The President’s Weekly Address: Reaffirming Our Commitment to Protecting the Right To Vote

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Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Animals & the Environment and Good Cop/Bad Cop

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From the book Girls In Justice by Richard Ross. via Mother Jones

From the book Girls In Justice via Mother Jones

♀ These Photos Show What Life Is Like for Girls in Juvenile Detention

In his latest collection of photographs, Girls in Justice, Richard Ross—who has spent the past eight years documenting incarcerated kids—explores the lives of young women in custody. His haunting photos, taken across 250 different detention facilities, illuminate the difficult circumstances (absent caregivers, poverty, physical abuse, sexual violence, etc.) that drive girls into the system and in many cases keep them there.

Abortion & Reproductive Rights

 Elizabeth Warren is the badass America needs: Why her amazing Planned Parenthood speech proves how important she is

♀ Lawsuit claims Northwest Christian University fired assistant professor for becoming pregnant out of wedlock

♀ GOP debate: Marco Rubio claims it’s in the Constitution that abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape and incest

♀ Mike Huckabee’s bizarre fetal personhood proposal would criminalize miscarriages

♀ Reproductive Justice is Fundamentally an Economic Justice Issue

♀ Here’s What the Presidential Candidates Had to Say About Reproductive Rights in the First GOP Debate

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Democratic Party Announces Six Debates

The DNC announced the schedule for six planned debates and their sponsors:

  • Oct. 13: Nevada, CNN
  • Nov. 14: Des Moines, Iowa, CBS/KCCI/Des Moines Register
  • Dec. 19: Manchester, N.H., ABC/WMUR
  • Jan. 17: Charleston, S.C., NBC/Congressional Black Caucus Institute
  • February or March: Miami, Univision/Washington Post
  • February or March: Wisconsin, PBS

And that was followed by an unexpected flurry of whining by our candidates. IMO – unlike the Teapublican Party, we don’t need to suffer through dozens of debates listening to candidates spit personal attacks at each other. That’s 1950’s-style politics on the small screen which is, coincidentally, the era the radical right keeps trying to force upon us. Today’s candidates have the ability, through online news and social media, to get their message across the country in seconds. If they can’t get their message out without old-fashioned television programs, they have no business running.

Will Morning Joe Remember These Words If Hillary Is Our Nominee?

Jon Stewart Signs off from “The Daily Show”

The Right to Vote – 50 Years Later

vra_johnlewisIt has been 50 years since the Voting Rights Act was signed into law. The progress made in the years since its passage has recently come under assault. Conservatives fear the voters who are most likely to vote against them. Instead of rethinking their policy decisions and priorities, they simply attempt to eliminate the right to vote by restricting eligibility. If that doesn’t work, then they try to persuade democratic voters to stay home. Voter ID laws and limiting access to early voting  are clear attacks on the right to vote.

Shame-on-You-SCOTUSIn 2013, the Supreme Court (in a 5-4 ruling) struck down an essential part of the VRA, effectively allowing certain jurisdictions to change their voting laws without federal government approval.


If you feel that you have been discriminated against by unfair voting laws or have had your right to vote denied, speak up! You can file a complaint here.

Do not let conservatives silence your voice. Every American has a right to vote. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, if you haven’t yet, register to vote today.

REMEMBER~ Every vote counts! Your vote matters! 


Arrests of Jade-Helm 15 Conspiracy Zealots and Day 2: Another Shooting

maxresdefaultNo name, no details, were released by authorities. However, this is the second day, that possibly, the same red Ford truck, and guy, shot at soldiers on the Camp Shelby Military Base Camp in Mississippi. Described as a person of interest and taken into custody, the authorities are mum on the investigation. Simultaneously on Day 1, several thousand miles away in North Carolina, three Jade-Helm 15 conspirators were arrested for amassing an arsenal.

The hypocrisy lies with the faux patriotism, flag waving, stuffed toy memorials and tear soaked faces over the deaths of service personnel attacked in their Tennessee recruiting offices last month. Oh, the public melodrama of grief, unmeasured cries for retribution, accompanying the never-ending sickening Islamaphobia offensive. However, in the aftermath of American soldiers besieged by NON-Muslim zealots as they train to defend this country, silence….the public, the media is mute. Admittedly, the shootings and corralling of right wing cretins (a.k.a.  Trump voters) doesn’t illicit a reaction since no one is hurt or dead, nevertheless, the warnings and intention are clear.

As a nation, it is at our own peril to ignore unrestrained access by violent right-wing groups to accumulate arsenals. These groups are no longer the fringe but include former highly trained military personnel, sympathetic local & state law enforcement / politicians and GOP presidential candidates who’ve contaminated the mainstream consciousness. They are no longer silent nor democratic but express and unabashed willingness to insight violence upon ‘others’, non-conservatives. Despite pundits hyperbolic claims that extremes exist on both sides of the political spectrum, the 21st century American LEFT isn’t violent….a weakness or strength, debate for another time. However, all I request, strongly suggest of all progressives/liberals/Dems pay attention. It is getting serious out here and we’re potentially at the gates of of  an ugly eruption of change.

August 4, 2015: The First of Republican Inspired Domestic Terrorism Against US Troops

georgia-2Republican rhetoric finally inspired a random domestic terrorist shooting at US soldiers in Mississippi engaged in Jade Helm 15 maneuvers. With GOP’ers like Governor Abbott (R) – TX and #47Traitors stoking the paranoia of violent right-wing militia groups, hostility is bound to occur. Thank goodness, no injuries resulted from the shooting, but the hunt is on for two white males in the vicinity.

Faces of domestic terrorism exploited by GOP propaganda

Faces of domestic terrorism exploited by GOP propaganda

Forget international terrorists, they are the least of our troubles as a nation. Barely a month since the deaths of the Charleston Nine, a new front of violence is arising from the contentious right wing. Battles like the Iran deal, are crossing from ideology into home-grown attacks on our troops.  The American people must now face threats prowling the corridors of our state houses, Congress and driving along our roads in a red Ford truck… living among us.

Trump’s Fantasy Cabinet


image via Down With Tyranny!

Due to a large swath of imbeciles in the Conservative Movement, Donald Trump is currently leading the polls for the GOP’s 2016 Presidential nomination. So Mr. Trump, clown extraordinaire, is considering his tentative cabinet, should hell freeze over, pigs fly, it snows in summer, and he gets elected. It is a mashup of has-beens, never-weres, and egos the size of Texas.

Trump recently stated he would love to have Sarah Palin in his cabinet. I think a locked cabinet in someone’s basement would be better for the country but hey, what do I know. What cabinet post you ask? He didn’t say, but let’s think:

palin empty chairSecretary of Education? Don’t think so. Not only are her English language skills debatable, but her grasp of American history and geography hovers around 1st grade level.

Secretary of Labor? Hardly. Do the terms Sarah Palin and work go hand in hand to you?

Secretary of the Interior? She probably thinks that means redecorating the White House.

coulterI have to admit, the Palin post is a stumper. Ann Coulter on the other hand, is volunteering to be Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security. How about head of border security? He could just tie the emaciated witch to a post and prop her up on the border somewhere, sort of like an androgynous scarecrow. Nobody would come near that.

trey gowdyTrump also said he’d like to make Trey Gowdy Attorney General. He’s the little pinhead with the oversized ego in charge of the Republicans’ SEVENTH committee looking into Benghazi. Just the word Benghazi gives this guy a woody. FYI, the New York Observer reports:

Over 13 months the Benghazi Select Committee has spent more than $3,500,000, exceeding the budget of the entire House Intelligence Committee.

Rep. Gowdy now states the committee will continue its work into 2016 raising its cost to taxpayers to more than $6,000,000…

He’ll probably end up old and senile, wandering around the nursing home muttering the word Benghazi, punctuated by occasional shouts of Hillary! like a Tourette’s sufferer.

I’m actually looking forward to the humor Trump’s “Cabinet picks” will provide, but you and I know the only cabinet he stands a chance of organizing in 2016 is his medicine cabinet.

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Koch Brothers Populist Message – To The Rich

This is f*cking hilarious. Charles Koch, selling a rich-man’s populism to, who else, hundreds of rich men in the ballroom of an uber-luxury resort. In Koch’s words (with my emphasis and comments added):

History demonstrates that when the American people get motivated by an issue of justice that they believe is just, extraordinary things can be accomplished.

Look at the American revolution, the anti-slavery movement [now, the GOP hates blacks and Hispanics], the women’s suffrage movement [now, the GOP is rolling back women’s rights, daily], the civil rights movement [now, the GOP is rolling back civil rights and voting rights]. All of these struck a moral chord with the American people. They all sought to overcome an injustice [and now we have to have those battles all over again, thanks to GOP assholes]. And we [America’s rich f@ckers] , too, are seeking to right injustices that are holding our country back [like taxes on the rich and those costly EPA regulations for our pollution-spewing factories and poisonous fracking operations].

Its straight out of the Frank Luntz playbook – or more like George Costanza – “say the opposite” and “its not a lie, if you believe it”. So what if the left defends the rights we’re working to take away? Pretend that the right is defending those rights. Take every strength of your opponent and pretend its your own. Then repeat it, many, many times, until you believe it, yourself. Charles Koch is sure that if the radical right just manipulates the masses in the right way, Koch and their kind can become even richer.

If we cannot unite the majority of Americans behind the vision [through propaganda, exactly like the Nazis], then we’re done for [good people will hunt us down and give us what we deserve – more like the French Revolution than the American Revolution]. So that, to me, has to be our number one objective [besides that other #1 objective: stopping Obama at all costs, especially if it hurts the American people]. But to do so, we’ve got to do a much better job of understanding what matters most to people [pander to their fears] and then to demonstrate that a free society gives them the best opportunity of achieving that [Give all the breaks to the rich, allow us to pollute at will, build more private prisons for the blacks and force them to work at your job, and while we’re at it, add more racist cops dealing out our brand of justice. Then, you angry white men will be back on top, where you belong.] .

Did you get that America? Charles Koch is sending out 450 of his rich pals, like extremely powerful Amway salesmen, to force you into buying this line of bullshit: If you want a chance at becoming one of the rich and famous, then you need to make sure that only rich, old, white men run the country. Like in the good ol’ days when men were men and women and minorities would shut-the-hell-up or get what’s comin’ to them. And don’t forget their “free society”, because it has “free” in it, like freedom.

Hillary on TV

The first of Hillary’s 2016 TV ads are here! Check out this tribute to her mom, Dorothy:

We still have over a year to go until Election Day 2016 – let’s win this!