all-inclusive group like the Democratic Party, you have to expect differing opinions on how to solve problems. You have to learn to compromise with moderates, the far left, and everyone in between. We’ll never agree on everything, and that’s a good thing.

Who Created ISIS?

YouTube Preview Image

I like Darth Vader better than GOP, but who doesn’t?

YES!!  I’m a child, but come on! Fictional villains rank more favorably than flesh-blood politicians …. the only positively perceived, breathing human being is Senator Bernie Sanders (D) – VT….with a ‘+1’.

terminator-5-paramount-start-dateEveryone ranks progressively NEGATIVE , except…Sen. Marco Rubio (R) – FL who is nothing….I meant, rates a ‘zero’. American politicians have a dire image problem, when the savage, mindless-human-eating-shark from Jaws, is more popular. However, I vigorously disagree with Washington Post’s reasoning that ‘Terminator’ grabbed the top spot. True, the robot turned good guy in the series, but arguing Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) – CA played a convincing role as California’s governor? The harrowing status of the ‘Golden State’ after he left office demolishes that comparative. Under his reign, the world’s eighth-largest economy TRIPLED state debt….Definitely not the record of a ‘good guy’, but reminiscent of the dastardly, callous, killing robot from the 1984 film demolishing all in its wake. Not too mention his sordid and numerous trysts.

2016 Popularity – WP: Post-ABC News and Quinnipiac polls

All fun and games aside, the bottom is troubling. Descending the graph, increasing NEGATIVES, reflect the most odious, vile candidates. Their platforms bob like bacteria skimming atop unclean, pool water among many voters’ perceptions. Their irrational pandering and offensive demeanor cajole very few normal people. And no wonder, Voldemort is demonstrably more compassionate than the combined six bottom-dwellers putrefying the GOP and ostensibly contaminating the nation.

Santorum: Another Political Panderer

rick santorumRick Santorum is preparing to run again, as both the champion of the Extreme Religious Right, and blue collar America. The truth is, he’s neither; he is another political panderer.

In a recent appearance on The Dom Giordano Show, Santorum had this to say about the Pope (You know, God’s head honcho here on earth) and his concerns about the care of God’s planet:

“When we get involved with political and controversial scientific theories, I think the church is probably not as forceful and credible.

The church has gotten it wrong a few times on science, and I think that we probably are better off leaving science to the scientists and focusing on what we’re really good at, which is … theology and morality.”

Pope FrancisYes, they’re sooooooo good at that morality thing. Anyway… If the Pope is not supposed to be a steward of the Earth, then I can’t imagine who the hell should be. And this is a Pope who is a scientist.

As another religious scientist, Brother Guy J. Consolmagno, research astronomer and planetary scientist at the Vatican Observatory once put it:

“Doing science is like playing a game with God, playing a puzzle with God. God sets the puzzles and after I can solve one, I can hear him cheering, “Great, that was wonderful, now here’s the next one.” It’s the way I can interact with the Creator.”

In fact, it is Rick Santorum and his fellow phony Christians that have placed politics ahead of their religion. When past Popes agreed with their views they displayed reverence for them. This Pope, more like the God of the Bible and his Son than any before him, is now lectured by those same men because the political and financial stakes are greater. Environmentalism just doesn’t play well with Conservatives.

Like most of the Right’s phony Christians, Santorum plays the religion card when it benefits him, but his real God is political power.

In a 2005 article for the Philadelphia City Paper, Mike Newall wrote:

“… what’s arguably most intriguing about Santorum — is his sanctimonious, almost angry belief that he is absolutely, undeniably right. What people, places and events led him to such blinding self-righteousness?”

In the same article, political analyst Terry Madonna is quoted as saying:

“Too much attention has been spent on Santorum as the cultural ideologue and not enough on his pragmatism and political opportunism. Inside this raging bull of a conservative is a pragmatist for whom getting re-elected always trumps ideology.”

We’re seeing that now of course, as Santorum attempts to pass himself off as a blue-collar champion. But like those in his party, he has nothing but contempt for those not like him, or as he sees it, beneath him. As The Campaign for America’s Future recently pointed out, Rick Santorum:

As Santorum himself  once told a New York Times writer:

“I’ve never read the Bible cover to cover; maybe I should have”

Amen, brother. Amen.

It’s Gun, I Mean Campaign Season

It seems Republicans are kicking the 2016 Campaign season off in typical style. Talking Points Memo reports that Ted Cruz is offering a chance for one lucky donor to go hunting with him; and here’s the best part:

…the background check for the contest may come as a surprise to some of Cruz’s supporters.

It didn’t appear on the entry page for the “Shoot With Cruz” contest when TPM viewed it on Friday or in an email about the contest that the campaign sent to supporters this week. (Sign up before June 10!)

It did appear, however, deep in the fine print for the contest, which was located on a separate page on the site.

Surely Ted doesn’t think that some responsible gun owner might “accidentally” blow his head off, that’s just silly. Come to think of it… maybe I’ll enter.

The Cruz contest is just the tip of the iceberg. Every candidate’s websites will probably sport at least one “take a photo of me with this gun” campaign picture. One thing you’ll notice, (besides the fact that it’s obvious some have never touched a gun before) is that their little shooting outfits will all look brand-spanking-new. That is, if they bother to dress up; some prefer shooting in business attire. Here are a few previous campaign photos:

cruz w gun

Ted Cruz posing in his new attire→

Perry w gun

Rick Perry shooting as I guess Governors in Texas like to: in the middle of town with a suit on.

Rand Paul thought Perry’s style was pretty cool, so he posed in a shirt and tie; looks natural, don’t you think?Paul w gun


Some people don’t look comfortable with a gun no matter how hard they try; take Rick Santorum for example.

Santorum w gunSee what I mean about the shiny new outfits? The thumbs up is for making it through the day without shooting himself; in fact he prayed about it before he went out. Santorum prayingWell, he didn’t pray exactly… bystanders said he just kept repeating “Please don’t let me die.”, “Please don’t let me die.”

Bobby Jindal and his wife posed together for a cute aren’t we a bad-ass nerd couple campaign photo.

Jindal w gun

Marco Rubio’s picture was taken at a gun show. Probably the safest thing since those guns aren’t loaded. Love that short sleeve preppy gun-totin’ look, don’t you?

rubio w gun

Mike Huckabee donned new duds for his photo.Huckabee w gun I’m guessing Ted Nugent helped him pick them out.

Walker w gunThe most interesting shot of a candidate was definitely Scott Walker’s. I’m sure there’s a name and reason for the outfit he’s wearing, but I’ve just never seen a guy shoot in a fishnet vest before. I won’t even get into the “he looks like a little kid” thing.

Elmer CheneyPerhaps the most famous he-man gun shooting Republican of campaigns past is Dick Cheney. He went pheasant hunting once with this guy,Harry WhittingtonWhittington



When they came back, Mr. Whittington looked like this

WhittingtonDead-Eye Dick had shot him in the face.

Thank God there’s not a shooting contest to pick their nominee; with 30 something candidates expected to run, the body count would be staggering.

Why Hillary?

HC2016p.1This week Hillary for America announced the first official campaign rally for Hillary’s 2016 campaign for president – to be held on New York City’s Roosevelt Island on June 13, 2015. A year and a half before the 2016 presidential election and we are gearing up, and ready to win.

To avid political followers, the start of the campaign season is invigorating. There will surely be drama between the rallies, fundraisers, campaign ads, and debates. But to the average American, it is the signal of an opportunity to mobilize in support of a candidate – hopefully, a candidate whose platform and priorities are in line with their own.

So then, why Hillary?


HC2016p.1(2)Hillary is  no political newbie. She served in the US Senate representing New York and then as Secretary of State for the Obama Administration. It is clear that Hillary shares the desire of most Americans to make the country safe and prosperous for all of us – today, and for future generations.

A Voice of Reason.

People usually want what’s best – for themselves, for their families, and for their future. Here are four distinct areas that Hillary has highlighted as especially relevant to producing the best outcomes for Americans:

  • Building the economy
  • Strengthening families and communities
  • Restoring democracy
  • Protecting the country

A Belief in America.

Hillary wants your vote – and – she wants you to be able to vote. This is your right, a right that Hillary Clinton believes in. Her support for an election process based on merit, not money, shows that she believes in the American people.

You matter! Get involved! Follow Hillary on Facebook  and Twitter.

Volunteer. Register to vote – if you haven’t already. Host an event.

There are 520 days until Election Day 2016! Let’s make them count.

Be a part of the process – and the progress.