Gohmert’s Mouth Makes Him An Excellent Presidential Candidate

When the radical right is looking for a president to take America back to the good ol’ days of the 1950s, it seems to me that ol’ Louie Gohmert from Texas is the perfect candidate. Louie speaks on the failed anti-abortion bill cooked-up by the Republican-controlled Congress to appease the religious right (their base):

louiegohmertMost of the conference was 100 percent in favor of the bill that was going to be brought to the floor. Some of us were wishing that there would not be any exceptions because it was going to be 20 weeks — no abortions after 20 weeks — when the evidence is clear those babies feel. But there was an exception put on there that unless there was a case of reported rape — reported to authorities. Well, that became the dividing factor among some of our female members of the House, Republican female members. But some were adamant they didn’t want any exceptions, some were saying, no, we [should] not require it be reported to authorities.

I’m told that they’re still going to bring it [the bill] back, but because there was such division among our Republican females, they pulled the bill that day. And that was extremely unfortunate, and it sent the entirely wrong message.

How do those Republican females expect a good ol’ boy like Louie to raise campaign funds from the religious right when the females are mucking-up serious work by men?

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Romney Thinks Re-branding (Again) Will Help in 2016

Romney Looks to “Re-brand” Himself for 2016… From Which Version?

After an unsuccessful bid for the Senate, one term as Governor of Massachusetts, and two failed campaigns for President, America still has no idea who Mitt Romney is, mainly because Romney doesn’t know himself.

All Things Democrat has a great article archive on Mitt Romney, which includes McCain’s 2008 opposition research report on him; a must read for anyone who wants to know Mitt’s history of “re-branding”.


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Dear Ms. Noonan: Respect is a Two Way Street

In a recent Wall Street Journal article* Peggy Noonan, another Republican operative posing as a journalist writes:

peggy_noonanAfter forgetting to be gracious to the victors of the 2014 election, or even to note there’d been a significant election, he referred to his relations with Congress. “Imagine if we broke out of these tired old patterns. Imagine if we did something different,” he said. “A better politics isn’t one where Democrats abandon their agenda or Republicans simply embrace mine.” It is instead one “where we appeal to each other’s basic decency instead of our basest fears.”

Well, OK, but before this sweet hectoring he had sternly threatened to veto Republican-backed legislation. (CBS News’s Mark Knoller counts nine veto threats since the new Congress was sworn in Jan. 6.) Somehow Mr. Obama’s olive branch always looks like a blunt instrument. He has spent the past six years blaming Republicans when he wasn’t ignoring or dissing them, and despite some nice touches in the speech, his essential disrespect for his political adversaries shone through. *[this article is behind a paywall, but excerpt can be found here]

We’ll get to Ms. Noonan’s “being gracious” hypocrisy in a minute; first, let me remind the lady what a “victor” looks like, via a Bloomberg report from 2013:

President ObamaBarack Obama is the first president in more than five decades to win at least 51 percent of the national popular vote twice…

In 2008, Barack Obama took 52.86% of the popular vote to John McCain’s 45.06%; in 2012, the President was re-elected with 51.01% to Mitt Romney’s 47.15%, despite Karl Rove’s finger-crossing. Those were “significant elections”; those were clear victories, yet this President has dealt with a level of disrespect never seen before in this country’s history; not only personally, but a disrespect of the office itself.

Who can forget Joe Wilson’s atrocious “You lie” outburst at the 2009 SOTU; a lapse in political civility that he attempted to smooth over by pathetically apologizing for his “emotions”.

What about Republicans allowing the birther idiocy to continue unabated for six years, with no high-ranking party member denouncing it or even attempting to set the record straight.

Then there’s Jan Brewer’s disgraceful behavior in 2012.

And the time Congress’ three biggest stooges went to Cairo and undermined the President and the State Department, telling Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi, who happened to be murdering innocent people after the overthrow of democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi:

“We are here as members of Congress to say, We are with you, and we encourage you.”

Throw in the constant referrals to the President as a Muslim, not only by ignoranthuckanug voters that GOP candidates don’t attempt to correct, but by elected Republicans who know it to not be true. Meanwhile, calls for the President’s death go unanswered  by conservative members of Congress, who choose instead to invite such miscreants to the SOTU, and then jam with them on guitar.

Republicans are to blame. Despite voters having elected Barack Obama not once, but twice, Republicans have never even attempted to work with him. Since agreeing to obstruct all of his efforts on the night of his first inauguration, they have used every available option to hold the country hostage, and deny this President any success, yet he has succeeded without them.

So please Ms. Noonan, don’t deign to lecture this President or those who voted for him on respect. History will be much kinder to President Barack Obama than it will to the conservative Congress that served with him, or the phony “journalists” that did their bidding.

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Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights & More

Lead Story


 8 ways the GOP’s State of the Union response was different in Spanish — and why it matters – The initial GOP press release billed the Spanish speech as a “translation,” but it was clear to anyone who listened to both versions that these were two different responses to President Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union — tailored to two different audiences.

Abortion & Reproductive Rights  (NEW Section Title!!)

 RELIEF. ANGUISH. CERTAINTY.THE STORY OF MY ABORTION – For all the political clamour surrounding abortion rights, we too rarely hear from the millions of women who have made the decision to end their pregnancy.

 Fertility is not a “disease”! How extremists fundamentally misunderstand contraception – On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, here’s what a movement with a long, ugly history looks like today

 Activists Petition Tennessee General Assembly to Protect Access to Reproductive Health

 Louisiana Activists Fight Proposed Restrictions on Abortion Providers

 Senator Introduces Four Extreme Bills Attacking Reproductive Rights

 Kansas Lawmaker Plans to Introduce 14-Week Abortion Ban in State Legislature

 Anti-abortion activists mad at House GOP for not voting on legitimate rape

 On the 42nd Anniversary of Roe, Time to Listen to Women Born After It

Continue reading

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The Democratic Hub

democratichubIf you haven’t seen it, you should check out the site The Democratic Hub. Its not your typical webportal. The first thing I noticed was the programming language used – ASP.NET. As a programmer who once worked in Microsoft shops but made the transition to PHP/MySql a decade ago, I was surprised to see a non-corporate website written in ASP.NET. That’s pretty rare. Does that matter to Democrats? Of course not. You’re more likely to be interested in the content and usefulness of the site. Like many political webportals, The Democratic Hub includes both a blog and forum, plus other useful info and features. And that’s where they distinguish themselves from other webportals. At All Things Democrat we’ve added useful information and features over the years. But Democratic Hub takes it to the next level. Or more like 10 more levels. Read all about it below, and then be sure to visit The Democratic Hub.

About Democratic Hub

We are a unique website custom designed for U.S. & International News & Politics which combines member contributed content such as discussion forums & blogs with features designed for specific types of stories such as political scandals. We also have built searchable databases of political information such as members of congress, conservative scandals, quotes or list of events such as an Olympic viewing Schedule. In addition, we hope to be a top authority for all major topics of conversation with a progressive view on poltiics, news, sports & entertainment — An example of this would be our political arguments pages whose goal is to be the top resource for winning a specific progressive argument such as raising the minimum wage.

Discussion Forums
Active & In Depth Discussion Forum. The website is organized into different sections and hierarchies so a post on Michele Bachmann’s beliefs on gay rights and their impact on the elections would appear on the forum page for Michele Bachmann as well as House Republicans, All Republicans in Congress, All Democrats & Republicans in Congress, All Republican Politicians and All Conservatives.Members of Congress
An advanced and sortable list of all Members of Congresss by political party, state, gender, religion, race\ethnicity, age, colleges attended, degress obtained, committees & prior jobs. We also have lists of House & Senate Committees as well as some pretty nifty options such as sorting members of congress by the margin of victory of their last election.Conservative Lies
We are slowly building a database tracking all the most commonly repeated conservative lies as well as individual instancesof each lie spoken.Conservative Scandals & Controversies
Every wrongdoing by Consevatives is tracked in our database and is sortable and searchable. So you could see a list ofConservative Sex Scandals in 2012 or a short list of all Conservative Corruption.Defending Liberals from Manufactured “Scandals”
Along with tracking conservative wrongdoings, we also defend liberals against phony outrage and manufactured scandals. We have a database tracking and helping to debunk manufactured scandals and with plenty of sources exposing the phony outrage.

Obama Accomplishments
We also track good things liberals do such as having a comprehensive list of Obama Administration Accomplishments that also are sortable and organized by various criteria.

Special Events & News
We sometimes have pages and features for specific major events such as a smart, sortable live stream viewing schedule for the 2014 Winter Olympics created to make it easier to watch your favorite U.S. athletes without any spoilers of event results.

Other Topics And Features
We have several other features such as pages that track Elections, Legislation, Conservative Quotes, Common Political Arguments and much more.

Blogs Feature
We also have a Blogging feature that allow members to write & comment on articles in addition to forum posts.

We are continuing to grow and expand the website and hope to be a great resource for liberals, independents and moderates to discuss politics as well as find useful opposition research on Conservative People, Groups & Ideas.

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Paris May Have Legal Precedent to Sue Fox News…GOODY!

french flag in france

Fox News, buoyed by Rupert Murdoch’s millions, regard themselves as immune from liability in the US and internationally. Pursuant to their conservative propaganda machine, Fox’s trolls were not deterred by France’s national grief resulting from the Charlie Hebedo massacre and leaped at the opening to disseminate their xenophobic banter by bolstering their argument on falsehoods and misusing outdated data. Even Murdoch contributed his vitriol of hate against the billions of Islamic believers on twitter. However, unlike our US politicians, their European counterparts labeled network ‘experts’as liars, stupid, ignorant and ultimately unmasking Fox as frauds globally. Gradually, the Network is increasingly reviled as worldwide laughing stock among the international media, activist and rational people.

eiffel twrThe Mayor of Paris has threatened to sue Fox News. In the interim, network clowns have issued a meager platitudes to French and British officials and revealed on air to knowingly propagate the lie of ‘no go zones’. Now the motivation for this apology is unclear, diplomatic pressure from our own State Department, Murdoch’s holdings potential for economic losses in Europe, who knows. US ‘legal eagles” declared a few days ago, France had no case in our courts, and were nondescript on international judiciary or French law, until Wednesday.

In an interview with CNN reporter Christiane Amanpou, Mayor Anne Hidalgo stated clearly, the city of Paris intends to sue Fox News Network and according to judicial analyst under French law, the city has a viable case! The French are less forgiving than American concerning libelous statements, and here is why…….

Under French law, if France can get jurisdiction over Fox, there’s a law from 1881 — believe it or not — that says if you insult the honor of a French body or person, you can sue for defamation. So under the 1881 French law, they might have a case against the Fox network in France.”(1)  Defamation as a violation of criminal law in France in contrast to US statutes, such an offense is civil.


As far as establishing jurisdiction, I wonder if broadcasting in France counts as jurisdiction?…. Sure hope so!!

murdoch & foxOver the past several days, Fox clowns serially apologized on a multitude of their programs, air times, yet continued to procreate the lying reports. Additionally, in a 180 shift, Fox issued an executive statement, “they think the Mayor’s comments regarding a lawsuit are misplaced‘. Fox had better placate the French. A suit would be ruinous to Murdoch and the network.

I do hope the French pursue this suit & prevail. Fox news’ rabid reaction in advancing the ‘right wing’ agenda despite occasions of human grief and their American geopolitical power blinded them to the possibility of intercontinental ridicule, repudiation……worldwide rejection.

It is good to know in these daunting times of unrest, the US can count on our international allies and partners, particularly when conservative terrorists attempt to controvert our democracy.

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What’s Up With SCOTUS?

As you read in Cindy’s post today, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in a religious rights case that I would not have expected from a right-leaning court, a court that has proven it’s more concerned with appeasing RWNJs than doing its job. But did you notice there were four rulings in the past week that appear to have a progressive/liberal slant?

  1. Cindy’s post: Ruling against the state of Arkansas when a prisoner successfully made the case for wearing a beard required by his religion – Islam.
  2. Missouri death row inmate given another chance.
  3. Court rejects challenge by big business on debit swipe fee rules. This was the “Durbin amendment” of Dodd Frank.
  4. Court “allowed lawsuits to move forward against government contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan by declining to hear appeals filed by KBR Inc and Halliburton Co.”

Maybe they’re setting us up for striking down the Affordable Care Act. Like, “here are a few gifts to the left before we yank the rug out from under them”.

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President Obama’s State of the Union & Real Time Public Reaction to Joni Ernst’s Response

I was impressed by President Obama’s State of the Union Address, SOTU, a report of generally good news. Granted, the economy and the country have room for improvement. He outlined a big step forward in the next two years.  Ironically, and I really hate this about Democrats; the President is bold and more outspoken after the crushing 2014 midterm results….WHY, why do progressives play this 4th quarter, ‘Johnny comes TOUGH’ after an election or loss?! Can’t the party practice preventative measures with confidence and strength, it may lead to victory instead.

  • He voiced the triumphs and positives of his Administration, including ACA, stimulus packages, falling deficit, recovering economy, etc. A resounding referendum of the success of the Obama Presidency.
  • Central to the speech was providing opportunity and relief to middle-class Americans
  • Providing ordinary citizens relief in the form of requiring the 1% & corporations their fair tax burden.
  • Reinforcing and advocating increasing the minimum wage.
  • Reiterating free tuition for the first two years of community college. Describing how businesses partner with educational institutions to provide training and improving employment opportunities.
  • Finally, providing national childcare system, since the US is the only western nation that fails motherhood by not providing care for children.
  • The progress the country has made toward marriage equality
  • A push and challenge issued to Congress to work for meaningful immigration reform
  • Paid sick leave for workers and passing a referendum for protecting the right for equal compensation for women.
  • Fighting ISIS, terrorist and the President requesting war authorization.

politico graphy on sotu issue impPOTUS touched upon many issues last night as does every commander and chief during the State of the Union. In fact, The LA Times has an elongated timeline, including tweets, picts, commentary and info-graphs
summarizing the #SOTU.  I’ve included a Politico graph designating Mr. Obama’s previous and current speeches’s priorities by words devoted to specific issue.

One of my favorite highlights was the President addressing the ‘wacked out ‘ WRONG predictions the GOP made if he were elected to a second term. He slammed McCain with his undying support & love & Putin by rubbing his nose with Russia’s tattered economy. Illiterate, Mike Lee – UT, (figures), predicted almost $6/gal by 2015….right now, most of America can get two gallons for that amount. Other ‘always wrong’ top conservative buffoons prognosticated high unemployment and crashing stock market….Why would a sane, rational thinking person listen to conservatives, ‘their prognostications are CONSISTENTLY spurious or iniquitous, on EVERYTHING’


FOUR, vacuous Republican responses followed including the narcissist egos of one Kentuckian plagiarist and Canadian reactionary.

  1. Senator Rand Paul (R) – KY
  2. Senator Ted Cruz (R) – TX his response includes a lovely flub for all to see.
  3. The Spanish language response was presented by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R) -Fl. Maybe the party should have considered the optics of a man speaking of his girlish childhood….”dolt”.
  4. Finally, the formal Republican response: Senator Joni Ernst (R)  – IA,  Absolutely a bagged shoewaste of time. She belabored over 50% of the speech on her childhood. Ernst even pitched a poverty reference by mentioning she wore plastic bags over her shoes to protect them from rain to school. Her failed attempt of identifying poor means & hard work flopped. Consider in the America she matured, the GOP hadn’t completed the task of redistributing the nation’s wealth upwardly. Today, we’re existing with the consequences of two – decades’ wages stagnation and forty years of ruinous Reagan-omic ‘trickle-down’.

Midstream, Ernst pivoted toward promulgating the passage of Keystone XL by omitting the FACT ALL 40,000 temporary jobs dwindle down to 35 permanent positions. Disappointingly, neither the SOTU nor the feckless rebuttals mentioned the correlation between the worst fears of opponents to Keystone XL were realized this past weekend’s environmental disaster in Montana. A pipeline, smaller functioning like Keystone, ruptured and spilled 50,000 gallons of crude into the Yellowstone river. Residents smelled and tasted oil in their water.  City water plant ceased pumping water to Glendive residents as a precaution, relegating the town reliant upon water reserves. This accident isn’t the first failure of this pipeline. However, no one is addressing the alternatives for supplying clean water to the residents once those reserves are depleted.

During her speech, MSNBC in cooperation with BING, offered an online public voting interactive. Here are two graphs with party and gender break down, respectively. Note, the graph NEVER displays a positive reception to the content of her speech. The BEST and highest peak, even among Republicans, sparsely surpassed neutrality.

Party breakdown



Gender Breakdown


Iowa’s pigs’ castrating queen and the Republicans refuse to acknowledge their 2014 midterm success revolve upon resurrecting half-century old poll taxes, gerrymandering throughout state districts and a corrupt Supreme Court majority abolishing protection of American voting rights and the party’s endless lying. Their victory is not an endorsement of conservative ideas but a subterfuge of ballot access and diminishing majority rule by purchasing elections.

After last night, the country is navigating an interesting final round up for the Obama Administration. Although, the GOP perceives themselves as triumphant since they’ve exploited and maneuvered a path to power, governing will not be all that they hoped for, as facts and data ooze from the conservative agenda. The President has a new freedom and release at the conclusion of his political career, which brings me to the…….

boomSome ass-hats clapped and laughed, relishing President Obama won’t be running for office again. Forever clever & quick POTUS retorted: “I know cause I won both of them”. President Obama ‘read some jerks on live TV” amen, HELLO! (from my FB posting) Fabulous, couldn’t admire the man more for reading the opposition on national tv.

You’ll never if ever witness a conservative with the talent of ‘reading’ putting their antagonist in their place minus yelling, lying or exercising xenophobic stereotypes.

Well hold on folks to your hats, ‘the wild, wild west’ hit DC. We’re going to see some amazing smack – show downs!

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Beards and Birth Control Are Not the Same

Yesterday, the Supreme Court issued their opinion in the religious rights case of Gregory Holt. From the SCOTUS Blog:

supreme courtLast fall, the Court heard oral arguments in Holt v. Hobbs, an Arkansas prisoner’s challenge to a state prison policy that prohibits him from growing the beard that he believes his religion – Islam – requires.

The Court easily agreed with inmate Gregory Holt that the Arkansas policy prevents him from exercising his religion. Put simply, the prison will not allow him to follow the tenets of his religion and grow a beard.

Johnathan Turley writes today that the Supreme Court’s decision:

“… is an important reaffirmation of the Hobby Lobby reasoning….”

I believe the two issues are very different. The Court granted Gregory H. Holt (also known as Abdul Maalik Muhammad) the right to observe his religious beliefs himself. In the Hobby Lobby ruling, the Court has allowed the company’s owners to impose their religious beliefs on others, and forced the company’s employees to abide by them. That would be the same as Holt asking the court to require every inmate to wear a beard because his personal religious belief is that men must wear beards.

Issues of religious hair requirements are not new in the prison system; outcomes vary, but courts have found in favor of Hasidic Jews, and Native Americans, while some jails have even honored the dark clothing requirements of the Amish.

The court got this one right, but failed egregiously in the Hobby Lobby case.

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Jamie Dimon: Too Darned Many Regulators!

Jamie Dimon Thinks Banks Have Too Many Regulators to Deal With

In a conference call with reporters last week, JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, complained that there are too many regulators watching the big banks:

Jamie Dimon crybaby“In the old days, you dealt with one regulator when you had an issue, maybe two. Now it’s five or six. It makes it very difficult and very complicated. You all should ask the question about how American that is. …how fair that is, …how complex that is for companies.”

Well, “in the old days” there weren’t as many creative ways to rip Americans off, something Jamie Dimon’s bank has turned into an art.

Why JPMorgan Chase Needs So Many Regulators

Barry Ritholtz, of The Big Picture, has a rundown of JP Morgan’s most recent fines. These stem from such things as foreclosure abuses, electricity market and currency manipulation, illegal credit card practices, and misleading investors:

Since 2011, JPM has been fined $8B:

$56 million (April 2011)give a man a bank
$153.6 million (June 2011)
$229 Million (July 2011)
$88.3 Million (August 2011)
$5.29 Billion (February 2012)
$110 million (February 2012)
$150 million (March 2012)
$296.9 million (November 2012)
X% of $8.5 billion (January 2013)
$100 million (March 2013)
$410 million FERC settlement (August 2013)
$900 million (September 19, 2013)

Nooo, they don’t need no stinkin’ regulators. Dimon is lucky the Justice Department isn’t camped out in his office. Despite blatant financial crimes like those of JPMorgan Chase, Republicans still rail against regulations.

Republicans Would Rather Scale Back Consumer Protections

Rather than reigning in corporate malfeasance, Republicans have aimed their sights at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB was established after the banking meltdown to protect consumers from predatory businesses like Mr. Dimon’s. Here are a few ways CFPB has helped Americans since it was formed, courtesy of Americans for Financial Reform:

The CFPB has successfully required credit card companies to return $1.5 billion dollars to the consumers they ripped off with deceptive and fraudulent add on products, and reined in the practices that led to those abusive sales

Beginning in 2012, the CFPB has brought enforcement actions against Bank of America, American Express subsidiaries, Chase Bank, and Capitol One, resulting in more than $1.5 billion paid back to over 10 million consumers…

The CFPB has written rules to end mortgage loans that borrowers can’t afford to repay, and has limited high fees and abusive payment structures

The CFPB’s new mortgage rules require that lenders verify borrowers’ ability to repay before making a home loan, and cordon off the kinds of high fees and deceptively-structured mortgages that were a central cause of the mortgage and financial crisis…

The CFPB is standing up for borrowers and families struggling with student loans

In March 2014, the CFPB took its first public enforcement action against a company in the for-profit college industry, filing a lawsuit against ITT Educational Services, Inc. for engaging in predatory student lending practices that the agency argues are pushing students into high-cost private student loans that inevitably will default. In December 2013 the agency issued a ruling allowing it to supervise certain nonbank student loan servicers for the first time, bringing federal oversight to the nation’s second largest debt market…

CFPB data collection and analysis has exhaustively documented serious abuses in the payday lending market

The CFPB reports on payday lending, which examined more extensive data than had ever been available before to anyone outside the industry, vividly demonstrated how frequently payday loans trap borrowers in debt. The studies found that the median loan issued was for $350, with an APR of 322 percent…

The CFPB is shutting down ‘last dollar’ scams that charge up-front fees for help that does not get delivered

‘Last dollar’ scams include deceptive mortgage servicing schemes, abusive debt collection tactics, and other bogus offers related to credit repair services and debt relief promises…

Republican Majority Seen As “Friends in Congress” to Big Business

With a Republican majority in the House and Senate, or as business entities have put it: Friends in Congress, you can expect Republicans to thwart the efforts of the CFPB wherever possible. In the meantime, Jamie Dimon has a Congress full of sympathetic ears to tell his regulatory woes to. Don’t think for a minute that  JPMorgan Chase has or will change its business practices. According to a 2014 report in the New York Times:

“The fines have been manageable in the context of the bank’s earnings capacity,” Jason Goldberg, a bank analyst at Barclays, said. “It makes $25 billion in revenue per quarter and has record capital.”

… JPMorgan … has steadily set aside reserves over the last few years to finance future legal payouts.

No mention of any planning ahead when it comes to doing business with integrity.


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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.


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NGP VAN Job Posting: Senior Director, National Account Team

ngpvanIn a world dominated by conservative corporations, I’m happy to promote the good work of NGP VAN. They’re a technology provider to progressive campaigns and have been instrumental in the election of numerous Democrats. Many of their current job openings can be seen in our sister site, Jobs4Dems. Check out some of their latest postings:

Senior Director, National Account Team

Accounting Manager

MS SQL Database Developer

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